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You're Organising A....


well, as you know I recently hosted a night that was intended to host a total of 8 people.
This is my ideal type of party. Intimate, informal with people being able to enjoy themselves without the fear of breaking any rules (because there aren't any:cool:)

For me, bearing the size of my flat and room available I figured this to be the ideal amount. (y)
As well as the logistics regarding space I also thought 8 to be an excellent number for a variety of reasons.
1) Enough people so that during any games or whatever the same people weren't paired together all the time and a variety of "combinations" could easily be achieved.
2) Not so many that anyone felt left out or waiting for their turn :D
3) A nice amount so that conversations could be inclusive or private.
4) Oh yeah, the perfect amount for an orgy too :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As for preparations I'm the kind of person that takes the enjoyment of my guests extremely seriously.
I love entertaining but I do probably put myself under too much pressure. When I get invited to a party or to visit anyone I don't care about anything except that the company is good. And although I know almost everyone feels the same way when they visit me it doesn't stop me worrying about everything being just right.
Anyway, in the weeks running up to the night in question, I (subtlely I hope) found out what everyone liked to drink and made sure I had plenty of their favourite tipple in stock, I bought all new towels, all new glasses and that sort of thing. I spent the most time creating music videos with games embedded and spent a lot of time and money upgrading my lighting system (not my flat lighting system, my "entertainment" light system)

All of which I was very happy to do and would gladly do again.

As for the night itself.
Unfortunately, through no fault of their own two couples had to pull out. So that left four of us.
Fortunately, I guess you could say it was the "right" four as we had an absolutely fabulous night (well, it was for me and I'm assuming it was for the others as they certainly seemed to be having as good a time as I was)

I will gladly organise another night and I think that having been through the experience once, I will be a lot more laid back the next time (y)

So, keep your eyes peeled for an invitation :cool:

Antogs xx


Whitby, United Kingdom
Swinging event/party. What would you do for your guests and what is your ideal night or weekend.
I.E it could be in a club or your home for X amount of people. But if in a club, what do you want there? Themed? Food... what would you love to put on for your guests if you were hosting and organising an event? ;) x
Easy, I'd leave it to the boss to decide, I'd just do all the running about :tiphat:

Deleted member 1030

I'm imagining a Bedouin-style tent, lots of big cushions, futon mattresses, some blissed-out Balearic beats, a large hot tub, a free bar and lots of sexy, bi or bi-friendly people :cool::womble: