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The Infinite Juke Box Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SussexSwinger, 27 February 2016.

  1. Ok, we all like a diverse range of music. Just add your favourite song you'd always play if available? Add why it means so much to you

    Mine is Walkaway by The Cast.

    Reason, it was played on the emotional day that my football team were thrown out of our own ground by money grabbing business men. That was 1997, happily we have risen like a Phoenix and now play on a fantastic new stadium after many years in the wilderness. Sorry, get carried away when I recall the dark days! Paul x
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  2. Nice song! Good choice xx
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  3. Albatross - Fleetwood Mac, just a good chill out tune and reminds me of happy childhood memories
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  4. I really haven't got 1 favourite. Being quite musical I associate alot of memories with music so here are a few that I love....some happy some not so. But I love them all the same.

    Paul Young - Love of the common people.
    Reminds me of my nan and grandad. In particular one Xmas day and this song was playing my nan and grandad had just arrived. Has always stuck with me. Happy

    Paloma Faith - Only love can hurt like this.
    Song speaks for itself lol.

    Seven wonders - Fleetwood Mac
    Reminds me of summers....family bbqs. Makes me feel like dancing in the rain this song.

    Romeo and Julie - Dire Straits
    A special someone used to sing this to me. Happy

    I could go on lol but I won't xxxx
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  5. Another good choice!
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  6. @scrunchymuffet Music is a bit like that, so many that remind us of events or moments in our lives. So many choices xxx
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  7. Being a ska fan who was a teen in the early 80's I'm gonna say madness now the track is harder cos there's so many I love for differant reasons so I'm going to say wings of a dove as I can remember going on a school skiing trip and the whole coach singing it over and over .. Really got on the teachers nerves ;)
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  8. But I love all sorts of other music too .. And I'm with @scrunchymuffet on dire straights ;)
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  9. I have to agree about madness i had complete madness on tape when i was in my teens I played it that much i used to know all the words of each song and what order they came on in. Steve
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