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What Would You Rather Receive?


Deleted member 1030

A love letter through the post would be nice, simply for the novelty value in this day and age.



York, UK
I'm going to plum for the love letter too as it is so much more meaningful, and in today's word it is also a special rarity to get personal correspondence through the post.

Deleted member 1030

Every now and again, in my sandwiches for work, I find a little love note from Lis. Always brightens my day :)

Deleted member 1030

hmm love letter through the mail, only ever get bills through the post i want some real post too D:
I got all excited, the other day, when a handwritten envelope, with a stamp, addressed to me, arrived in the post...

It was a bloody hospital appointment :rolleyes:


A love letter i guess, im old fashioned.. i have some old love letters in my memory box..
I did move onto E-mails.. and waited for the youve got mail.. sound.
Its nice to get a txt occasionally... i do get them from a couple of hotties, from here.. which is nice.
But for me it has to be letters simply because people dont write anymore.. im sentimental.. i have lots of letters, including some from my kids when they where little.. and some from my lad when.. he was spending time with her majesty at her pleasure..
Precious indeed.