Playmates……. regular or a one off?

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Being out and about on the club scene you get to talk to a lot of people. There are always new faces, some turn up and will play with people they have never met before, and may never see again. I think most people at the clubs I go to are ready to go, they have paid their money and if the opportunity arises, they are going to play.
So, the question is, do you prefer a regular playmate, or do you prefer a random meet.
Now, when most people start swinging they do go a bit mad, when we started last year I know I did. It probably didn't do me a lot of good as we met some really nice people, but we also met some complete wankers.
I can see the merits of both, it depends on personal circumstances and preferences, for some people who don't get much time or don't want to see the same person again as it's just a casual meet, I get that. One other hot wife I chatted to never sees the same guy twice, the rule is the guy comes to their house, she waits upstairs, he fucks her with the husband watching and then leaves straight away. It works for them, and no attachments are formed.
For me, I just can't do that. I've not made it a secret that I find the couple thing tough. Trying to get four people to get on is difficult. It gets tiresome when hubby chats to people and they are all getting on and when I'm introduced to the mix and it all goes south.

For me regular is better, you get to go on a social or have a video chat to make sure you get on, then at least the ice is broken. If you can chat and have a good laugh, and they accept you for what you are they are good people to know. When you meet someone on a regular basis, it just gets better.
Now, all that glitters is not gold my friends. Not all regular meets end up as you plan. I have a cautionary tale to tell. We used to meet a couple, the husband was not someone I would have usually gone for but he was a nice bloke and hubby liked the wife. They were separate room swap, and I'm not sure if you have heard the saying "familiarity breeds contempt" but this is how I was left feeling until I said I am not putting up with this. What started in the beginning as a respectful polite meet, over the course of a couple of meets ended up with me being strangled and spat at.
One of the reasons I am very cautious about people I don't know is I have had some bad experiences in the clubs as well, I have had a guy decide to join in when he wasn't invited and he refused to stop, even though I kept saying no and was trying to fight him off, thankfully someone I was there with realised what was going on and stepped in. I have been left so physically injured the next day I just sat on the settee and cried as I was in so much pain. So if people think I'm a little bit of a bitch when I'm out, I have good reason.

One thing I will say, as a hot wife I have never had any issues. I have been treated with complete respect, the guys have been super lovely, making sure I am comfortable with what's going on, being absolute gentleman and I have always felt safe. One guy I had met as part of a couple first, was completely different on his own, I think most realise as a lone woman you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position going to a hotel room. I have been very lucky and have now found the most wonderful man to play with regularly.
For those of you that prefer a regular playmate, when you do find someone and you both click, the play just gets hotter and more adventurous. The only limits will be your own imagination 😈
About author
I am a married lady with permission to play alone.
I have a Dom, (who is NOT my husband), I am collared and owned by him.
I am a complete exhibitionist, I’m very naughty….. my obedience training is still a work in progress 😉
I am looking to make friends and chat, happy to share face pics if we get along.
My Dom is on this site, he has given permission for me to name him. @MP386


We find that random one-offs are fine, and their own sort of fun, but we've come to prefer repeats with the same people where we get on; the sex just gets better as we learn our way round a partner.

We've been spending less time at clubs of late; apart from getting out of the habit a bit over covid, it seems that some (not all) of the single guys have been getting a lot less respectful, which is no fun at all.

Same for meeting couples to some extent; finding 4-way attraction is a challenge and neither of us wants to 'take one for the team'.

I guess the upshot has been we tend to seek out our own playmates these days, then stick with them.
Interesting, but I think I understand.
A paramour once asked me, "Why do married guys /always/ try to go straight for anal?". I thought about it for a bit, then replied "Probably because their wives won't let them" and on thinking about it now I'd probably add "and they've watched too much of that kind of porn"
I guess that applies equally well to the strangling/spitting/name-calling, etc.. business too. We've not coma across that with anyone (I think its frankly infantile), but I know Her Ladyship would supply a quick punch in the mouth to anyone who tried it.
Hi Captain-Smith-and-Lady-Jane it’s funny how peoples experiences differ.
I find the single guys very respectful and I have the most trouble from the husbands of couples.
The clubs are lots of fun as you get to chat to people whose paths you would never normally cross.
Glad you are having fun x
The only person can see what I can. All the guys we’ve met at clubs socially have been amazing, husbands with their wives with them are a different story. 99% hide behind the married status and are seriously lacking in good manners and respect.
I have had the anal thing as well, between two consenting partners that’s absolutely no problem, but a lot of couples we have met have had a no anal rule, but a lot of guys do ask. I had an argument with one about it when all four of us were in the bed, the wife said they didn’t do it but that night he wanted to.
Another couple meet, we were having fun getting on then without asking the guy started to try and force himself in my bum, without asking and without lube. I told him to stop because I didn’t want to and it was hurting me, he said don’t worry you’ll be ok, after some choice words and I don’t know maybe he saw he was hurting me he did stop but it’s not the point, consent and agreement is everything.
Being strangled and spat at was a real low point for me.
The only person can see what I can. All the guys we’ve met at clubs socially have been amazing, husbands with their wives with them are a different story. 99% hide behind the married status and are seriously lacking in good manners and respect.
I completely agree, with everything you just said. There are some great people out on the scene, not all are disrespectful idiots, we know a lot of really nice couples, but it’s the minority that spoil it.
For me I’ve become very cautious around new people. I take a long time to trust someone.

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