Swinging in 2021 - After Coronavirus Pandemic & Beyond..

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Where do we go from here? What about vaccinations? There's so many thoughts to all this now.

Not only that, but people's mindsets have changed about things like preferences.
So this blog, is going to talk about what I see and what we see, the future of this lifestyle to be.

How we must adapt, change, change how swinging is perceived in the21st Century.
There's a far more open mindedness amongst society (in general) now than there ever has been.

I'll also be writing an article about the subject too and will add it here when finished..

But for now, coffee poured, work finished.. Time to get typing. ?
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Also I have opened this blog to the community - so feel free to contribute. Just don't spam it! ??
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Lips & Pearls. Just ordinary people, in a fun and entertaining lifestyle choice of Swinging.


Well, its slightly different for us, here in Spain, our covid Rates (especially on the coast) are next to nothing, immunisation is virtually completed, and whilst people may be experiencing symptoms, there is no seriousness to anything.
It would seem Herd immunity has set in, and everyone is getting on with things as normal. (the worst we are experiencing is just a bad cold)
Yes, we still wear masks in a bid to protect others, but only in areas where a lot of people congregate, and also on public transport.
So as far as life goes, we are probably back to normal, with an annual booster at worst.
Meeting people is fine, and consideration for not meeting is normal if people are feeling any symptoms.
Its just now a normality that the question is asked, (which is probably a good thing under the circumstances) .
So beyond now, and here in Spain (coastal) life, swinging, and sexy fun is all back to normal, and hopefully will stay that way.

So get your bags packed, and get out to Spain for some sexy fun in the sun....
Regards, Mr A-Team ?

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