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Writing posts - features.

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by Admin, 27 November 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    We have many features on these forums, making your experience using the boards, easier and more user-friendly.

    Whilst writing a thread, your content will be automatically saved, at set intervals.
    Even if you log out and back in, your draft will be saved ready for you to continue with your post.
    This applies to personal conversations, as well as forum posts, making sure you never lose your message/text.

    Added to this, you can highlight someone's text on a thread, and you will receive a small pop-up with the option of 'Quote / Reply'.
    As soon as you use the reply box, if you've quoted or pressed reply, your quotes will be available to be inserted into posts, making the whole replying process much easier for you.

    You can also tag users. Not only will tagging the user alert the user, it will add the link to their profile on the forum post.
    On top of that, as an extra feature, we have set it so user tagging also enables the users' avatar to be displayed.
    When you start typing the users name after the at symbol, our software will suggest the names for you, making it very social, very modern and a feature rich - interactive site.


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