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Thursday Night Quiz Results & We're Doing It Again.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by XX, 23 September 2016.

  1. XX


    Morning all,

    thanks to everyone who made it into the quiz last night and made it such a good laugh (y)

    The results are as follows :

    13 Points - @meandlis
    8 Points - @Housewifey69 and @that_ll_do_boo
    7 Points - @Scrunchy&Muffet
    6 Points - @Kwaka_Rider and @Stu

    Special mentions to @meet_the_fockers who managed to get 'Oneleged hurdles' :rofl: from :- Huge birch lawyer (Paralympic sport) - 'Wheelchair Rugby' for those who weren't there ;)

    Well done all :D

    P.S. We'll be doing it all again next Thursday at 8pm.


    N & C
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  2. Was awesome fun. We will be there. Xxxx
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  3. Thankiesss yey!! Yey!!! Do i do the lap of honour now then?! :rofl:
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  4. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Can't wait for the next one! Kudos to @N_C_4 for getting Half Man Half Biscuit into the answers (y)

    Still haven't received my Lord of The Quiz crown, though. In the post maybe? :p
  5. XX


    Crown attached :whistle: Crown.jpg
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  6. nice one will have to learn to type faster
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  7. Thank you for running it. I apologize but I can never help myself from acting like a silly sod at quizzes. I always have the stupid answer before a real one. Just like to have a giggle. I have an idea for an online treasure hunt for a possible future quiz type thingy. Stand by for further.

    Thank you guys.
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  8. Who's lap gets the honour????
  9. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Glad everyone enjoyed and roll on next week x
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  10. Maybe we can do a Generation Game on here. Brilliant. Who can be Larry Grayson???
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  11. Who's that??? Too young me :rofl: Sx
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  12. We need a "bullshit" emoji lol
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  13. Ohhh how rude...watch your shins K! ;)
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  14. XX


    Online treasure hunt sounds interesting. :cool:

    Trust us, the funny answers make quizzes for us, we're terrible when we've been to pub quizzes so don't apologize and keep it up (ooerrrr, fnarr, fnarr). (y)
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  15. I haven't laughed so much for a long time, so huge thanks to you both (y)(y)(y)
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  16. Same here, or get everyone to type s l o w e r :) xx
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  17. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Was funny watching all the answers streaming in and the panic in some of you lol :D
    Many thanks once more to @N_C_4 again for everything.
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  18. Naughty. X
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