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  • Advice.

    Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by Pink_sushi1893, 11 April 2018.

    1. We've been swinging on and off for the last few years. Have yet to meet a couple that we're able to continue lasting friendships.

      I know my husband loves me and it doesn't bother me the fact that we're having sex with others. I guess what more gets to me is that it seems like a hunt when we go out. He'll constantly persist to stay way late into the mornings if we haven't found a couple that night yet. He seems in a more playful and easy-going mood and personality when we are out for the night. Most of the time I feel we end up with some "couple" formed from an arrangement between two platonic persons.

      We've played with a handful of couples, some legitimate and others questionable though I want more of a connection.

      Personally, I don't care if we end up solely monogamous though I know he would be greatly disappointed, though would follow through with my decision. I've looked into polygamous relationships and feel that is something more of what would bring me fulfillment. I guess I'm just looking for advice and observations, no offense taken if it's brutally honest.

      Am I just being to judgmental and picky?
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      • Pearls

        Pearls Site Owner Admin

        Not at all, I was reading an article on line today about a woman in a relationship with four men, married to one of them and three other partners. She has been nick named Mrs crumpet :D
        Any way guys, welcome to the site, I am sure you will find what you are looking for ;)
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        • Not at all, kinda takes the fun out of it if he is always hunting and making do in some way.

          I think being a bit more open and honest with him about what you want from the experience and how you feel right now is best.
          Is there anything you want to try, maybe an mmf or just a soft swap and have others watch? If there is tell him and dont be scared to say ‘actually tonight I dont want to meet a couple I want this instead’
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          • Hey you lovely people, we are brand new to this site,, after an hour searching, we thought we would ask a question and see if you folk could help us out, basically the past 10 year, we've had a fuck buddy (male) who we trust and love and have had serious fun, it's been great, but we've talked want to step our game up, and not sure how what and who with, not shy, up for anything but wanna have fun, and suggestions would be appreciated, we know the obvious but we're not porn stars haha. .. Basically stepping away from what we know into a big world of what the fuck haha..
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            • Well the next step would be playing with some couples
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              • I would say nobody can answer that except you in both cases. Pink you have to tell your partner what it is you want to get from your meets and would suggest you will both have to be honest about what your wants and needs are. Plenty of room for all sorts in this lifestyle.
                35 look to your own wants and needs and that will show you the way - We have changed what we are looking for so many times as we think its all good fun.
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