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Adventures In Chastity #9, An Uexpected Thing Happend At A Munch, And Conclusion

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 8 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Day 27 in chastity. ZERO days since last orgasm. 9 since last ruined O.

    i went 32 days without experiencing an orgasm! But today i was payed £20 for a condom full of cum. I didnt think it fitting to have a propper perineum orgasm with a wand, after this long it would of been the best orgasm of my life. but i hadnt done my 30 days of chastity, and that was going to be my reward.

    So, i decided the best thing for me, my cum'stomer and the condom was to milk myself. i previously read on tumblr that if you hold a magic wand between the cock and balls it produce an amazingly strong and frustrating type of orgasm. So i did that, HOLY FUCK. the pure volume of fluid i passed, the pressure it was under as it was forced thru the back ring of my CD. It was one of the best orgasms of my life!

    I videoed it and am going to upload to twitter tonight.

    My cock was DEAD after, and was locked straight back up after the guy pealed my condom off my dead dick... im still horny!

    Day 31 in chastity 4days since last orgasm.

    Ok well thats my month up!

    Chastity now feels normal to me. That to have my cock locked way is just normal, to awake in cbt agony is just normal, to not be allowed orgasms and erections is just normal!!!

    I have really enjoyed my time in chastity, hated it at times too. Loved and hated the frustration and the pain.

    The not being able to use a urinal sucks, can imagine for men in chastity to a partner thats a big power play tho.

    This morning i awoke in agony.. put on tumblr... was in more agony and determined not to unlock even tho i could.

    Has this experience changed me? With regards to me as a person? dont think so. As a sexual person? I feel a lot more submissive when wearing it. i feel strong and confident, tho iam not the slave type anyway.

    Would i wear this again, in 4 weeks on 4 weeks off? Yes!

    Am i just going to finish Locktober???? YES LOL

    Day 33 in chastity. 2 days since last full orgasm

    Well, i went to the Manchester munch 2 days ago, and met a Lady Domme. A Domme who i am now 'trying to woo' even though im very out of practice at courting lol.

    But that night i subbed to her for the first time, and she really loved teasing me, and how much pain that caused me :) It was what I have been needing for a very long time, as a sub i think i have found my Domme.

    This morning when i locked my cock back up after the school run, i realised something. For the past 32 days i have been doing it for my own perverse pleasure, to now be doing it for my Empress's perverse pleasure is a very liberating feeling, very liberating indeed :)

    This Ds relationship lasted only 2 weeks, her poly long term bf dumped her, she freaked and finished with me.


    It is a lot of fun to keep yourself in chastity, but its nothing compared to someone else keeping you in chastity.

    after she dumped me I kept it off for a week, came when ever I wanted. they were lots of little ones and crap compared to the he ones I had experienced whilest in chastity. I have since put it back on :)
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