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At Work - A Short Story

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by BelleGlaschu, 20 April 2016.

  1. So years ago me and some friend make a secret group on Facebook to share the porn stories. As you do. This was my first and only submission. It takes a wee while to get going. Got to set the scene and all that writery type stuff.....

    "Jeez, this place is sooooo unorganised!" exclaimed Rosie, as she looked through the cupboard. "No teabags, no biscuits and no marshmallows!" She looked at her colleague, who shrugged at her.

    "Fine, I will go and get them myself. Its not too busy, thankfully," she crossed over the floor of the cafe to where her team-leader was standing wiping listlessly at a table.

    "Are you ok, Suzanne?" she asked? Suzanne looked at her and jumped slightly. "Gosh, I was away in a world of my own! Sorry, Rosie, what did you want?"

    Rosie stared at Suzanne hard. She obviously had something on her mind, but to be honest, Rosie couldn't be bothered dealing with someone else's problems today, she was in a good mood and wanted to stay that way. She could feign interest, but it was always the same with Suzanne anyway, menopause or hubby. She dived straight in with work issues.

    "Is Mary-Anne in today? We need some stock up, but if she is in obviously we can't get it ourselves and I will have to make a list of what we need. Otherwise I could just go and get it myself, and make sure there is enough stock to do a few days without having to get the guys from the warehouse to get it for us."

    Suzanne patted her on the arm. "Thankfully, she isn't in today, she is having a long weekend. Go and get all the stock you can manage to find, I'll maybe be able to find one of the boys to come help you bring it up in about 20 minutes or so."

    As Rosie walked away, she wondered if she would actually need a "boy" to help her, and to be honest, they weren't boys anyway. Ok they were mostly young and at university, working in the Cafe just to make a bit of drinking money, but she had seen some of them on nights out, and "boys" they definitely weren't. She had no personal experience, she was married with kids, but she had seen how they all managed to find a nice young thing when they were on nights out, and she heard the stories the next time they had a shift together. It seemed to her that the guys liked to be able to brag to someone they knew wouldn't be judgemental in their opinion, and she looked on them as her younger brothers. They could also come to her to ask her advice, or help them with a problem. She liked working with them. It made things interesting.

    She walked onto the floor in the food section, and because there were a lot of fridges for all the fresh food the store sold, it was quite cold. She was glad she had put on her fleece. Now, they had a different kind of staff down here. Some of the "young boys" were actually closer to her age here. And she wasn't as close to the guys here either, so when she bumped into Mitchell she allowed herself to take a good look at him, and managed to get in a feel of his arms, by making out she was trying to stay upright and grabbing him. A secret thrill ran up her body. Now HE was a man! He had muscly arms, she guessed from heaving about all the trays from the produce section. That was a work out and a half! she had done it before herself for a few years before moving to the Cafe. He had baby blue eyes, and dark hair, but he had a lovely crinkly smile that he was giving her now and she realised she must have held on to him for too long. She smiled back.

    "Are you sure I can let go now, you aren't going to drop that are you?!" She laughed, trying to make it sound natural and not too girly giggly. It worked, it seemed.

    "No, I think I have it. unless you want to take it?" He was still smiling at her when they heard his name being called by the Team Manager. Grant walked up quickly, and asked if they were ok, in a very genuine way, unlike some managers, thought Rosie to herself. They said they were, and as Rosie walked away, she heard Grant ask Mitchell if he would maybe go and check some of the stock in the underground holding area. What I wouldn't give to be going to the UGH with him, thought Rosie. Various scenarios started to play through her mind as she went through the back to start looking for the stock that she needed. She realised what she was doing was probably not a good thing, but well, it was only in her head, its not like it would actually happen.

    Rosie was still looking for stock five minutes later when Mitchell came strolling around the corner and spied her climbing shelves to reach the tea bags.

    "Hey, you better not let Grant or the stock guys see you doing that, you monkey!" He called. She jumped as she hadn't heard him coming.

    "What am I meant to do? Where has the ladder gone?" She asked.

