A Couples First Experience

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15 September 2014
My wife and I have been talking about our sexual fantasies for some time. She had indicated that she would like to try some very light bondage possibly, and that she would possibly like to have sex with another male. She asked me if that would bother me, and I indicated that I didn’t think it would as long as I was there when she did it.

I told her to allow me to think about it, and that we would discuss it again.

My wife and I had been married for many years, and it seemed like it was always just the same old sex thing. I thought that perhaps my wife was right when she indicated that she would like to have sex with someone else. We were married in our early twenties, and I believe she had more sexual experiences than I did at that time. Since we had been married, I don’t believe either one of us has had sex with anyone else, so the thought of watching my wife have sex with someone else, was titillating to me. I wasn’t exactly how well that I would respond to that, but I thought it might just be interesting to see what would happen.

Well, I thought about watching my wife with another man more and more, and I was trying to figure out just how we would go about that. I had not discussed it any further with her at this point, but I had decided that I wanted to try to make it happen.

I was talking with a friend at work, and told him about my wife’s request for the light bondage. He indicated that I was one lucky man, and that he had always wanted to try that himself. He said that he even went as far as buying some handcuffs to use on his wife, but that she really wasn’t into it, so he never used them. He offered to lend them to me, and I indicated that I would love to borrow them from him.

The next day, while eating in the lunchroom with my friend, he slipped me a small brown paper bag, and said that the cuffs were inside, and that I was to enjoy myself. The only thing he asked in return, was that I must tell him all of the details. I agreed to the terms without hesitation. I told him that I would use them this very night.

While my wife and I were lying in bed, I asked her if she wanted to try some of the light bondage that she had talked about. She indicated that she would be willing, but that she didn’t want to know what I had planned, but just wanted me to do it.

I had previously purchased a blindfold that I had tried to use to help me sleep during the daylight hours. I got the blindfold out and put it on her. I could almost immediately see the excitement in my wife building. She was now kneeling in the middle of the bed wearing the blindfold and her panties, and anxiously waiting to see what was to happen next.

I opened my nightstand drawer, and removed the handcuffs from the bag, and proceeded to cuff her behind her back.

She looked so sexy, kneeling on the bed with the blindfold and handcuffs in place, and just her black panties. She was totally in my control at that point.

I was totally naked at that point, and I was sitting beside her in the bed. I told her not to say anything, but to just enjoy herself. I was stroking her breasts, and her nipples were really hard, and she shivered as I touched them.

I reached down between her legs and played with her pussy, which was as wet as I had ever seen it. She just opened her legs slightly so that I could have better access to her pussy.

My cock was getting hard, even without any physical stimulation from my wife. I was excited thinking about having her any way that I wanted at this point.

As I was getting ready to take things to the next level, the phone rang. When I answered it, it was my friend from work that had given me the cuffs. He told me that he just realized that the key that he had given me for the cuffs was the wrong one, and that he would run over with the correct key.

I thanked him, and said that we would need the key as soon as he could get it over to the house. Fortunately, he only lived about a block and a half away, and said he would be right there.

My wife started to say something, and I stopped her before she could get it out, and reminded her that she was not to speak unless I told her it was ok. She nodded in agreement. I told her I had to go downstairs for a few moments, and that I wanted her to just sit there and think about all the fun that she is going to have.

I answered the door in my robe, and my friend came in and gave me the key. He was sorry if it caused me any problems, and asked how far I had gone with the bondage thing.

I told him that she was upstairs, blindfolded, and handcuffed, and waiting for me to tell her what to do next. As we discussed the situation, I was getting another erection, and I could see a growth in the pants of my friend. I told him that it looked like he was almost as excited about this, as I was, and he admitted that he was really turned on just by the thoughts of it.

I asked him if he wanted to come up and take a look at my wife, which he quickly agreed to. I told him to just be quiet and don’t say anything.

As we walked into the bedroom, I directed him to a chair in the corner of the room. He went and sat down in the chair. I sat next to my wife on the bed and again played with her pussy, which was still wet, if not wetter than it had been previously. I then proceeded to remove her panties, and laid her back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide open so that we had a great view of her pussy. I threw my wife’s panties over to my friend in the chair, and he immediately started to sniff at the crotch of her panties.

