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'the Cellar'

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovestruckcpl, 12 February 2016.

  1. Here's a short story I wrote for Jenny a couple of years ago when we were experimenting a little with D/s....Enjoy :)

    The Cellar.

    The blindfold tightly tied around the back of your head, a few stray hairs that have been caught up in the knot pull and make you wince slightly as you twist your head from side to side in an attempt to free them. You would use your hands but they are cuffed together behind you again, the soft cushioned leather gripping your wrists firmly, the dog clips chinking with metallic sound as you attempt to pull them apart and free yourself. Every time the same, the pleasure of being captive weighed against the frustration of not being able to free your hands. You feel the cool leather collar being placed around your neck now, and lift your chin instinctively making its application and adjustment easier for me…I smile but you cannot see, you are a good girl really…but that will not save you from what is to come.

    And so you wait…Patiently in your world of darkness, listening for clues in anticipation of what my next move may be. You feel my breath on your ear as I whisper…”Rise now my sweet”. You struggle to your feet aided only by me pulling up on the leather leash that is clipped to the metal ring on the front of your collar. Your knees ache with stiffness from kneeling on the carpet for so long as you try to balance yourself on your black five inch heels, your calves and ankles burn as the blood runs tingling back into your legs now that you can stand at last. ‘Where are we going my master?’ you enquire. My response…A finger placed lightly upon your soft lips in a vertical position bidding your silence. I stand and stare at your beauty, reveling in your captive helplessness. My eyes running the full length of your slender frame, taking in the details of leather, lace and sheer black nylon that presents you so perfectly to my gaze. ‘Soon my Lover…very soon now’… You take a sharp breath as you feel me pull on your leash again….leading you slowly forward across the carpeted floor….forward toward the hallway door. You hear the door creak as it opens before you, cool air gently kissing your half nakedness as your heels click now on the mosaic tiled floor of the hallway. I pull you gently to the right as we walk… your minds’ eye seeing and realizing that we are heading toward the place you both love and fear in equal measure… ‘We are going to the Cellar my sweet’ I have not spoken the words but you have heard them, we are connected in thought, we do not need always to speak in order to convey our wishes- we just simply ‘know’

    Your heart quickens now as you hear the turn of the heavy brass key in the rusty lock, the fall of the levers echoing around the hallway as the bolt slides back into its housing and allows the door to be opened once again. How many times have we opened this door my sweet? And how many others have gone before us…and not just to relieve this place of its store of fine wine? Your nostrils expand now as you breathe in the aroma of dampness, …oak, …mildewed woodwork , along with the sweet richness reminiscent of sherry or port. You hear the flick of the light switch, and picture the two dusty bulbs flickering into life and bathing the flaking walls with an amber glow…forcing back the blackness into the very darkest corners and recesses. “Take care on the steps my sweet” I advise as we begin our decent.

    I lead you down the worn and un-even stonework…slowly….pausing to feel the coolness intensify with each step downwards we take. Your heart is racing now as you mentally count the steps…knowing there are only fifteen to reach the flagged floor below. ‘five’ You remember the last time we were here, ‘six’ the games we played, ‘seven’ your willingness to please me, ‘eight’ your complete and utter submission, ‘nine’ you obeyed my every command, ‘ten’ the stripes on your body, ‘eleven’ the shame you felt as you begged, ‘twelve’ the frustration at being held back, ‘thirteen’ the chaffing of the ropes, ‘fourteen’ the smell of the leather, ‘15’ the climax so eagerly accepted by your writhing hungry body!

    The silence deafens you as you stand at the foot of the stairs and wait for my guidance, my instruction. You dare not speak again now that we are here; you know only too well the consequences of speaking without my prior request or consent. You strain your ears trying to pick up any sound…anything at all that will give you a clue of what is to come. But I am still; I am watching you…not more than three feet away. I see you turning your head and cocking it slightly, your face contorting in concentration as your senses beg for something…anything that gives me away. You take a breath in and open your mouth as if to speak…you want to call out to me and ask my direction, but before the first word escapes your sweet mouth I steal the question…”I am here sweet one,….. Be still….I am here”. You gasp as you hear my voice in the darkness, it’s deep and powerful tone splintering the silence as it echoes around the stone walls and alcoves.

