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  1. PRG978

    Tights Fetish

    Hi, Does anyone else on this site have a tights fetish? I love wearing them (when it's cooler) and love having sex whilst my wife and I are wearing them. My favourite ones are M&S blue or barely black 10 denier sheer tights. I know it's a bit weird, but I'm sure we all have our little kinks. - P
  2. princesspeanut

    Dick Pics

    as a single female I get quite a few dick pics As a bit of fun thought I’d ask whats people’s opinions on them What’s the best angles you’ve taken/received Ever dressed your willy up?
  3. BatDan

    Sexy Festive Sillyness!!!

    Post a sexy SILLY pic. Let' have some fun. His I called.. Festive Morning Wood.
  4. Vex

    My New Uk Friendly "darkwave/supernatural" Forum! Come Now Blokes!

    I just opened a new forum! Don't worry, it's totally UK friendly. hehe It's a darkwave and supernatural forum with lots discussion areas. Please come check it out! :D Cheers to all my friends! zNet Schism [zNet Schism - Home]
  5. BatDan

    Fav Porn Sites

    Hey guys. What's your favourite porn site? Please don't post Web addresses, just leave out the front and end. Trying to be a good boy here. Mine are usually fuq and kink; )
  6. D

    Another Word Game

    Ok, similar to the word association game, but this one may take some thinking. Your word has to relate to the previous word but the first letter of your word must be the last letter of the previous word. So for example: Letter Red Deer Roe......and so on. So I will start... Swinging
  7. bill90125

    The Great British Wank Off

    An idea from @Admin on another thread. If you were a contestant in The Great British Wank Off what would your signature move be?
  8. ThePantiePurse

    Who's In The Mood

    who's in the mood for another bonus ball giveaway from The Pantie Purse
  9. Sexisoph

    Bank Holiday Weekender

    27/5/2016 I will be hosting my 1st event at tease II Cambridgeshire. It's called bringing sexy back and I want to get all you sexy swinging folk feeling good, having a play or just socialising. There is an onsite hotel so you don't have to dash off play into the early hours ;) Inbox me for...
  10. TheVA

    November Caption competition

    Here we go this is Novembers caption competition, so get captioning an we will choose a winner at the end of the month