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48 hrs

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by SteveandDebs, 28 May 2018.

  1. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    Debs and Steve were going away for the weekend. As usual she had been on an orgasm ban for a few days and on top of that Steve had pulled her thong to one side and anointed her clit with Tiger Balm just before they got in the car. Unusually she knew what was going to happen.

    They’d hired a boat for the weekend and after they picked it up they were going to pick up 2 single male friends of theirs. Debs was then going to be the three guys fuck toy for the weekend. The thought of this, combined with the heat from the Tiger Balm was making her squirm in her seat.

    “If you don’t sit still I’m going to stop in the woods ahead, cut a switch and stripe your arse” said Steve “That will give you a reason to fidget” She tried to sit still but the thoughts of a whipping with a switch just made her wetter and squirm more. “OK” he said, “your choice” as he turned off into a handy picnic spot “Out you get”

    He led her deeper into the woods, coming across a handy fallen tree he bent her over it, folded her skirt up out of the way and pulled down her skimpy thong revealing two peachy bum cheeks separated by a very hot, wet, pussy. “Stay there“ he said “While I find a switch” and with that he wandered off to find one.

    Debs was laid across the log, eyes shut, savouring the cool breeze on her very overheated cunt. Suddenly she jumped as a line of fire spread across her arse. Shit she hadn’t heard him coming back, she’d been In a world of her own. “One” she cried, knowing they wouldn’t count unless she did “two, three, four. Five” Her ass was on fire from the switch, her pussy was on fire from desire. Steve knelt behind her “Be a shame to waste this” he said “It’s dribbling” Her hopes rose but no, all he did was ran his tongue from her clit to her rosebud once, lingering maddeningly on the rim and then stood up. Pulling up her thong as he did so.

    Come on slut, back to the car.

    Back in the car Debs was having even more trouble sitting still. “Squirm all you want” laughed Steve “you’ve earned it”

    Another 20 miles saw them at the yard collecting the boat. Steve and Debs unpacked the car and waited for the guys to arrive. “Nervous” asked Steve. “I am a bit” replied Debs “This is the first time I’ve known for sure what was going to happen and I hope I can keep up”

    “I’m also gagging” she added with a sly grin “As you well know”

    “You’ll keep up just fine” laughed Steve. knowing just how cock happy she was “And remember, you can always use your safeword if it gets too much. You know both the guys, the only difference is that this time Simon actually gets to fuck you, I guess he’ll want to make the most of it” he grinned.

    We should explain here that in previous encounters Simon had been confined to a cock cage and oral/clean up duties. This time, although he’d still have to clean up whenever Steve fucked Debs he would be able to use her whenever he wanted. Soon the guys arrived, unpacked their car and they got underway. A short trip and they dropped the mudweight in a secluded spot. They removed Debs clothes and it wasn’t long before Mark and Steve were holding her legs back to allow a very enthusiastic Simon full access to her cunt. Soon he came, and deposited his used condom in the bin, Turning her over Mark slid into her from behind and Steve fed his cock into her mouth for a leisurely spit-roast. Eventually Marks tempo increased, Debs came, squirting as she did so which made Mark come and his place was taken by Steve. When Steve came Debs rolled onto her back and it was left to a very enthusiastic Simon to clean her up causing her to come and squirt again into his mouth. Simon by this time was sporting another hardon and looked at the bowl of condoms. “Fill your boots” said Steve guessing that he was still a bit unsure.
    After Simon had finished they moved off to a Local pub for the night.
    After a good meal they sat in a booth talking. They agreed that from now on they would use lube to save Debs getting too sore. “Tell them about the woods on the way here” Steve told Debs, As she was talking Simon was obviously getting hard, evidenced by the way he was squirming in his seat and adjusting the front of his shorts. “Can we find some woods tomorrow” he asked, eagerly. “I’m sure we can” said Mark, winking at Steve “But be careful what you ask for” and it was obvious then that Simon was in for a few stripes as well.

    “Are you horny again Simon?” asked Steve. Simon’s blush answered for him “Well take Debs back to the boat and fuck her then, that’s what she’s here for”

    “Really?” said Simon eagerly. “Yes really” laughed Steve “We’ll finish our drinks and follow”.