    The oak wine racks of nearly a century age are still solid as the day they were erected, craftsmanship long forgotten employed in their construction has made certain of that. They stand approximately seven feet in height, and the four rows are at least twelve feet in length. At various points along their length are rusty wrought iron rings bolted through the top and bottom rails, which, considering these racks are only meant to support many hundred bottles of wine, have no real purpose at all. But we have a purpose for them my sweet don’t we?, as no doubt many a lord and master of long ago had when they lead the un-ruley servant girl, or lazy stable boy down here for a flogging!

    With a sharp tug on your leash you stumble forwards toward me, your heels clip clicking on the stone flags beneath your feet as you totter toward me and I guide you to the first rack. There is much more room along the side of this one…more room to swing a crop or nine tail! I coax you into position facing the side of the rack, your body pushed up against protruding dusty bottle tops as they lie horizontally in their cradles. “ Spread for me sweet one” I say in authorative tone, your compliance is to shuffle your heel clad feet apart as wide as you can without falling, your hands still firmly cuffed at your back. I squat down, first at one foot…and then the other, and using sprung dog clips…fasten your ankle cuffs securely to the rusty rings on the base rail of the rack. Your feet are now locked in that position, and you wince a little as you try to make yourself more comfortable in standing with legs so far apart. As I stand I lazily stroke the inside of your thighs….tracing upwards with my fingers tips towards your ass…and your sex! Your gasp is audible as I pull the gusset of your black lace panties to one side and begin to finger the wetness there, my index finger tracing your outer labia…teasing them apart…finding you slick and hot within the folds. I pull my hand away…I do not want you Cumming yet my sweet, and I place my wet sticky fingers up to your face and bid you taste them! You search for them in your blackness….guided only by the aroma of your need that coats my fingers. That same wetness I use to smear around your lips before you greedily suck my fingers into your mouth for cleaning….moaning softly to me as you taste your own arousal. I smile.

    I draw my fingers away now…the despair and loss showing on your face as you search for them….wanting them back in your mouth….wanting every second of this experience to last an hour, you will taste more soon my sweet…I promise. You feel the touch of my hands on yours as I release the dog clips holding your wrist cuffs together and your hands are freed again…they fall to your sides…waiting. I raise your right hand first and it is re-fastened outwards and high up to another iron ring, this time on the upper rail of the wine rack….the same process applied to your left. I stand back and gaze at your beauty again, your extremities fixed stretched out…a perfect diagonal cross…ten to, ten past, twenty past and twenty to on the clock face. Your slender frame is so erotic in its’ captive state, and I note the slight tensing and twitching of your leg and thigh muscles as you struggle to maintain your balance and composure. I softly stroke your long brown hair as it falls down your back….”almost time now sweet one…almost time” I say as I gather the hair together now and gently pull your head back with it…allowing me access to your sweet mouth again where I insert the soft rubber ball that will quiet the flow of screams and moans that are to come. With the ball gag in place, I lift your hair now and fasten the small buckle on the leather strap that will hold it in position, I lift your blindfold and you look me in the eyes with adoration and pleading, anticipating the pleasures ahead. I smile again as I kiss you softly on your forehead, your sweet face cupped in my hands, my thumbs massaging the redness of your cheeks…” it is time sweet one…you remember the signal?” I say. You nod in agreement…I replace the blindfold…I am free to play…..

    The soft leather flogger is a perfect beginning to our play today, the wide ribbons of black suede almost float through the air in silence as I begin to swirl it around in a figure eight motion. You feel the draft it creates on your back as it passes oh so close to your skin…teasing you…the anticipation building in your nerve endings…begging for its’ kiss. The kiss arrives….the soft ribbons dance across your back, making you catch your breath and then let out a sigh…’at last’ you think as I begin a gentle rhythm with the floggers strands flapping lightly across your smooth skin…waking the nerves from their slumber and making your back tingle. The flogger sounds so much more severe than it actually is when the tails land on skin, it is more of an audio visual experience that excites the senses as the skin warms to its soft brushing, but brings with it a promise of more intense stimulation to come! It will get painful my sweet one…you know it will…you WANT it to! But for now the floggers kiss is heaven and you revel in it, twisting your body and moaning in mock disapproval…as if begging me ‘No master, No!’ I smile as the strokes begin to grow fiercer and faster, delivering the odd hard one in between now and again that makes you jump and moan louder. I love the way you twist as if trying to avoid my chastisements.

