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  1. Admin

    What Are The First Saturday Social/meet-ups?

    So, as a guest you may well be wondering what the fuss is about with our First Saturday Socials and what it all means? Well, our resident Hat Wearer Tiggs - @Tiger has bestowed this upon himself to organise monthly, first Saturday Social events where members can get the chance and opportunity to...
  2. Lips_Pearls

    So, Where Did Swinging Begin With You?

    Okay, this should be interesting to follow :D With us, swinging began in about 2002. We used to live in a rather quiet road, and we always threw excellent parties. Seriously good ones. Most neighbours would come around and get stuck in. We built a very solid friendship up with some neighbours...
  3. H

    Hello Folks

    Just joined the site. Nervous newbies, been to Townhouse on the Wirral a few times but new to the swinging lifestyle, mature couple both straight looking to meet like minded couples in the northwest for fun and friendship. Can't accommodate as children still at home. Be gentle with us xxx