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Truth Or Dare


I dare you to send me a private message with a saucy comment :cool:

Antogs xx
Ok, well you all failed so of course, you have to pay a forfeit (that's how Truth of Dare works, right?)

So for those people that didn't complete the dare (so, everyone), your forfeit is that you have to take ALL of your clothes off (yes, even your lacy G-String @Lips_Pearls ), throw both arms up in the air and run around in circles shouting "I'm so bad, I've not only let Antogs down but I've also let myself down and failed miserably to act in the glorious spirit and ethos of SocialSwinging. I deserve nothing more than public humiliation and a damn good spanking"

And to prove I'm certainly no hypocrite and I believe wholeheartedly in the SocialSwinging doctrine of friendship, solidarity, joining in and sexy shenanigans please note I'm open to any "Truth or Dare" challenges that may head my way.

love and peace,
Antogs xx