    “If you continue to struggle sweet one I shall have to restrain you further” I say. Of course you do not heed my warning, and make a play of struggling even more! Thwack, thwack, thwack! I swing three hard blows at your back and ass…”Did you not hear me!” my voice stern and deep. You squeal through your gag and shake your head violently from side to side…I throw the flogger to the ground at your side and step towards you, my fingers curling into your hair and making a fist….gripping tightly a bunch of hair that I use to pull back your head…my lips almost touching your ear as I speak again..” I can see that I need to be a little harder with you today sweet one, there is a defiance within you that needs to be broken” You sigh as you hear my words…your pussy twitches involuntarily…your need for punishment increases. I do not speak as I let free your hair and it falls down your back again….you hear a light chinking metallic sound, similar to that made by the dog clips…and you wonder. I place my hands on your hips and pull your body back a little from the dusty wine bottle tops, you cannot move much as you are still restrained at wrist and ankles…but just enough room you give me to gain access to your breasts! I gently tease your nipples simultaneously with my thumbs and forefingers….bringing them to full erection….engorged and deep crimson they stand long and proud atop your creamy soft orbs….I smile, my cock thickening in my tight black leather pants. When I am satisfied they are hard enough you hear the soft chinking again…and then the sound of chain being pulled across wood that reverberates through the frame of the wine rack. I am passing the chain around and around one of the horizontal wooden bars that support the cradles of wine in front of you…the chain has a clamp at each end..And you know what they are for don’t you sweet one? When I have an adequate length of chain left at each end..And I am satisfied that when applied, the clamps will hold you pressed up against the wine rack, I ease your body back into position again against the cold dusty bottles. You wonder what is to come…what have I been doing?...and then you realize with horror as you feel me take your right nipple and pinch it again before applying the cold metal jaws that grip it tightly! You moan and wince as the clamp bites into your tender flesh, but I do not give you time to complain enough before you feel the left nipple being pinched in readiness for the other clamps bite! “They burn, do they not sweet one?” I ask as I gently lick your earlobe and probe your ear with the tip of my tongue. You are moaning so much…you are trying to move, but now each small movement you make causes such a sharp burning in your tethered nipples that makes you wince and stop still. Beads of perspiration are beginning to form on your face sweet one as you realize your dilemma.

    I lazily stroke down your back with my fingers, enjoying the softness of the curves and the reddening of your skin as I journey downwards to your fine ass. I stroke it …softly cupping the globes I am intent on reddening more before we are done here today. My fingers stroke upwards into the cleft between your cheeks and find the ruched black lace material of your panties…bunched together after all your previous wriggling. I snake a finger tip under the edge and pull the gusset free and out…exposing your nakedness to my gaze. The material aside, I now let it rest tight across your ass cheek and hope that it stays put whilst I examine your sex. You are wet….I smell you!...I want you…I want to taste you! But no, there is time for that later, much later! I slide the pad of my finger into your cleft now, and trace the wetness down to its source. Once there I ease the soft hot lips apart with a gentle side to side motion of the tip of my finger…your wetness flows more! I have found your secret my Lover, the fountain from which your love and need for me flows!. I push in gently…you sigh and moan…..deeper I go….you moan more…now two fingers, side by side…..you try to wriggle but your nipples pull you still!....I thrust the fingers deeper, harder!....you’re in ecstasy as I begin to finger fuck you hard! The wetness of your arousal flowing freely from you and down the back of my hand!....three fingers now…spreading your pussy wider, drawing gasps and snarls from you behind the gag, saliva building around the rubber ball that holds back your cries.

    I stop….pull my fingers free…leaving you there, on the edge…panting, wanting more…more finger fucking..Wanting to cum… “Not yet sweet one” I say as I casually wipe the wetness on my fingers across the soft skin of your back.

    The next sound you hear brings you back to alertness quickly… ‘Swish- thwack!!’….panic grips you hard as you recognize the sound of the crop slicing through the air and then hitting the solid oak frame of the wine rack…’swish-thwack!!’ I practice again…although I need no practice at all, it is merely for the effect…and of course the anticipation it builds in you my Lover! “You recognize your old friend?” I enquire with a mocking tone. You turn your head from side to side, not knowing where I stand, not knowing where the first strike will come from…but you slowly nod, panic showing in the tense muscles of your face that I see around the blindfold….’swish-thwack!!’….your whole body now rigid and tense, wondering when you will feel the first blow.

