A Basic Understanding Of Cuckold Relationships

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15 September 2014
A cuckold type of relationship is rare and very few people live this type of lifestyle. There are many challenges so only a few people manage to make it a success. In a cuckold relationship, a partner which tends to be the male, watches his wife/girlfriend engage in sexual relations with another man. The wife/girlfriend or in some cases the male partner will choose a man known as a cuckold bull to pleasure her.The male remains loyal while allowing his wife/girlfriend to fulfill her desires. The key pillars for those who want to make their cuckold relationship a success are loyalty and trust. Despite the fact that such a relationship poses a lot of challenges, it can sometimes strengthen the bond between the partners.

In order for this type of relationship to work, couples will have to make it their own. They discuss the parameters for their relationship and come to an agreement on how to move forward. Communication and understanding are other important factors necessary for a cuckold relationship to work well.

Some men engage in a cuckold relationship just to watch their partner with another. Others enjoy hearing how their lover enjoyed being taken by another while they watched. Those who like watching their partners having sex with another man have a right to participate in some way during the sex session. One of the ways in which they can be involved is by touching fondling, holding their partners’ legs etc. This lifestyle is not for everyone, as some men would hate the idea of their female partner making love to other men, while others get off on it. To each their own.

It is really important for the men in cuckold relationships to value their partner. Making the lady know that you love and value her will increase the bond between the two of you and her respect for you will increase. It is not advisable for one to have a cuckold relationship especially if there is no trust or if the relationship isn’t strong enough. Deciding to have a cuckold relationship will also depend on another important factor, your current sex life.

A larger percentage of cuckold relationships involve a man and a woman who have been married for a long time with cemented trust and understanding. They engage in such a relationship to satisfy a desire that they themselves are not able to give to their partner. Some people crave this type of lifestyle, but not all can endure. Be sure to communicate with your partner if this is the direction you wish to take your relationship. If you want to connect with other cuckold couples or to find a cuckold bull to make this a reality.
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We've enjoyed cuckolding on many occasions, it's essentially what got us into swinging, although living a cuckold lifestyle is a step beyond what is realistic to us. We're predominantly a swinging couple these days that enjoys some cuckold fun.
It certainly can bring a couple closer together in a similar way that swinging does but constant communication is key.
Cuckolding comes in many forms, it isn't all cock cages & humiliation. It can be as simple as just wanting to involve another man/men in your play.
Personally during cuckold play I enjoy Mrs making the size, how good it feels comparisons. But there is a degree of fantasy play during that as, like most couples, our most satisfying sexual partner is us.
If anyone wants to know a bit more about cuckolding feel free to message & we'll try to help

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My personal so called cuckold playtimes have not involved cuckoldry at all as a description, they have, and one still is,
been simply my playing with a woman, sometimes with her husband, sometimes not, sometimes he watches, maybe at their home
or she and I go to a club, no humiliation, we are all friends, she enjoys me, he enjoys knowing or seeing her have fun, they have been married
45 years and she is very attractive.We have been playing for about 5 years.
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