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Are You Interested In Knowing More About Swinging And The 'lifestyle'?

Discussion in 'Swinging Chats - Public' started by Admin, 11 April 2015.

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    Are you interested in knowing more about swinging and the 'lifestyle'?

    Find out about the different types of couple swinging and some other useful information, that you should know about how to start swinging with your partner.

    How to start swinging with your partner.

    How do couples get involved in ‘the lifestyle’, and swinging?

    Why do couples swing in the first place?

    Our body and physical awareness is an amazing being in itself. Just as, if not more importantly, is our mental and social awareness, and want for interaction and social fitting.

    We have an insatiable appetite for at least one thing in life, be it food or intimacy, as examples.

    Leaving food on the table, we stray into a familiar territory to take a dig on an act of physical intimacy. Intimacy is a term stretched to every direction and now it’s slanting towards swingers and couples that want to start swinging.

    Swinging is becoming more and more popular. Whilst it was renowned for being part of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ – especially in the UK as well as the US, swinging itself actually dates back thousands of years. It is a primal instinct. Carnal.

    Swinging is a non-monogamous activity of physical intimacy treated much like any other social activity.
    Swinging can and is usually experienced as a couple, however swinging is also engaged by singletons both male and female of course.

    Swinging also has a deeply recreational perspective. Swingers indulge in intimate acts with someone other than one’s spouse/primary partner, with the full knowledge and consent of that person.

    Swingers have been thriving since the beginning of recorded time. In the era of flower power, swinging was a very “in-thing” and among the most popular “culture”. It has had different social standings through time, of course! The phenomenon of swinging may be seen as part of the revolution of recent decades.

    Swinging is like a sport for people who believe physical attraction is part of human nature and should be openly enjoyed by a committed or married couple.

    Typically, swinging activities occur when a married or otherwise committed couple engages in carnal activities with another couple, multiple couples, or a single individual. The most common method is an adult male and female couple, meeting other pairs for lovemaking and physical intimacy, and sometimes ongoing intimate relationships. The activity may occur at a swing party, a couple-to-couple encounter, a liaison, or with a third person in a threesome.

    During these events, swingers acknowledge lovemaking as a game and participants as team-mates. There are few ground rules, but none etched in stone. The prominent carnal activities, but definitely not limited to, are several to mention, but a few of the most popular ones include:


    It is the form of pleasure which involves making out with a partner while being watched by at least one other person.


    Watching others doing or performing the big bang. It is acceptable in the group event, but not in private areas.

    Soft Swap

    It involves kissing and stroking and the basics in a blowjob or stroking and touching the lady down under… with multiple partners. This can be indulged during the threesome, group romp, or while swapping partners.

    Full Swap

    This is to have penetrative physical sex with someone other than one’s partner. The idea is almost the definition of swinging, but not necessarily the same.

    Group Game

    This term signifies the activities involving multiple players in the same lay-out. It usually defines a group of four or more people interacting physically. The most common is two couples, although it can be any gender of four or more people.

    Ménage a Trios

    Also known as threesomes, this is one of the most common methods of starting in the swinging lifestyle for beginners. A lot of couples will carry on with threesomes long after they become an integral part in swinging. In this, all three involved people interact with each other in bed.

    Extreme Measures

    These include things such as spanking, bondage, and water sports. The majority of these are very uncommon at most swingers’ parties unless the hosts have chosen a theme for the night, in which case you will be notified well before the night of the party.


    People of the same gender interacting with each other sexually. This is much more common between women than men, but it doesn’t mean every woman will indulge in it. Bisexuality between men is extremely rare in the swinging community, and is usually frowned upon if not organised prior, and is usually preferred in a separate area.

    Are you already a member and would you like to contribute to this? Do you have thoughts and experiences that would suit the article?

    If so - share your thoughts and points of view! :)
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    • Lace

      Lace PV

      I agree trust is most important,I think most couples would have at some point had issues xx
    • Lips_Pearls

      Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

      I kinda disagree with the last part. I think most people would have had troubles at some point, if they were NOT open and honest.
      So I agree, but don't.. it's semantics really mwah x ;)
    • The best advice I would give to anyone thinking of trying swinging is Do Not Rush It! If your a couple take your time looking around at the lifestyle. Talk to each other about your want's and worries and be totally open about it with each other. Communication between you is VERY important to start and always. Secrets will always come out and usually badly. Start with an organised social and see how you feel from there.
      Then have a fantastic time!!!! :surprise:
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      • I agree with a lot of stuff on here. There must be rules set before hand and an understanding between the two. There also must be an ability to adjust to the environment. If the club or establishment you go to does not meet the picture in your mind you have to have the ability to adjust to your location. If not, you will just have a horrible time. So it takes a lot of openness on the couple as well.
        Last edited: 8 July 2015
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        • Admin

          Admin Site Owner Admin

          Absolutely and totally agree on this. The boundaries are crucially important. :)
        • Absolutely. Set boundaries and stick to them. If you decide to change them over time discuss it and agree new ones together.

          If one of you is having issues or feels unsure about something, Communicate! bring it out in the open and discuss it straight away. Don't suppress issues as they will just grow.

          Above all else be honest with each other always!!!!(y)

          Do this and you will be able to enjoy yourselves a lot more.:D:surprise::oral-to-completion:
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          • The-A-Team

            The-A-Team PV Sprtr

            Excellent Advice !!!! xxxxxxx and SO VERY TRUE !!!! :arse:
          • Admin

            Admin Site Owner Admin

            Do you find though that the goalposts move quite a bit?
          • DiamondJoe

            DiamondJoe PV Sprtr

            Oh yes... I was in a situation once where certain boundaries were agreed with a couple and while I didn't exceed those limits, it was perfectly clear to everyone that he would quite happily.

            They must have had an interesting conversation the next day :D
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            • Admin

              Admin Site Owner Admin

              I bet they did! :sneaky:
            • DiamondJoe

              DiamondJoe PV Sprtr

              And on the other hand, when someone says they 'Have no limits', that kinda bothers me.

              I mean, really? So if you're granny was coming towards you in a gimp suit with a double dildo in one hand and a barely constrained alsatian on a lead in the other, you'd be ok with that...? :eek:
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              • Admin

                Admin Site Owner Admin

                Indeed Joe, never quite grasped the whole - "We have no limits" thing either..
                When asked then do they like "XYZ" it's often, no errr not really tried that and don't think it's for us. :D
              • DiamondJoe

                DiamondJoe PV Sprtr

                I think people should have limits! It's kinda healthy!
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