    I lightly place the very tip of the leather bound crop between your shoulder blades, and then run it slowly and gently down your back, leaving it to rest just above the beginning of the curve of your sweet ass. “ Shall you count for me today my Lover?” …you nod in compliance, your breathing becoming more ragged as I tap the lace clad cheeks softly with the leather thong at the tip of the crop. “Good girl”

    I assume my stance behind and to the left of you in readiness, my left hand placed flat but firmly against your back…I can feel you breath as I stroke across your ass cheek now…drawing the crops length across it and toward me….you know it is coming, don’t you?

    ‘swish-slap’ The first…delivered accurately across your right buttock, it’s sting intense…making you clench tight your ass cheeks and thrust your hips forward pushing your body hard against the resting bottles of wine…”wahn” (one) you whimper as the burn of the sting spreads through your ass. ‘swish-slap’ …”Arghh”….the second hits a little lower, just as I intended…”choo” (two) again your ass is clenched tight as you begin to drool around your gag. ‘swish-slap’…”uhh”….lower still, making my way slowly down your ass cheek now, knowing the lower I go, the more it will sting…”fwee” (three)..you try to twist and relieve the burning in your ass but the sharp pain in your nipples reminds you that you are helpless. ‘Swish-slap!’…..”arrgh!”….the fourth in just the right spot where your buttock meets the back of your shapely thigh, God that must sting I think as I smile to myself, watching your ass cheeks gently wobble. “Phower” (four)..the beads of sweat are forming faster still now, and not just on your face….your whole body has a sheen to it that enhances your beauty even more, the drool around your gag hanging in silvery threads that fall to form rivulets down your shoulder and breast bone. ‘swish-slap!!’ “AARRRGGHHH!” You are straight up on your tip toes now, the fifth so hard it makes you ignore the searing heat in your nipples as the clamps pull them tight! Your pussy drips freely with your wetness and it begins to run down your inner thigh…you are near my sweet one are you not? “Count Girl, COUNT!”….through your whimpering I hear “phwive” (five) and you body begins to shake a little with the intensity of arousal and pain that flows through you.

    I stroke your ass cheek now with my palm…feeling the heat there…admiring the delicate red stripes I have produced that stand proud of your soft skin. A pattern I must now repeat on the other cheek as I turn around and ready myself again in the other direction..’I am so glad I am ambidextrous’ I think to myself gripping the crop firmly now in my left hand. Again I trace down your back with the tip…your breathing so hard and ragged now…almost gasping. “You have rested long enough sweet one, we must begin again”…’swish slap’……