    When Mark and Steve got back to the boat Debs was bent over the salon table with Simon banging her hard from behind. Steve fed her his cock and she moaned around it as Simon pushed into her really hard and came. Mark was ready with a condom and soon took Simon’s place. He knew just the tempo and angle that she liked and she was soon coming like a train and squirting. After Mark came Steve took over and after that it was left to Simon to clean up. Debs had a shower and went to bed. Later, as she snuggled into Steve he asked if she was still nervous “Hell no” she said smugly “I can take anything you three can dish out”

    “Challenge accepted” thought Steve to himself

    In the morning Steve awoke to the feeling of Debs arse wriggling against his very hard cock. She always denied consciously doing this but he didn’t believe her. Parting her bum cheeks he slipped into her pussy for a lazy morning shag. Afterwards he got out of bed to find Simon in the galley having just put the kettle on. “Aah good”said Steve “Debs needs cleaning up, I’ll finish the tea. If you want to fuck her take a condom with you” Simon couldn’t grab a condom quickly enough and vanished to the rear cabin.

    “Er, Steve said you wanted cleaning up” he said, shyly. Debs smiled, rolled on her back and parted her legs while she stretched. Soon her back was arched, her fingers entwined in his hair as she pulled his head really hard into her cunt as she squirted into his mouth again. “He really is very good with his tongue” she thought as he fumbled to put on a condom. Soon her legs where over his shoulders and he was riding her hard. He finished before she could come again and she got up to have a shower. As she was drying herself she heard Mark call from his cabin “Is Debs up yet, I’ve got a hardon that could cut a diamond that needs dealing with”

    “A womans work is never done” she thought as, still naked, she headed for Mark’s cabin.

    Later as they were sitting around the table eating breakfast Steve announced

    “We were talking last night and Debs reckons she can out-fuck the three of us!”

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  2. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    (More detail needed she says so here goes)

    Earlier debs had walked, naked, into Mark’s cabin to find his duvet pushed back to reveal a very hard cock. She crawled onto the bottom of the bunk and started kissing her way up the inside of his legs, alternating between left and right. When she got to the inside of his thighs she could see his cock twitching with every touch of her lips or tongue. Soon she was nuzzling his balls then very slowly ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft and took the head into her mouth. Sucking gently, her tongue running around his glans she wrapped one hand around his shaft, the other gently massaging his balls. His hand was in her hair and his hips started to move, fucking her mouth. Suddenly he pulled her away from his cock and she knew he was fighting for control. She rolled a condom onto him, a squirt of lube (she knew he would have her squirting) and swung her leg over him, reverse cowgirl, and lowered herself onto him. After a moment to get comfortable she started to move her hips in a way that pressed his cock onto her g spot perfectly. She felt his hands spreading her bum cheeks apart so he could see his clock sliding into her, she loved this feeling of being held open and it wasn’t long before she was grinding down hard on his cock and erupted all over his cock and balls. Changing position she was knelt on the edge of the bunk, Mark standing behind her. “Fuck me” she cried “Fuck me really hard”, She knew Steve and Simon could hear everything but she didn’t care. All she wanted was a hard cock inside her, pounding her into another orgasm. Mark was happy to oblige, sliding into her and taking a moment to get lined up before thrusting like a steam hammer as he knew she liked. The combination of the hard thrusting and the head of Marks cock continually massaging her her g spot soon had her coming again “ Fuck it won’t stop” she moaned as she squirted again, this time drops could be heard hitting the floor. She then felt Mark pull her hips really tightly to him as he seemed to be trying to climb inside her as he came.

    Debs was sitting at the breakfast table, still in a post-orgasmic haze when it suddenly registered what Steve had said, “Shit” she thought “what had that bit of vodka induced bravado let her in for,

    She’d already been fucked three times, squirted three times and had about 5 orgasms and it was only 10.45

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  3. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    “Really” grinned Mark “Well I’m willing to prove her wrong”

    “Me too” said Simon eagerly

    Steve just smiled “So what do we get if we prove you wrong?”

    “I’m sure imaginative guys like you can think of something” She said primly “and if I’m right we’ll have four guys next time”

    “ So just to be clear” said Steve “If we are right it’s a blank cheque, and if we are wrong we do it again with one more bloke, looks like a win/win for us”

    Debs was now having second thoughts about the blank cheque bit. Not Simon so much, but she knew Steve and Mark were absolute perverts but she couldn’t back down now. “Agreed” she said

    “Well” said Steve clearing away the breakfast things “best we get started. On the table you get. Listening to you and Mark certainly put Simon and I into the right mood”. Debs was laid back on the table.

