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Weird School Trips

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lovernotfighter, 15 August 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    I'm sure we will can agree that school trips can be a bit a weird at the best of times and some are just totally out there bit shit bonkers, and I was wondering what are the weirdest school trips you were taken on or know of?
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  2. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    for me the two that come to mind were a maths trip (yes a mathematics field trip) to the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, and a business studies trip to Manchester Airport.
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  3. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    School ...... That was sooooo long ago but went on a canal barge trip up the Grand Union Canal .. Can't remember the purpose just remember bunk beds and farting competitions ... (y):D
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  4. Going on a day trip to Wigan Pier, teacher was letting us smoke and mess around. On the way home in the minibus, we had Club Kinetic playing at full blast (hardcore/rave) and the lads were making the bus sway from side to side!
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  5. School trip.....nope we were never let out....:rofl::rofl:
  6. XX


    Ermm, skiing trip to Austria was kinda memorable for all the wrong reasons, one of our teachers might have had a bit too much 'Apres Ski' and decided to pick on one of my mates by shoving his head into a snow bank. I didn't take kindly to it and kind of gave him a taste of his own medicine so got into a fair bit of trouble for 'beating him up' :( On the plus side it was quite funny watching the tool try to get back up :whistle:
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