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Using Chat Rooms And Having Music

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by ken_and_tigs, 25 February 2017.

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  1. Tigs and I are members of a few web based chat sites(...in fact we met on one of these sites and the rest is for cupid to tell lol). On one of the sites, a Radio DJ from the states who was not working at the time tried to introduce music rooms where you could chat but by loading a link in a music player could connect to a internet radio/music stream that was DJ'ed by a person in the room. You could make requests and there were themed nights. Sadly that site closed due to the owner embezzling membership funds. The DJ tried to open his own site but the time and money he spent was not earning him enough to make ends meet and he went back to live radio broadcasting and doing an cable TV based music history show where he interviewed some of the greats of music that he had met when his father was a DJ and musician who sat in on the likes of Johnny Cash, Chicago and Kiss. So we were without a chat home or a music home. The core group of 15 searched for 2 years looking for a mellow chat site with decent controls and video camera service and reasonable fees who also were not full of psycho's and teenage mutant dirt-bags. We found a place and I researched internet Radio stations and what the hardware/software and admin requirements. This group from the original site setup a room as our chat home and I applied my research and setup a channel/radio stream. It is limited to 200 listeners and only is running Friday nights and Saturday nights and some Sunday nights if Monday is a UK Bank holiday. We take requests and play mostly pop stuff. some nights we will get 125 to 130 people in the room other nights 15 to 20 but there is always music available if you want to listen. Sometimes we have theme nights like songs from Movies or TV Themes and other night we just play what is requested. Every once in a while a topic in the room would result in the music changing to follow the topic like beaches we have been to might results in Jan and Dean or the Beach Boys or someone talking about their trip to Liverpool resulting in The Beatles... or some one talking about snooker in chat would result in Chas & Dave - Snooker Loopy or someone going remarking that his/her partner never shuts up at times would lead to Chas & Dave - Rabbit....so after all this long winded post...the nity gritty is Do you want to see something like this on the site? Do you want to try your hand at DJing?(it is not hard to do and mostly requires some software on your PC/Laptop and a decent headset with a noise cancelling microphone) IS it something that you would support and maybe could be expanded to several rooms or for more hours than just Fri and Sat from 2030 to 0200? Please give us your input as I have already discussed with Admin and we need to know if this is something you want or maybe it is just not the right time for it.... Thanks for taking the time to read and post a response. Thanks and Ciao tutti
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  2. no Let it die
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Locked, thanks for your suggestion. :)
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