    For breakfast she had been wearing a chiffon kimono, like you’d wear over a swimsuit and the belt was undone to allow the sides to fall back. “Do you think it’s about time we made her nipples more sensitive?” Steve asked Mark.

    “Good plan” he replied, going to get the cupping set out of the toy bag. While waiting for him to come back Steve was idly toying with them eliciting a moan from Debs. He could see, by the tent in his shorts, that Simon was ready (wasn’t he always?) and he pulled Debs legs back, “go for it Simon, you don’t need to wait to be asked” he grinned, as he did so he slipped own, now rock hard, cock out of his shorts and offered it to Debs mouth. Mark was back in time to slip one of the smallest cups over one of Debs’ nipples and pump the air out of it just as Simon slid his cock into her.

    “oooooooh” groaned Debs “how long will they be on?” she mumbled around Steve’s cock, Mark and Steve both new that her cunt would be clenching hard around Simon as the air was pumped out of the second cup. Sure enough his whole body stiffened as he came. “How long?” said Mark “about as long as it takes for Steve and I to fuck you and Simon to be ready again I reckon. This time we want him to feel you squirting on his cock as we remove the cups and suck those gorgeous nipples”. Steve moved round and slid his cock into her very hot, wet, swollen pussy as Mark took his place in her mouth. Long slow languid strokes soon had her edging and it was easy to keep her just at the point of orgasm until Mark nodded and Steve pulled out and came all over her shaved pubic mound and belly just as Mark pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face and neck.

    Simon cleaned her up, he was used to cleaning up after Steve and Mark had come in his mouth often enough. The fact he enjoyed it was evidence by his rapidly hardening cock. When he was ready he got another condom and slid his cock back inside Debs. Steve and Mark stood either side of her, one arm each hooked behind he knee to hold her open. As Simon pistoned away (his speed to orgasm seemed to have slowed down but his pace was still amazing) Debs showed all the signs of approaching orgasm. On the count of three Mark and Steve slipped the cups of and bent to suck a nipple each. Debs went absofuckinglutely ballistic, squirting over Simon in a orgasm that just seemed to go on and on. It was all the guys could do to keep her legs apart and bent. As the aftershocks subsided they gently stroked her (keeping away from the hotspots) until the tremors subsided completely.

    Steve bent down and whispered “Still think you are going to win?”

    “I am winning” she purred

  4. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    While Debs dragged her self off to shower (again) the guys decided it was time to move on. There was still time to move to another pub for lunch but they decided, as they were going to look for some woods anyway, to get stuff for a picnic. Simon was despatched to the local shop to get some pasties, crisps and other picnic stuff. Looking on the map on Steve’s tablet they found a likely spot that wasn’t too far away. As soon as Simon was back they were underway.

    “Where are we going?” asked Debs. “To find some woods” replied Steve.

    “No rest for the wicked” thought Debs knowing she wasn’t going to get the rest she would have had with a pub lunch and that she’d probably end up with new stripes on her arse (Mark was nearly as sadistic as Steve). As usual her cunt clenched at the thought and she felt it getting wet. Her nipples were as sensitive as fuck from the suction cups and although she was wearing her baggiest t shirt it was rubbing on them tantalisingly. Why was she always so horny? she wondered and then decided not to worry about it. You only lived once, were a long time dead etc. etc. She decided she was just lucky that Steve loved seeing her come so much, loved to share her with others and was always there to look after her. They had met on the swinging scene and he’d always been the same. Never a hint of jealousy. She felt very loved and cherished. Even if he was a sadistic git sometimes. She grinned.

    “Penny for them” said Steve seeing the grin.

    “Nothing” said Debs

    “Nothing?” queried Steve “you know what that means. A few stripes will soon turn that into something” Mark laughed.

    They Set off, Mark at the helm.

    “Shit” thought Debs, she’d dropped herself in it again. “ooooh” she squealed as Steve’s hands snaked under her loose t shirt from behind, cupping her tits and squeezing her very sensitive nipples between his thumb and forefingers. Her pussy did it’s usual backflip and she felt her thong getting wet. “Are you wearing anything under that skirt girl?” he asked

    “Yes Sir” she said, recognising the ‘Dom’ voice.

