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A Delicate Passion.

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by The-Gypsy-Tangerina, 27 September 2016.

  1. We had never met in person. Only seen each other in grainy photographs and short poor quality ****** messages.

    When she ran towards me at the airport and kissed me hard it was an incredible sensation. We were surrounded by people and yet the only thing I could feel was the lightness of her body against me and the warmth of her lips. We were nearly crying as we broke and giggled. The redness in her face matched by my sheepish smile.

    I grabbed her case and we walked as quick as we could to the car park. I remember her squeezing my hand tight and smiling at me all the time. Her green eyes sparking and watery. Her smile glowing.

    On the way to the hotel she sat as close as she could to me. Her perfume was a natural smell, like a honeysuckle with vanilla. It was subtle and I couldn't resist leaning in to her neck to smell it more. Her warmth was exciting and I was incredibly nervous and aroused.

    We stopped for wine in a small local shop before we got to the hotel. We were bother hungry and had decided to get things so we didn't have to leave the room. Standing in the queue to pay, with all the customers, I couldn't help standing close behind her.

    I began to breathe gently on her neck. She tensed a little with the awareness of others watching. I brushed her hair away and gently kissed her. She couldn't contain an "mmmm" which made the man in front turn around. She turned giving me a stern look with a smile that said, "not now but I want you."

    Back in the car we pounced on each other. Her body. Her shape against mine was incredible. I wanted her then as we tried to devour each other, frantically reaching beneat our clothing. The sound of a car horn and waving young men made us check again. By now the tension was almost uncontainable. I would have taken her then and she me but her shyness and sense of modesty was infectious.

    We drove the 15 minutes to the hotel with her breathing in my ear and running her hands across my chest, under my shirt and over my nipples. I was on fire. So frustrated. So eager to tear away the last barriers between us and be together.

    At the hotel we found our room was more a chalet. The owner seemed to spend eternity showing us every feature of the room. She even described the menu. We stood and nodded as I traced my finger under the back of her blouse across the delicate bumps in her spines and around to rest my warm palm on her waist.

    As the owner left, we pressed against each other. Shoes flew across the room. She held my face in her hands as she kissed me while I tried as carefully as I could to remove her blouse. We were naked for the first time in front of each other and I ddint care.

    The lights were still on. The curtainsame were dtill open. As she pressed me against the bed and climbed on top of me I lat upside down looking at the diners across the car park eating their expensive meals. I didn't care. She was slowly moving down around me.

    I moved my hands gently onto her hips to guide and encourage her. Everything I had held back from moving and thrusting and throwing her down to take her. Once inside, she sighed and started to move against me. Her hips slowly writhing as she pressed herself around me.

    We were teasing each other. Pushing ourselves to the limit. Her eyes were half closed as she started to breathe deeper and move quicker. I traced my fingertips across her back and along her shoulders circling them before finally moving yo feel the shape of her breasts.

    She moaned as I gently stroked her soft skin. I could feel her body tightening and my arousal intensifying. As slowly and as delicately as I could stand I traced my fingers around her areola. Feeling the smoothness and the approach of her climax.

    As I closed my fingers around her nipples she came and pressed her hands hard into my chest. Her nails unintentionally digging into my skin as she pressed me down into the bed. She was beautiful.

    It's a memory of passion and teasing that I've never forgotten. It's shaped a lot of my desires over the last few years. We came a lot more that night than I've ever remembered coming. Except with on person. But that is a story for another time.

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