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A year on the kink scene

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by Kikuchiyo, 15 November 2015.

  1. So I have been drifting in and out of the kink 'scene' for a year now. I have met some lovely people but I'm still not really sure how I fit into it all. I love kink and my various fetishes are a part of what makes me who I am but I don't know if the social side of it works for me.

    On the one had it has been so liberating to be open and honest about what I like, being able to wear latex in clubs without fear of judgement and to simply be myself is an amazing experience.

    However, even though most of the people I have met have been fantastic and genuine, there was been a growing number of run ins with people who have seen remarkably closed minded and in some cases downright rude. I should never for example, had to explain to one person on two occasions that I did not wish to be touched and that them doing so was inappropriate and unwelcome.

    So therein lies the rub, is it worth the hassle of dealing with a seemingly prominent minority of asshats to be able to enjoy being open about my kink or do I give it a miss and simply just enjoy it in private? At the moment I don't know, I shall possibly visit the Townhouse this Friday to see if it helps me answer that question.

    What do you all think? are you active on the kink / swinging scenes and if so what do you get out of it and how do you deal with the negative aspects?
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I can't comment too much really, but I find it sad that;
    1, people aren't respecting your boundaries
    2, people are being closed/narrow minded in what is supposed to be a liberated and open minded, non judgemental scene
    3, that you feel the need to explain anything.

    Bah. People! :rolleyes:
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  3. we have both had this kind of thing at events before, mostly with folk (men) who thought they could interrupt a play session, even one bloke who though it was ok to try to 'mount' a lady i had put in a bondage device ( he was drunk and subsequently ejected ). To be honest it happens, mainly when alcohol is involved, just be firm and tell them you don't want to be groped, but if they persist just report it to the event organiser and something will be done.
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  4. People amaze me. How dare they?
    It amazes me how many people think its ok to just reach out and kop a feel.
    Same as your personal space... people tend to assume, because you are kinky/a swinger etc..
    you have none.. love the way the "voyeurs" just cant resist a little feel.
    Sorry but if someone touched me uninvited.. let alone attempted to "mount" me?? What hell... im not a poodle!!
    Theyd be walking extremley awkwardly afterwards for quite sometime.
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  5. @meet_the_fockers i think that's just it, they think along the lines of "oh you're at a fetish/swinging do, that means you're up for it"

    Wrong, we are here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, not have to fight off every drunken cockwomble who gets a hard on, and goes looking for the nearest orifice, usually a firm word gets rid of them, but as @Mz-Zebo said, it completely destroys the play, and ruins the night too usually, so believe me @Kikuchiyo we completely understand your feelings.
  6. Hmm... I wonder if it was the same crossdresser who decided it was okay to fondle me uninvited, at the townhouse by any chance @Mz-Zebo ? (I must add that it was totally out of the ordinary for what is a very well run club!). As you say @zebo it ruined my night at the time as I felt I couldn't relax with this unwelcome shadow following me around.
  7. @Kikuchiyo if said crossdresser was about 6'6" in his heels, the physical contours of a pencil and had a face as wrinkled as a walrus's arse, with had a deep, rasping scouse accent, then its probably the same one, yes it was townhouse, but he was dealt with very swiftly by the management.
  8. @zebo ah, different one, was initially very civil and had claimed to have been around the scene for years, then proceeded to ignore what I thought to be one of the fundamental rules..
  9. @Kikuchiyo come on you i bought you a pressie on another thread :D
  10. Eh?! I don't think I'm getting all my notifications then, what thread?
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