    “Simon” ordered Steve “get the lube then remove her knickers”. Simon recognised the voice as well and sprang to obey. Sliding Debs’ slinky thong down her legs he licked his lips.
    “Now tuck her skirt into the waistband then squirt some lube on my fingers” instructed Steve. Pulling her back against him he kicked her feet apart with his own and started to run his lubed hand over her smooth mound and the outside of her cunt. “Kneel down, I want her to squirt over your face” he told Simon. Simon got in position as Steve introduced two fingers to Debs’ pussy massaging her g spot on each stroke as he rapidly thrust the fingers in and out, meanwhile he was squeezing alternate nipples with his other hand. This always made her come (and squirt) really quickly . Within minutes she was squirting like a firehose over Simons face, When she had finished the ook took her place in front of Simon. “Wank me over his face” he instructed Debs and with a combination of wanking and slapping Simon’s face with his cock she spread Steve’s load over her own. Steve and Mark swapped places and Debs added Marks load to the other two. Soon they arrived at the woods and found a wild mooring. Steve and Mark moored the boat while Simon and Debs packed lunch into Simons rucksack
    They moved deeper into the woods, Simon with lots of come drying on his face and Debs with the front of her skirt tucked up exposing her pussy to the cool breeze.

    They came across a sunny clearing with a convenient fallen tree.
  5. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    Debs was draped over the tree. Arms wrapped round the trunk and fastened, her still sensitive nipples rubbing against the harsh bark, her ankles cuffed and pegged apart and Steve and Marks belt joined to secure her waist to the trunk and stop her avoiding any lashes. Simon was sent to cut a few switches while Steve and Mark stroked Debs back, her bum, the backs and inside of her thighs making sure to avoid anything but fleeting touches to her pussy and arse. Simon returned with the switches just as the guys started to spank Debs arse in turn as a warm up. She soon had a rosy glow and was trying hard not to wriggle.

    “Simon check how wet her pussy is please” said Steve. This was always a good indicator if she was warmed up or not

    “Very” reported Simon, making a real meal of it. He even licked his fingers after.

    “So how many stripes” Steve wondered aloud. “Shall we let Simon decide Mark?”

    “12” burst out Simon before Mark could reply. The two guys laughed, Debs squeaked.

    “OK”said Steve “Mark and I will do four each and leave the last four for you. After you Mark. Mark laid four very neat stripes across the top of her bum cheeks, Debs counting each one. Each time Mark waited for her bum to stop clenching before laying on the next. “We really need to get her used to a ginger but plug” commented Mark. Steve secretly agreed but didn’t think there was much chance. A tongue or a cheeky finger was OK but Debs really rebelled at the thought of anything up her arse. Steve carried on laying on the stripes, keeping them low, starting at the top of her thighs which was more painfull but leaving plenty of room for Simon’s in the middle.

    “On you go Simon” offered Steve “Just try not to cross the strokes, and wait till she unclenches each time”

    Simon of course didn’t wait “one, two, three. Four” Debs hardly had time to count and her arse was on fire.

    “Now you need to sooth her explained” Steve “We haven’t got any cream so you’ll have to use your tongue” Simon started eagerly lapping at the weals on her bum and Debs breathed a sigh of relief remembering the time the sadistic bastards had rubbed deep heat into her freshly caned backside.

    “Now it’s your turn Simon” explained Mark


    “Steve and I decided we would let you decide Debs’ punishment but it would come back on you double. That’s six from me, six from Steve and twelve from Debs”

    Debs was released from her fallen tree and Simon was strung by the wrists from a convenient low branch after being told to strip. Mark and steve used their belts to warm his arse up and straight away Mark laid into him with the first four stripes. Silence, “Oh well” said Mark, we’”ll start again, Maybe you’ll count this time” Debs smirked, her arse was still smarting from Simon’s stripes.







    Mark laid them on hard and fast closely followed by Steve. Simon counted them all.

    Now it was Debs’ turn. Mark fitted both wide leather belts around his hips. “Aim below the belts” he told Debs.

    Debs laid into him like her life depended on it. The strokes got harder and faster, So fast that a squealing Simon couldn’t keep up and Steve had to grab Debs arm when she’d landed the twelfth. Steve and Mark were creased up laughing, Debs was looking horrified at the state of Simon’s behind. “Oh Simon, I’m so sorry” she cried.

