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  • Advice please?

    Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by SussexSwinger, 4 July 2015.

    1. Hi Guys, wonder if anyone out there can advise me on something?

      I have been chatting to and met socially with a lady (Not from here). She lives a fair distance from me and cannot travel or accommodate. I thought maybe, to book a hotel room, although it would be for daytime fun. Do hotels allow daytime bookings, does anyone know? Thanks xx
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      • Admin

        Admin Site Owner Admin

        Yes, as at the end of the day - you're paying for a room/service irrespective of what for.
        Just anticipate raised eyebrows when you leave early ;)
      • Thanks for that. Was thinking of a cover story. Hotel pretty near to an airport,. Tell then we've driven a long way and need a rest before catching a late flight? lol
      • Admin

        Admin Site Owner Admin

        Absolutely.! Sounds like a plan to me.. So yes, the two of you are going on a long haul to America or something, and yeah you both need rest :D
      • As corny as you like I think! :sneaky: I wonder how many times they've heard that one? :whistle:
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        • Admin

          Admin Site Owner Admin

          Most likely more times than we can imagine haha :whiplash:
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