70 Years Ago, Today

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15 September 2014
Yes indeed... For a good reason? Don't know.. necessary? perhaps, perhaps not.
Did it stop the pacific war? Yes... but too many men, women, children died.
Lessons were learnt from these two bombings, but lessons of war have still not been learnt.

Bless them all and the people who still suffer from it as there's still ongoing issues from the fallout.
Hopefully this will never happen again in our existence.

Even the creator wished he'd never created/discovered it after this..


Ending the Pacific War quickly, bringing the Japanese to the negotiating table - these are the usual arguments. The Japanese were themselves close to chaos, which is a further reason they had not agreed an end to the fighting. They couldn't agree among themselves.

Other reasons..? To show the Russians - to effectively start what became the Cold War. To test in a real situation, the new 'toy' that Oppenheimer had made. Each B29 with a bomb had 4 or 5 other B29's with it - of these, 1 was for photography, 1 was for measurements. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_bombings_of_Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki#Hiroshima

Why did they drop the 2nd bomb..? Well, the Japanese had not responded after the first one. But the 2nd one was a different type - it was the design they had tested, in the desert - the Fat Man. Cynically, I might suggest it was another toy.

Some quotes, from Robert Oppenheimer, who lead the Manhattan Project:

It cannot be un-created. This Genie is out of its Bottle.
The nightmare for us all, is a 'rogue' state, who is prepared to unleash one again.