Are you struggling with an aspect of Swinging

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Just as a reminder for the newer members that have started, I am here in the background LIVE for the majority of the day and evening, and by private message if not,
  1. Is something niggling you with an aspect of swinging ??
  2. How should you act on a first meet ??
  3. If we all click, how do we get to the sex stage ??
  4. Even things personal and non swinging related !!
  5. Whatever your problem big or small,
it's not silly, nor embarrassing to me, my service is confidential, and free, all you have to do is ask !!
I have a massive personal knowledge base through years of Swinging, and have other resources if needed, for things outside my personal knowledge, but I can't help if you don't ask !!

Regards @ShhhAgonyAunt


15 September 2014
What a beautiful idea! Thank you for being here for people to turn to! Swinging is not always an easy step to take so it's good to know that there's someone here to talk to. :D
Absolutely! It was asked for by a member and after some discussions and thoughts, we decided to go for it and in all fairness, the service has helped quite a few people here already.

It's still on trials, but I should suspect the service will remain here for the long haul. :) x
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