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The Meet (based On A True Story)

As she puts on her makeup, she decides what clothes she is going to wear, the little denim skirt and the white crop top. She softly brushes her long blonde her then puts on her silky black stockings followed her black high heels with small silver studs. Danniella is finally ready for her meet. She walked into the living room a little shaky with nerves until she sees the smile on Kats face as she is sat on the settee with their guests John and Paula wearing her little black shorts and grey vest top. It was clear she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

John is medium build with short dark hair, wearing jeans and a white shirt. He smiles as Danniella walks into the room. Paula is a slim, long dark brown hair, 34 d breast, wearing a short strapless black dress with a red ribbon around the waist and red knee high boots. She looked like a super model waiting to go on a cat walk.

Danniella starts to feel at ease as the evening goes by with chats about each other’s interests and how they got into the games we all liked to play.

After an hour or so Kat decides to get the ball rolling as it was getting late. She walked over to Danniella and slowly kisses her lips and whispers “I love you” in her ear.
Turning away Kat walked up to Paula and slowly lifted her little black dress, revelling nothing but a shaven pussy, Kats looked behind her to see the smiles on Johns and Danniellas face. Slowly Kat rubs her hands over Paulas nice firm breast, pulling down her black dress. She was pleased to see there wasn’t a bra hiding under the dress. Kat starts to nibble Paulas perk nipples and slowly pushed her fingers into her warm welcoming wet pussy. As Paula let out a little moan of pleasure, Kats removed her fingers and walked over to John “your wife tastes so good, may Danniella have a taste?” she asks in a sweet voice, He nods with agreement as Kat lets Danniella lick her fingers clean.
In an instant Danniella felt a little twitch between her thighs. Kat walked back to John, slowly unziped his jean to revile a very hard throbbing cock around 8-inch-long, she wrapped her mouth around it as he lent back and let out a pleasurable moan.
Paula stood up to slip off her dress, as it fell to the floor as she walked over to Kat who was on her knees with Johns cock still in her mouth, sliding her tongue all around it, Paula removed Kats shorts showing her sexy arse, she placed her fingers in Kats almost dripping pussy then fed it to John before walking over to Danniella.

Paula stands in front of Danniella and smiles “if I didn’t know, I would never have known” she says.
Slowly lifting Danniellas skirt up to find a chastity cage with a swollen cock just waiting to be released. She checks the tag number is the same as the photo that was sent to her earlier that day on a message. Once she was happy the cage hadn’t been tampered with she then removed the cage, but not before stroking her balls that are clearly full of cum. “well haven’t you been a good girl. Now time for your reward” she sniggers. Her mouth gently teased Danneillas cock, making sure it doesn’t go fully in. In an instant her cock doubles in size.

Kat then went over to Danniella and Paula, she takes of her vest top. John then took off his jeans and shirt and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock.
Paula and Kat started playing with Danniellas cock until she was about to cum, but that was to easy they wanted to make her wait.
Paula grabbed the red ribbon that was around her dress and tied Danneillas hands firm behind her back.
Kat put a blindfold over Johns eyes and handcuffs his hands behind his back. “let the games begin” Kat giggled.

Kat tells Danniella that she has to tell John everything she can see happening.

“Kat and Paula are kissing”
“what else, what else?” John asks.
“Paula is sucking Kats nipples and nibbling them”
You could tell in her voice she wanted to play with her cock but was unable to move.
“Kat is on her knees licking Paulas pussy, it looks so good”
“mmmmmm” groans John waiting to hear what happens next.
Paula took out a 12-inch strap on from the grey box that was in middle of the room.
“Paula has a strap on” Danniella says with excitement.
Paula forced Kat back to Johns cock and pushing the strap on deep inside Kats now dripping pussy, Danniella was watching with excitement as Kat sucks and Paula fucks, she forgets to say what was happening. As soon as Paula realised, she removes the blindfold from John and places it on Danniella. “seeing as you didn’t let John know what was happening its now your turn to just listen. Hope you will learn your lesson now” “yes miss, sorry miss” Danniella replies.
“just so you know what it feels like not to know what’s happening John will not be able to tell you because he has now got a pair of knickers in his mouth” “sorry miss, please miss let him tell me”
Ignoring Danniellas pleas she laid Kat over Dannielle’s legs and fucks her again making Kat moan and gets even more wet. She then put the strap on in Danniellas mouth and orders her to suck to see what a good little cock sucking slut she can be.
Kat removed the blindfold from Danniella and then removed Johns handcuffs. She put on a condom on his throbbing cock, “Danniella would you like to sit on it” asks Paula. Danniella nods with excitement. “Well guess what??? Kat is having the 1st go”
Kat sat on Johns throbbing cock, while rubbing her clit she moved quickly up and down, Kat came all over John, you could see her cum running down both theirs legs.
“What a mess you have made you two. That will never do. The settee will be soaked if you move Kat. Here let me fix it” say Paula as she licked all Kats cum from her husband’s balls and around Kats pussy.
“Here Danniella let’s see if you your cock feels as good as it looks” Paula says as she moved to Danniella and put a condom over her cock. “ I want you to tell me before you cum. So That I can removed the condom and let Kat sit on and you cum inside her so that I can clean her out… Is that understood Danniella?”
“yes miss”
Paula removed the ribbon from Danniellas wrists and slowly pushed herself on to her cock, slowly at 1st then quicker and quicker.
“Quick now” Danniella shouts. Kat rushes over as Paula jumps off pulling the condom off, Kat jumped on just in time as Danniella shot her load inside her.
Paula laid on the floor as Kat sat on her face dripping nice warm cum all over her face and in her mouth.

“Danniella seeing as its mostly your cum all over me would you be kind as to clean me up with you tongue please?” asks Paula nicely. How could Danniella refuse when she was asked so nicely?
“I think its Johns turn to come now, don’t you Paula?” asks Kat. “but the question is whose hole? We have 5 to choose from……. Mmmmmm I think Danniella should lick your pussy Paula, while I suck her cock and John fucks her from behind. How does that sound????”
Everyone agreed without saying a word just smiled.
Paula sat on the edge of the settee with legs wide open, Kat lay on the floor while Danniella got into position so that Kat could reach her cock while her tongue played inside Paula and John was behind Danniella, Kat reached behind Danniellas legs so that she could put a new condom on Johns cock.
As John pounded Danniella she was having trouble keeping to the task in hand. So Kat got the little bullet and placed it on Paulas clit making her squirm and moan even more.
Perfectly in sync both John and Paula came at the same time...

Everyone was all hot and sweaty Danniella offers everyone a drink.
The night ended how it started when Danniella walked in, a nice friendly chat and lots of nice compliments.
John and Paula left around mid-night they had been there 5 hours.
Kat and Danniella had nice sexy loving cuddles together talking about their favourite part of the evening.