    “It’s ok” he said through gritted teeth “I guess I asked for that”

    Mark and Steve weren’t worried, they’d seen him take far worse, anyway his rock hard cock showed how much it had turned him on.

    “Normally” Steve explained to Debs “We’d expect him to go down on you to thank you for his punishment. But in this case I reckon you owe him a blow job”

    Debs sank to her knees in front of Simon

    Taking Simon’s cock in one hand she licked and nibbled at the inside of his thighs, working her way up she started to nuzzle and suck his balls then ran her tongue along the big vein on the underside of his cock. Her lips softly closed over the glans and as she drew back her tongue was flickering over the end. Her head bobbed faster and faster.

    “Was this guilt or just her love of cock” wondered Steve “probably a bit of both” he grinned to himself. When it seemed that Simon couldn’t last any longer she moved behind him. Spreading his cheeks she dipped her head to rim him gently, a soft tongue laving at his puckered hole. Reaching between his legs she grasped his cock and began to wank him with slow firm movements. Just as she felt he was going to come she hardened her tongue and penetrated him. Simon was undone and came. As the last drops dribbled onto her fist Debs stood and presented her fingers to his mouth for him to lick clean, pressing against his back and using her other hand to stroke his chest and stomach she whispered in his ear “Thank you for my punishment”

    Simon was released and told to lay back on the picnic blanket. Debs was placed in a 69 position and Mark was ready with a condom. Steve fed his cock into her waiting mouth. As they set up a steady rhythm Debs was in slut heaven. A cock inside her, one in her mouth and a tongue busy on her clit. It wasn’t long before she orgasmed, her pussy clenching hard around Marks cock who, on the point of coming himself pulled out, whipped off his condom and finished off down Simon’s throat. Steve took Marks place. It didn’t take long before he was pumping his come into her. Pulling out he pushed her down so her cunt was pressed against Simon’s face. Simon eagerly sucked up the mess from her pussy and once again Debs squirted all over his face. After a a bit of time for everyone to calm down they made their way back to the boat.

    On the way back Debs wondered if she would last the 48 hours. They were now at the 24 hour point. Even at her birthday gang bang she hadn’t been fucked so many times, had as many orgasms or sucked as much cock. What a lucky girl she was!
  6. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    When they got back to the boat Simon vanished into the shower. Steve and Mark got the boat moving to the pub they had chosen for their evening meal. When they arrived there they moored up and plugged into the electric to ensure a good supply of hot water and Debs took her turn showering. Mark and Steve sat down with Simon (who was having trouble sitting) and explained that his subbie time was over and he was back on a level field with them. If he wanted Debs he didn’t have to ask their permission or wait to be invited he should just take her, as they would. To be honest they were finding his constant horniness quite a turn on and loved seeing his enthusiastic fucking of her. It was better than Viagra.

    Debs wandered back into the main salon wearing the semi-transparent kimono again and little else. Looking at her Simon grinned like a cheshire cat and reached into the bowl for a condom. Taking her by the hand he led her into one of the cabins.

    “That boy is going to do himself a mischief” laughed Mark “shall we let him have this one on his own?”

    “Sure” said Steve “I’m sure we’ll make up for it later” So much sex must’ve slowed Simon down because it was a good while before Debs was heard to cry out as she came and the sounds of fucking increased then stopped suddenly as Simon obviously joined her. Coming back Simon once again had a big grin on his face and Debs looked like the cat that got the cream. Simon went for yet another shower and Debs explained that she had taken the opportunity to give Simon a few pointers without embarrassing him in front of us. He had made her come (and squirt) with his cock and had obviously listened to her.

    “Debs D*****, sex guru” laughed Steve

    “Actually it was a bit of a turn on” said Debs “and that probably made it easier for him” Steve filed that bit of info away for further use.

    “So how are you feeling about all this? asked Mark with his serious head on.

    “Well” said Debs, considering the question “at first I was a bit worried about it, wondering if I could cope but now I’ve got in the swing of it I feel great. Having three horny guys continually wanting to fuck you is a huge ego boost and so many orgasms, who could complain at that? And I don’t have to ask if you guys are enjoying it, these tell me all I need to know” she gently squeezed both guys hard cocks. They all laughed.

    “They’re for later” Steve grinned “we have something special arranged for tonight.

