1980's New Romantic Party @ Townhouse 25th July

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5 April 2015
What's not to love about the 80's?! This is a chance for you guys to camp it like Adam Ant, go dapper like Spandau Ballet, wear tight pants like Bowie, wear sexy big hear like Duran Duran, wear guy liner like Boy George! Girls, go wild like Toyah, Grunge it up like Blondie, Backcomb and layer up like Madonna, go punk like Siouxsie and the Banshees!

This night is dedicated to everything 80's!! We will have our DJ playing your favourite 80's dance music, an 80's inspired buffet (think pineapple/cheese hedgehog and vol au vents), we will even have snowballs on the bar!!! lol

I will be offering free drinks to those who have made the effort to dress up and best dressed will win a prize!

This is going to be an amazing night of 80's fun and filth...go all out and wear your neon leg warmers in the playrooms!! pmsl

See you there!!! I will be the one with the crimped, backcombed hairdoo!

19 March 2015
Now THAT sounds like real fun! neons and sweatbands at the ready.. !! :D xx

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