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  1. YeovilAlex

    Hiya! New to the Site but not to the Scene ;)

    Figured I'd say hi and see if anyone fancied a chat or had something interesting to say :') Quite happy for people to message me as log as they're at least reasonably polite haha :)
  2. P


    Hi I’m completely new to this and am hoping this site is as sociable as it seems! Not the best start to the day as I’ve currently broken down on the motorway- but at least it’s given me time to find this! I’m hoping there are at least a few friendly ones out there who might send me a message to...
  3. Hotandhorny40

    Hello All

    Just trying another site, already on another and looking for something more social. This is us....
  4. S


    Just wanted to say hi. New to the site. Living in Essex, working all over the country at times
  5. B

    The Name's Blaine, Just Blaine

    Ignore the cheesy title, it's about as much wit as I could muster this Monday evening. (I promise to improve) Hi Everyone, I'm Blaine, easy going, good laugh and up for anything (within reason) I'm sure i'll get to know a few of you well and hopefully some of you very well For now peace
  6. The-A-Team

    Real People, Wanting Real Fun

    Hello again, New and fellow Swingers, Social Swinging is a site built for very real swingers, and the people on here are all actually VERY REAL people first, with very real feelings, and emotions that happen to enjoy Swinging too, We won't and dont jump on everyone immediately, Sorry to...