    Having administered your other cheek the same treatment you are left limp and whining in your bonds. Your whole body flushed and wet with perspiration, the symmetrical pattern of red stripes across your ass almost glowing in the dimness of amber light. At your feet are small pools of drool, tears and your own arousal that has flowed down your legs. My hardness throbs…begging to be freed from the soft leather of my pants…wanting you hard and fast and NOW! “Stick out your ass!” I command…”do it …NOW!”…my fingers are busy un-doing my belt and zipper as I speak. You shuffle your feet and try to obey…pushing your red patterned globes toward me as much as you can, feeling the pull of the nipple clamps again, but wanting to please your master and make yourself ‘ready’ for him. You feel me draw nearer…feel my hand on your left hip as I pull at your panties with my right…I pull hard, the black lace material cutting into your sex as the fibres begin to give way and a tear forms across the damp cotton gusset….with a loud rip the panties snap in half there and your hot cunt is free and exposed…the remains of your panties hang loosely front and back from the pretty band that is still intact around your waist. You cry out into the gag…gasping as spittle flies from the seal your lips make stretched around the ball. My hands hold your hips firm now, gripping hard as I nudge you with my hardness…my cock dancing around…searching for your opening, your core, your need….I make contact with the slick heat of your hot cunt, and my hips instinctively jolt forward as my swollen purple head spreads your lips wide. I smell your need rising from between our hot bodies and I am lost in passion for you….I lunge…Deep…so fucking deep and hard into you I go! Gripping the flesh of your hips and dragging you back into me, the clamps pulling harder on your nipples and making you scream! My balls slap beneath us as they swing heavy laden too and fro, full of my seed for you my Lover…the seed you will soon take from me with your hungry needing pussy. I thrust and pull, thrust and pull…fucking you ever harder and deeper…your cries getting louder as you spray globules of spittle out the sides of your sweet mouth. I lean over you and lick some of you from the side of your face..Tasting how sweet you are and wanting to bathe in you…forever! The rack shakes and the bottles rock in their cradles as I fuck you so damn hard and fast, relentless in my plundering of your sweet sex, moving my hands around to your globes and pulling the cheeks apart with my thumbs now so that I can see our union…and watch my cock pounding in and out of you. You’re pushing to meet my thrusts now…your nipples burning like hell! But you love it! I can feel your pussy muscles begin to tighten and pulse and I know you are getting near to your climax! This sensation brings the same effect on me and my balls shrink and raise in readiness for the eruption of my seed!...I throb, the veins pulsing hard along the thick length of my cock, causing friction on your pussy walls that excites the nerves within you even more and sends your cunt into spasm. You utter guttural moans and grunts now with each hard stroke I deliver…I growl in primal need as the wave of my orgasm begins to take hold of me…I thrust hard…Deep!... my body tenses and becomes rigid….the first spurt of my seed erupts from my throbbing cock head, hitting you deep…so fucking deep into your womb! You cry out in your dark capture…feeling every nerve tingle as your body gives in to the release of your own orgasm…shaking in the exquisite agony of pain and captivity, nipples on fire, pussy hot and twitching un-controllably , drenched in heat, need, wetness, you shudder and shake through the spasms of a massive cum! All the while feeling me emptying my full quota of sperm gushing into your willing sex and dribbling out between thrusts to join the river of your own cum juice running down your thigh!

    Satiated at last, I hold you…close. My body stuck fast to your back and my arms around your waist as we begin the process of coming down together…regulating our breathing back to normal as best we can. I run my hand up your body to your breasts and gently cup one and then the other as I free your tender red nipples from the clamps that have held you so unforgiving. You wince again as the blood rushes back into them and causes you more pain. “sshh, my Lover..” I say as I kiss you softly atop your head and gently caress the nipples back to comfort. I next remove the gag from your mouth…and as soon as you can speak you tell me ….”I love you…God I love you sweet master”. Before I end your darkness and remove the blindfold I kiss you…long and deep…savoring the taste of your mouth…tasting the tears that have rolled down your cheeks with their salty tracks…”I love you too sweet Lover” I say as I lift the blindfold and your eyes blink into focus on me.

    After releasing your bonds and carrying you up the stairs and away from this place, we head to the shower …together…..But that is another story sweet Lover ;)
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  2. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    Lost for words and that doesn't happen very often, excellent, so sexy, so descriptive I could almost be there. Brilliant, I love it (y)
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  3. Thank you Therapon, so glad you enjoyed it :)
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  4. Oh my!!! That is hot, hot, hot. I feel all breathless. I've now got to compose myself in order to collect my kids from school lol. Xxx
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  5. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    So hot .. and damn descriptive and didnt miss any slight tinnie detail..
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  6. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    hehehe, aye send me the details uh huh ;) @scrunchymuffet
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  7. @Mootje there you are!! Where have you been hiding today lol xx
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  8. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    U missed me uh huh ;) :love: :p :D
  9. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    Awwww cum here lemme GIVE ya the "Biggest ever Teddy Hug the mOot Style" and some kisses Muuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, oh and i mean the two of YOU uh huh ;) the "WE"
  10. @Mootje still daft N crazy then moot lol xxx
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  11. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

  12. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    I called you to the "little humor" and u should get their so we can spam some uh huh ;) :d :d
  13. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    n aye, make it mooty booty wooty LOL
  14. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    Hell Wait, I have the Shampoo and the Shower Gel here, I coming to wash ur Back Just Buzz me :D:D
  15. Love the way you can visualise everything..
    Damn i need a cellar.
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  16. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    didnt u had enuff @zebo mwwwwahahahahaha
  17. Wow! Fabulous writing - made me all unnecessary ;) - take note babe (@Theotherhalf) xx
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  18. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    I am watching you two so u betta behave :d:d
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  19. Mmm...got me going too when he wrote it and sent it to me in an email!....'all unnecessary'?...what I had to do after reading it was VERY necessary ;) x
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  20. Yum ;) x
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