    "Here, let me do it. Don't want you to fall and break your neck now do we? Although they do say die young - leave a good looking corpse", he started to scale the shelves beside her.

    "Or, in this case, die almost middle-aged, and they won't know what has decomposed before or after death!"

    "Shut up! You are still a young and very attractive girl. One day, though you may find you have gotten a bit older, and that things may go down hill from there. It happens to the best of us, but you I can see will grow old gracefully."

    "Is that meant to be a compliment?!" Rosie asked with a twinkle

    "Er, hmm, I maybe didn't put that too well. You aren't old, and you are still very attractive. I'll stop there, as I got in to trouble last time when I went further!"

    Well, thought Rosie, I think I may push my luck. It was a totally spontaneous response.

    "I knew what you meant, I think. Thanks! You aren't so bad yourself. In fact, from what I managed to catch earlier, I was very impressed. Do you work out?" To Rosie, it sounded really contrived, and she thought he'd see through it immediately. He smiled back at her with a slight twist to his smile.

    "Well, thank you, yes I do. I do think that its good for the body and mind to have a little exercise now and again. I like to exercise the brain by reading, but I like to do a little physical work too." It was definitely starting to sound like flirting to Rosie. She stepped back a little to get the measure of him. She looked him over deliberately.

    "Well, it certainly suits you. You couldn't maybe come down into the yard area and help me with my stock there as well, could you? I could do with a bit of muscle. But be gentle, I don't want any broken crockery!"

    "Lead the way, boss lady" He smiled again, this time a full grin, and Rosie's legs went a little wobbly. What the fuck? she thought, with a cheesy grin. Why am I flirting with him?

    Grant came striding around the corner, calling Mitchell's name. Not again, Rosie groaned inwardly. She stopped, as Grant strode up and asked where Mitchell was going. He explained what he was doing, and Grant asked if he wouldn't mind coming and checking a couple of things for him, then he could help Rosie? Please? "It will only take a minute max" Grant said. As he was one of the few managers that treated people decently, Mitchell looked at Rosie with an apologetic face, spread his hands in an "what can I do?" gesture and walked away with Grant.

    "2 minutes!" shouted Rosie to their retreating backs. She wasn't hopeful, and wondered why she felt so disappointed. She put on a hi-vis vest and proceeded down the stairs into the yard where the trucks arrived to disgorge all the top quality food, stored chilled. It was the height of summer and was really warm, so Rosie took off the vest when she got down to the shelving area. It was cordoned off, so she didn't really need the vest there. Oh, and there was the big ladder, so she got right to work, finding all the cups, teapots plates and glasses she could find. Of course lots of the stock was on the top shelf, and she didn't like heights, so she took a big breath and went up.

    As she went up, she realised, she had come out with no panties on. What if Mitchell were too .... nah, wasn't going to happen. She was a mum who had not washed her underwear, but all the kids clothes, and Hubby's, were clean. That was the main thing. It was slightly embarrassing how it had happened, she genuinely had forgotten to add her underwear to the wash! Kids made you forget important stuff sometimes.

    Just as she was getting to the top and mentally chiding herself for getting worked up about things, she heard a whistle. And someone calling her name quietly. She wondered why he was trying to sneak up on her.

    "Up here!" she said in a normal voice.

    "Ah, ok, but don't tell anyone I am here with you alone. Don't want a reputation! Or you, for that matter, I mean you don't want one. Anyway, er, what, er, em, what are we looking for?" She looked down to see him looking desperately around. She wondered why, then thought - Oh My God!! He's looked up! And has seen up my dress! Her face flamed. As long as I don't let on she thought, it'll be fine.

    "You need to come up here and help me with this box of teapot lids" she directed in a quiet voice. He climbed up the ladder, trying not to look at her.

    He climbed right up to the step below hers, his body pressing unconsciously into the ladder, and her. She bent at the waist slightly, but realised if she wanted to move away from him, that was the wrong thing to do. She started to tell him the box she wanted was near the back, but she faltered when she felt the bulge dig into her, hard. She tried to carry on, but her breathing started to get heavy and she realised that she was leaning back onto him a little.