At that time, I thought just perhaps, tonight would be the night that my wife would get her fantasy fulfilled, and that she would get to fuck another man. As I looked over at my friend, I could see that he had dropped his pants, and was now masturbating in my wife’s panties. I whispered to him to remove all of his clothing, which he did without hesitation.

I was somewhat shocked by the size of his cock, since I am just an average sized guy at about six inches, and was at least a nine inch cock, and had more girth than I had. I thought wow, it’s a shame my wife can’t see what she was about to get in her, but that she will enjoy it anyhow.

I went over to my friend, and whispered that I would switch places with him, but that he wasn’t to talk to her at all. With that, I sat in the chair, and watched as my friend went back over to the bed, and knelt between my wife’s legs and proceeded to eat her pussy.

I could tell that she was totally into the mouth licking that she was getting, as she moaned almost every time his tongue touched her pussy.

My friend then moved up to her face, and started to rub his cock in her face. My wife was trying to find his cock with her mouth, and was soon sucking on his cock. I could see a strange look on her face, when she realized that this cock is too big to be my husband. It must have excited her even further as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, while he was playing with her soaking wet pussy. She just couldn’t get her legs open any wider, and had the same problem with her mouth. I could hear her gagging as my friend pushed his cock deeper into her throat, and then he would pull it out and rub it all over her face. She would struggle to find his cock with her mouth again, and continued to moan as he pounded her face with his cock.

My friend moved from her mouth to her pussy, and was running his cock up and down the lips of her pussy, which was apparently driving her crazy. I could see him pushing his cock into her pussy, and her moaning was getting louder, the further he pushed, until he was in all the way. He was pounding away at her pussy, and she was pushing her hips up to meet each of his thrusts.

I was about as hard as I had ever been, and went back over to the bed, and whispered to my friend that I wanted him to cum in her mouth while I fucked her.

He moved back up to her mouth, and started to pound away at it again. Once he was in her mouth, I got between her legs, and started to fuck her like she had never been fucked. It was at that point, that I knew that she now knows for sure that she is being fucked by two men.

I was able to reach around and undo the cuffs from her wrists, and she couldn’t wait to remove her blindfold. I couldn’t believe the look on her face, and she winked at me, as she removed the cock from her mouth, and was now jerking him off in her face as she was sucking on his balls.

I knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I told her to get up out of the bed, and to kneel beside the bed as the two guys stood in front of her. She reached up and was jerking off the both of us at the same time. It was a real vision, and I was totally enjoying it. She would take turns taking us into her mouth.

She was really working over my friend, as I could see that he was about to shoot his load of cum into her mouth. He grabbed both sides of her head, and was running her head up and down his cock as quickly as he could. I could hear my wife gagging as he pushed his cock further back into her throat. All the while, she kept jerking me off. I thought that I might have to cum on her face if my friend didn’t cum soon.

My friend began to shoot his load into her mouth, and she was doing the very best she could do to swallow everything she could, but it was pouring out the sides of her mouth.

I then turned her head to my cock, and forced my now hot and ready cock down her throat, and I also grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her face. With all of the warm cum still in her mouth, it didn’t take long for me to deposit my load, as I watched her still stroking my friends cock.

I shot just about everything that I had in me into her warm mouth, and she wouldn’t stop sucking until I was drained. By that time, my friend was hard again, and he indicated that he wanted to fuck my wife’s ass. She just smiled, and said have at it big boy.

I went back and took a seat by the bed as I watched my friend drag her to the side of the bed, and he was running his cock up and down from her pussy to her ass. He had lubricated his fingers, and was probing her ass while he pounded away at her pussy. Once she was ready, he pushed his cock up against her ass, and she pulled apart her cheeks, he entered her ass, and slowly slid the entire length of his cock up my wife’s ass. She was pushing back, and I could tell that she was enjoying the ass fucking that she was getting.

I could see my friend was preparing to cum in her ass, as he grabbed the sides of both cheeks and forced her ass up and down on his cock. All the time, she was playing with her clit, and I could see the wetness of her pussy.

My friend shot his load in her ass, my wife got to fuck another man, she got to try some light bondage, my friend got to fuck my wife, and I got to watch all the action. It couldn’t have been any better if I had planned out all the details.

My friend left, while my wife and I were just laying on the bed talking about what had taken place, and she was thrilled, and ready to do it all over again. My friend gave us the handcuffs and told us any time we wanted to use them and him again, to just give him a call.

Hopefully, there will be a sequel to this story soon.

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