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  1. CatEvolution

    Atlantisevolution, Stoke ‘cat & Tag’s ‘uniforms’ Joint Birthday Bash’ – Sat 18 March - Always Mega!

    Saturday 18 March 2017 is Cat & Tag’s Joint Birthday Bash . . . And it’s always a MEGA event. Couples/fems. 9pm – 3am. The theme is ‘UNIFORMS’ . . . . always sexy, always fun . . . however, dress-up is optional but do try if you can. * Bubbly * Buffet * Balloons * Fantastic party...
  2. hornyleekcouple

    Both Ages For Couples Profiles

    Hi, Would it be possible to be able to put the date of birth for each person in a couples profile? Currently Stacey is the main registered user, so the profile shows her age - but I'm 6 years old than she is! We've put it in our profile text, but think it'd be helpful for people to instantly...
  3. lifestylecruise

    Trying To Bring More Aussies To The Site.

    This site is wonderful, and we think we should have more Aussies here. We get ripped off in Australia by paysites only. We just posted on our blog about Social Swingers. If you have friends in Australia please share it with them :) Us Aussies are just like our UK friends, and who knows after...
  4. lifestylecruise

    Our First Lifestyle Cruise From Brisbane Australia

    We are organising a “Lifestyle” Cruise 3 nights of fun aboard the P&O Aria from Brisbane returning to Brisbane, departing 28 April 2017 returning 1 May 2017. We have hired a professional host for the weekend to ensure it all goes smoothly, and found a travel agent to look after all of the...
  5. T

    Valhalla Club

    has anyone been to Valhalla club in Dudley? Somebody on Twitter was saying its a decent place but me and the Mrs were curious and a little apprehensive about going since it would be our first time at a swinging party / club. It's very nearby so that was the reason for wanting to check it out...