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What music gets you in the mood?

  1. Purple Mamba Club

    Purple Mamba Club VIP Member PV

  2. Purple Mamba Club

    Purple Mamba Club VIP Member PV

    perfect xx
  3. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    I have loads but right now it's this
  4. Purple Mamba Club

    Purple Mamba Club VIP Member PV

    ...and my husbands fave!
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  5. The whole album by James called (appropriately) Laid is an excellent background noise for shagging.

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  6. Red-Hot-Ginger

    Red-Hot-Ginger VIP Member PV

    - Hehehe don't think the link has worked but if you can view it I even made myself laugh x
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  7. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    It works ok for me (y)
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  8. Purple Mamba Club

    Purple Mamba Club VIP Member PV

    Yes, yes, yes! (oh that snake xxxx)
  9. Red-Hot-Ginger

    Red-Hot-Ginger VIP Member PV

    But on a slightly more serious note the mighty David Bowie love all of them and Queen and The who and Led Zep and Hendrix and Jefferson Star ship and I was born in the wrong era !
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  10. Bit o' classical sometimes...

  11. I found this recently. It's strangely erotic whilst maintaining that folksy, barely off-timed beat and seemingly nonsensical lyrics structure that is familiar to their listeners. I'd venture that it's one of their only songs that could be classified as "sexy". To me it's not only sexy and erotic but it's also moving and sweet; it's like he loves this person so much that simply being around them is not enough - he actually wants to be a part of them. Their very essence, I suppose. It's beautiful in a very unconventional sense. And two vids - apparently the "girl" version was deemed somehow rude so they did a "boy" version that was identical except for the sex of the person in it and that was fine!

    No-one else seems to get this tune tho', it's just me howling at the moon :)

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  12. Arb

    Arb PV

    You are not alone
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  13. Coolio! At least I know I'm not entirely mad :)
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  14. Red-Hot-Ginger

    Red-Hot-Ginger VIP Member PV

    It's good really good, can see myself youtubing the night away with a whisky and coke listening to more !
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  15. They are a very unusual band.

    In all honesty I found the above song, Every Other Freckle, when I was watching some porn and that was the sound track. I became more interested in the song and then found the band... Alt-J...

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  16. ...and the vid for this tune is very clever...

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  17. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    Anything by massive attack :sneaky:

    Inertia Creeps:

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