    Debs went of to clean up and get herself ready while the two guys took turns in the shower.
  7. That's a bit excessive... Wtf!
  8. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    Probably best you don't read the rest lol
  9. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    Sitting in the pub later after a meal Debs excused herself to go to the toilet.

    “So” asked Mark “What debauchery do you have planned for tonight?”

    “DVP” said Steve “You know she loves it, unfortunately your cock is a bit too thick to fit in with mine but Simon’s should fit with either of us” Simon’s cock, although a bit longer than the others was thinner than both.

    “So Simon on the bottom and we can take it in turns” said Mark “Sounds like a plan”

    With that Debs came back.

    “What are you scheming?”she asked “It’s written all over your faces”

    “Nothing you need to know about yet” said Steve, kicking Simon under the table who looked as if he was just about to blurt it out. “Don’t worry, you’ll love it” he added “Now sit here between me and Mark.” Debs slipped in between them on the bench seat. Steve moved her nearest leg over his, Mark did the same and they each rested a hand on the inside of her thigh. They knew that for some reason being held open like this really did it for her and the longer they took to reach the top the more turned on she got. Steve relented, “When we get back to the boat we are going to convert the seats in the salon to a bed” he explained “Simon will lay on it on his back with you cowgirl, Mark and I will take it in turns to enter your pussy as well. Whoever comes first cooks breakfast in the morning “ As they were talking both their hands were sliding higher up the inside of Debs thighs until they both reached a very wet pair of knickers which showed just what she thought of the idea.

    “Are we going back to the boat soon” asked Debs, her face the picture of innocence.

    “You are a dirty bitch” said Steve “Cock happy as ever.”

    Everyone laughed and they finished their drinks.

    When they got to the secluded path to the moorings Steve told debs to remove her underwear. When she had he told her to give them to Simon to taste.

    “Stop it “ said Debs laughing “You’re just trying to get him going so you don’t have to cook breakfast. In fact I think I should make him come before we start to slow him down a bit and make up for the fact that you two are going to be taking turns”

    “Ok” said Steve, secretly thinking that if Simon shagged Debs first she would be the one likely to be cooking breakfast.”Do it now”

    Debs sank to her knees in front of Simon. “Oh no” said Steve, handing Simon a condom “If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing properly” Within moments Simon had the condom on and Debs backed against the fence for a good old fashioned knee trembler. By the time they had finished Mark and Steve had got back to the boat and sorted out the seating. Telling Debs to get naked they did the same and sorted out some drinks to give Simon a bit of a breather. Not that he really needed it, he seemed to have a permanent hardon whenever Debs was about. Simon laid on his back and Debs was told to climb aboard. Steve moved behind her as she leant forward and carefully eased his cock into, what was by now, a very well used cunt. With them both in to the hilt he told Simon to stay still while she got used to it. He with drew almost completely,

    “Now Simon, you pull nearly all they way out while I push in, and carry on like that. Soon they built up a steady rhythm and Debs was wailing, her pussy clamping on both of them as she struggled not to come.

    “Now stop Simon” said Steve as he withdrew to let Mark take his place. As Mark filled her, again pausing to let her get accustomed to it, the slight extra girth sent her over the top.

    “You fuckers” she wailed as they started the slow in/out as she was still coming. There followed the longest orgasm Steve had ever seen her have. Mark pulled out and swapped with Steve again as she calmed down but the change seemed to set her off again. Soon Simon came but it was too late for Debs, breakfast was on her
  10. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    As Simon slipped out so did Steve and Mark took his place, upping the pace now things were a little less crowded. He soon came and Steve took over until, after he came, Simon cleaned her up. Debs had calmed down a bit by this time and her and Steve went to bed. He held her in his arms as small aftershocks seemed to shake her body.

    “How do you feel?” he asked

    “Fucked” she murmured sleepily as she nestled against him as she fell asleep cradling his balls in her hand. At some point during the night Steve awoke with Debs hand stroking his now hardening cock.

    “Are you horny”! She whispered, obviously feeling him wake.

    “It’s a case of suck it and see” he replied turning so that were laid of their sides in a 69. His head dipped and he gently sucked and licked at her always prominent but now very puffy inner lips.

    “God that’s nice, so soothing” she whispered taking his cock into her very soft wet mouth. He noticed a faint coppery taste that meant she was starting to get sore.

