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  1. BatDan


    Hi, wondering if anyone here had been gang banged? how you got into it? did you enjoy it? how many people joined in? I have been gang banged, I had fantasised over it and wawnted to try. I loved it. I had 4 men at once I have watched a partner do and joined in. would love to be 'made' to...
  2. BatDan

    New Hotwife/cuck Fantasy For A Swinger Club

    I'm taken to a club by (yet to find) partner/Domme/cuckqueen. her dressed slutty, me in chastity. I'm told to watch her fuck other men infront of me, FORBIDDEN to touch her or join in in any way. watching her give to others what she has been denying and teasing me with for days (weeks even) I...
  3. BatDan

    Interesting Read. Cuckholdress Vs Hot Wife

    I have taken this from this blog. And whilest I don' feel sexually inadequate, it raises some interesting points of discussion. "Too often, I see the words hotwife and cuckoldress used interchangeably. Though there are times when the two both apply, when...
  4. BatDan

    Is Cuckolding Just A Kinky Hot Wifeing?

    I have always enjoyed watching my partners fuck other people. last year, my x either planted or sprouted a seed in me about cuckolding, and cemented in while talking me thru why she thought I was a cuck while riding me.. This has been on my mind a lot and its generally the porn I watch. I...