bi session

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18 November 2022
I organized another guy for Bob for his fantasy - sucking another guys dick...
We started wit a bottle of wine and we watched porn to loosen the tension and to head up the evening. I love watching porn and i started to get wet and i kissed Bob to get the session started.
Tom went down on his knees and he started to rub us both between our legs. Then out cloth are coming off - down to be naked. I pushed Bob´s head down towards Tom´s dick and i told him : " suck his dick - i know you can do it. You sucked many times on my strap-on and now it is time to suck a real dick."
Bob opened his mouth and took Toms Dick in his mouth and he started to suck
Tom placed his finger on my pussy and he played with my clit.
tom was now on the bed on his back and he told Bob " suck my dick and now i will lick Allegra - sit on my face Allegra."
I did and Tom licked my clit and he put 2 fingers in my pussy. What a nice feeling and a good view - watching bob sucking a bid dick. i came so hard on Toms face and it was time to get fucked. I was now on my back and Tom started to enter my wet pussy. he started to fuck me first very slow and than harder and harder. I started to moan land Tom fucked me more and more .
" come over and get ready " i told Bob. "Tom is so close to cum in me and you have to clean me up".
Just in time Bob came closer to see Toms cum getting into my pussy - pumping his cum with a big load . Than Tom pulled out of my cunt and left the room. His load still in me - i told him "now you have to clean me and eat me out and eat his sperm."
And he did...I put my finger in my cunt and pulled it out and gave my finger to Bob to lick it ...