    “We must use more lube” he said “You’re getting sore aren’t you?”

    “Not too bad yet” she mumbled “just keep doing that”

    As he felt his own hips starting to pump he transferred his attentions to her clit. Soon her hips were circling as well and they both came, not with the intensity of before but a very gentle orgasm. They both fell back to sleep.
  11. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    In the morning Steve awoke with his head still on Debs thigh, the smell of her pussy in his nostrils. His cock twitched, it was then he realised her hand was still around it, and he reached out with his tongue to flick her inner lips and then suck them gently into his mouth.

    “Stop it” she growled softly.

    “Are you giving up” he asked innocently.

    In answer she rolled onto her back and her legs parted. He moved round between her thighs and slid his, now hard, cock into her. She moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and they rocked gently as they kissed. The passion ramped up the longer they kissed and soon his pubis was pounding against hers. When he came he collapsed on top of her.

    “I haven’t given up yet” she whispered in his ear. “I love you so much”

    “And I love you” he said sliding out of bed and pulling on a pair of shorts “Cuppa?”

    He walked into the galley and there was Simon making tea. Steve tossed him a condom “Go on Simon do your stuff” I’ll bring her tea in a minute. He didn’t need telling twice. As Steve poured the tea Mark strolled in wearing a towel with an obvious erection underneath it.

    “Debs awake yet?” he asked. At that moment she cried out as Simon’s magic tongue obviously did it’s work.

    “That answers that question” laughed Steve “Take this in to her” he passed Debs tea to Mark. “And when you have finished remind her she is cooking breakfast”

    Steve looked at the clock, it was 11.15, 3 hours 45 minutes left to win (or lose) the bet. Simon was back in the salon, Mark came in, a satisfied smile on his face.

    “Debs is having a shower” he explained

    “We are going to have to do something drastic” said Steve knowing she couldn’t hear them in the shower “a bit later we are going to fuck her harder than she has ever been fucked before, use plenty of lube and pull out before you come and the next one take over. She can’t possibly take that for too long”

    “Well have to move from these moorings” said Mark “It could get noisy”

    “Ok” said Steve”We’ll move after breakfast”

    “Move where?” asked Debs coming through from their cabin. She looked stunning, serene as only a well fucked woman can look, her skin had a glow that shone through the kimono she was wearing. Anyone would think she was trying to tempt them.

    “Oh we are just going to move to somewhere secluded for the grand finale” explained Mark as Debs started to prepare breakfast.

    “Why don’t you change to cook” said Steve “It would be a shame to get grease spots on it”

    With a smile she took off the kimono and donned an apron.

    “Better?” she said with a cheeky grin
  12. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    While she was cooking breakfast they tidied up and got the boat ready to move. They sat down to eat and Steve noticed that all the guys, including himself were strangely subdued. Even ever ready Simon didn’t have his gaze fastened on which ever part of Debs, now naked, body was nearest to him. While Debs and Simon cleared up the breakfast things Mark and Steve moved the boat to the secluded spot they’d started in 46 odd hours earlier.

    “ What are they doing?” asked Steve who was at the helm.

    “I’ll see” said Mark. Coming back he told Steve to take a look. Going into the main salon he saw Debs laying back on the main seating (which had been made up into a bed again) idly stroking her pussy. Simon, who had obviously been going down on her was asleep!. They told Debs to move into the cabin and Mark and Steve put there plan into action. Taking it in turns to fuck Debs as hard as they could before changing over, the other one keeping up the furious pace until he had to change again. Debs was coming apart seeming to have a continuous orgasm. The problem was they seemed to be changing, not because they were close to coming but, because they needed a rest. By half past two they were both nearly done, by 2:40 they had both come and Debs was collapsed face down on the bed looking like she was unconscious. She muttered something. Steve leant down to hear her say.

    “Who’s going to fuck me now”

    She had won!

    He thought she was bluffing but with him and Mark finished and Simon still asleep in the salon there was no way of calling her bluff. She muttered again.

    “Do I get to pick number four?”
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  13. SteveandDebs

    SteveandDebs PV Sprtr

    This is going to happen, probably for 24-36 hours and with less of a BDSM element. We both really like the idea and just need to find the right people to take part.

    If you can see yourself as either the Mark or Simon character then drop us a message with 'Boat' as the subject.
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