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Discussion in 'All About Swinging' started by Lips_Pearls, 21 June 2019.

  1. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Swinging night?
    Is it Friday? Saturday? Or any other particular specific day?
    For example, our preferred day/evening is Saturday > Sunday.
    However we will adjust things if we have to, to accommodate on a Friday evening too.
    We’ve even done full weekends and have on lined up very soon too. So that is Friday to Sunday evening.
    What is your personal favourite, ‘Swinging night’ if there’s such a thing. ;) x
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  2. Brumcouple2013

    Brumcouple2013 PV Sprtr

    For us, it’s normally Saturday. My job has no fixed hours so arranging meets on a Friday is impossible. Would consider Sunday afternoons or early evenings.
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  3. Tiger

    Tiger PV Sprtr

    I do love a Friday & Saturday night
    Tiger xx
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  4. GeoffRy

    GeoffRy PV Sprtr

    Usually a sat night for us. Work rotas allowing. Like tomorrow night woop woop. I love the weekends when we arent working and plans come together (as shall we). X G
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  5. Usually a a saturday night we as commitments saturday morning makes fridays difficult, and during the week is just a no go. S xxx
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  6. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    Saturday’s obviously work best with work but with a little planning sure anytime could be do able .....
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  7. Weekends...mainly Saturday through to Sunday.. (working around everday commitments basically)..work best for me:)x
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  8. Stew

    Stew PV Sprtr

    Knowing my luck 30 February !!! :rofl:
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  9. TherLegs

    TherLegs PV Sprtr

    Our weekend tends to be a couple of days in the normal working week which makes any potential meetings difficult. We could meet at weekends but only if people are prepared to travel to us and being located in an obscure part of the world as far as easy travel is concerned doesn't help either. However where there is a will there is a way (y)
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  10. Welshcouple59

    Welshcouple59 PV Sprtr

    Friday nights Saturday all day and Sunday morning.. That's if anyone can put up with me for that long.. Lol.. W.. (y).. Usually the weekends are best for us though.. We book hotels for naughty weekends away.. Any offers are always welcome.. ... W.. X
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