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To Fake Or Not To Fake

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Scrunchy&Muffet, 26 October 2016.

  1. Ok ladies have you ever faked an orgasm....if so why? Is it right or is it wrong?
    Guys have you ever been with a lady who you know has faked. How did it make you feel.
    Whats your thoughts on this guys n gals xxx
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  2. Its a difficult subject as many may not admit to this but just wondered what peeps thoughts on this xxxx
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  3. Guess what? I have! Was with the father of my child, he couldn't make me cum and I was way too young to realise that I had to teach him what worked for me.
    I don't anymore, It's far easier to say that it's not working and try something else, or show said person(s) involved what gets me off.
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  4. I have.....it was with a guy who just didn't know what he was doing. Tried to show him but he would get a bit funny when I would try to take the lead. So it seemed like the politest way to do it, I guess. Needless to say we didn't hook up again. Thankfully I haven't had to fake it in a looooonngg time! X
  5. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Uhm from a male pov I'd prefer the lady not to fake things, its a bit like lying in some ways, why do it if it gives a false sense of achievement. If I dont get the lady to orgasm then I have accept that the chemistry wasn't right at that time, lets be honest how many guys can get the lady to orgasm every time. Tbh I dont believe this has ever happened to me but I think I would feel cheated somehow if it did.
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  6. From the male perspective I have, in my younger days, made the right noises when having a bj when it wasn't great. Should I have been honest? I'm not so sure as this wasn't in a swinging environment, it was in my Jack the Lad days
  7. I have to with my now ex husband. I tried directing him shall we say and it just fell on deaf ears so to get it over with quickly i used to fake. Not good i know but yep i did it. Xxx
  8. I have to say on more than one occassion but it certainly is down to the the experience n guy you are with at time :whistle:
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  9. Never have faked one never will.
    If the guy can't satisfy my needs why should I pretend just to massage his ego!
    Besides how will he learn if he already thinks he is a God in bed?
    Besides most men are useless in bed anyway

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  10. Post of the year! (y) *claps hands*
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  11. Sorry if I am upsetting people but sick and tired of men telling me how fantastic they are. How long they can last..
    Jesus even Stephen has fallen asleep in some of Threesomes or gone downstairs to make tea as he got so bored with these so called studs.
    More like prese studs.
    Sorry people it's about me!
    End of
    If you can't satisfy me you ain't getting a return match!
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  12. Been there and done that and have to agree.
    I used to get a complex, thinking that I must be a huge turn off with being fat and disabled, so I'd spend most nights at clubs just watching and the guys were the same with friends.
    Statements of "I can breathe through my ears", but give 3 licks and think that's enough foreplay!
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  13. That is why we have dogs
    They lick for hours
  14. Think if we're all honest we've all faked at some time. It's better than looking bored! Men appreciate that women don't cum each time but men are supposed to be able to, and when they can't, it's probably kinder to fake unless you know the woman well. Just as long as you don't let her see the empty condom!
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  15. I've not met many men that appreciates that a woman can't always cum, especially on this scene. Most expect you to be squirting all over the place and screaming like a porn star.
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  16. Personally I spent many a year pandering to the former husband who no matter how much training and guidance was given he perceived himself as God in the bedroom....... More like oh my god here we go again :rofl: fake it lol Oscar winning performances
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  17. Brumcouple2013

    Brumcouple2013 PV Sprtr

    Boy us men are really getting a bashing in this thread... now I duck and run for cover lol

    Personally I wouldn't want a woman to fake it. I would rather she be honest and say what I am doing isn't working and maybe point me in the right direction so to speak.
    With. Mrs Brum, yes I know what pushes her buttons but we have been together four years, and I am always thinking different ways to keep things interesting. But when with another woman, a man has to pay attention to the responses the female gives as you have very little time to get it right. No positive response try something else simple enough
  18. RLJ

    RLJ PV

    I've never faked and never will.......oh its not about me is it?! :whistle:

    I don't think I've been with a faker, if I have, she was very convincing :sneaky:
  19. It's not all men, I have met some great exceptions, but they have generally been part of couples.
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  20. We were all single once though Vixy
  21. indeed, there are a few gems, but getting harder to find
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  22. I'm hearing you brother, good job we know the jibes aren't aimed at us :rofl:
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  23. shush you, bend over :Ohyessir:
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  24. Not everyone is as lucky as Mrs Grind :sneaky:;):whistle::D
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