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What Do You Call ...

Discussion in 'General Chats' started by Jaynerobert, 7 September 2019.

  1. Jaynerobert

    Jaynerobert PV Sprtr

    ... a club that’s just a club and not a swinging club?

    If I say on here that we’ve been to a club will people assume that it’s a swinging club or a club club?

    J x
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  2. Bromsguy6'1"

    Bromsguy6'1" PV Sprtr

    A nightclub?
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  3. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport Sprtr

    Workermans club, private members club, golf club, night club.
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  4. Westcoastcouple

    Westcoastcouple PV Sprtr

    Billy club, Jacob's club, fight club......
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  5. Tiger

    Tiger PV Sprtr

    The first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about fight club, the second rule about fight club is you do not talk about fight club :whistle:

    Oops I maybe in the wrong thread! This isn’t the film quotes thread is it
    Tiger xx
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  6. Bromsguy6'1"

    Bromsguy6'1" PV Sprtr

    I'd always been told there were two rules in life:
    1. Never tell anyone all you know.
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  7. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    No need to, they will make the rest up for you :D
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  8. Welshcouple59

    Welshcouple59 PV Sprtr

    Like that name better xx M
  9. fincon

    fincon PV Sprtr

    Nightclub, assuming it’s a, well, a nightclub.
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  10. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    Sandwich...biscuits...fetish :sneaky:
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  11. Jaynerobert

    Jaynerobert PV Sprtr

    You know what guys, you’ve all made me laugh and now I’m laughing at myself. Such a heavy night last night, I’m not used to it anymore, I think I was off my head still when I posted this earlier!
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  12. Westcoastcouple

    Westcoastcouple PV Sprtr

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