    "I am really sorry, Mitchell. I am little nervous of heights, and I may have to get down" She hoped that it might sound like a reasonable excuse, as she didn't know how "Sorry, your massive hard-on is making me really excited and I want to fuck you now" would sound. In return, he grunted what might have been an "ok", and moved a little. It didn't make it any easier for her as when me moved he ground his pelvis into her. That just made her moan.

    "Oh, sorry, hold on, I'll get you down" He sounded a little gruff to her and she tried to turn a little, but it was no use. Whatever they did was going to end up making both of them very excited, but the thought of that just excited Rosie more. She was just so wet now. As Mitchell stepped down a couple of steps, she realised he would be inches from her pussy and she couldn't stop moaning again at just the thought of what he could do while he was there. She moved again and her legs parted slightly, as his hands brushed down the outsides of them. She heard his worried voice, but was too far into her own little electric paradise, that she didn't know what he was saying. she leaned her elbows on the top of the ladder, sticking her ass out slightly. He moved back up the ladder to check on her, brushing up against her in all sorts of tantalising ways. She gasped, as his hand brushed the skin on her calf, then the back of her knee. She wondered how she was going to talk her way out of this one, when his voice and breath near her neck, and the solicitous hand on her back, made her jump almost. She was so sensitive right now! He leaned into her and asked if she was still ok, and his breath flowed gently on her skin, the light pressure on her back felt like she was holding up a vast wall. She couldn't focus on any one thing, ans she groaned quite loudly.

    "Shh, its ok, I'll get you down, don't worry" he said. His voice was still gruff, and she could feel his huge, hidden cock, and she decided she couldn't take much more.

    "Its not the height, that's doing this, its you! And that" she reached round and rubbed him through his trousers. He moaned almost as loudly as her.

    "Shit oh, that's good, but stop! I have a girlfriend!" he moaned softly.

    "So? I have a husband and kids! But this is just sex, and it would be good sex too. just do it, please, or touch me, or something! I need this now!" She carried on rubbing as they talked softly in each others ears.

    "No one will find out?" he asked. "No one", she replied, rubbing harder. At that moment, an alarm went off, signalling a truck approaching with its food delivery.

    "Shit, get off the ladder and get over there, behind the other shelves. they can't see them from the truck, or the loading bay" he instructed. As he was heading down the ladder, he slipped his hand up her dress and gave her thigh a quick squeeze. she stopped and moaned again.

    "Don't, no more teasing." She made her way over to the shelves and was about to turn when Mitchell stopped her, pushed her gently onto the shelves and said, "this isn't a tease". He got on his knees, pushed her legs apart and started to lick and bit at her inner thighs. He teased her labia, wouldn't touch her clit, even when she took his head and guided his tongue towards it. God, she thought, he really knows how to drive a woman wild. I knew he wasn't a boy! She leaned back, let him lick and wrapped her legs around his neck. She was sitting on the shelf, so she leaned back further so he could get right at everything. He kept licking and sucking and biting, then flicked her clit very gently. She nearly broke his neck as her legs spasmed, so he unwrapped her legs and carried on flicking on her clit and then he tried to see how far into her his tongue would go. She started to writhe and moan harder, at which point he clamped his hand on her mouth.

    With her skirt riding up higher and higher, he figured he might try and see if she was wearing a bra. it didn't look like it, but he lifted her dress up and looked anyway. There were 2 totally uncoupled mounds of pliable flesh, just ripe for playing with. he looked at her as she moved and writhed about on his tongue. He knew he was good at these things, it looked as though he was better than he thought. She was so easy to get as well. A little attention and she as melting at the sight of him. Mind you, she did things to him too. She was getting a good tonguing right now, but she could move, and just imagine that hot little pussy squelching up and down on his cock. The thought made him want to rub it all over her, but not yet. He continued licking, sucking and nibbling at her juicy wet cunt, which tasted good too. He rubbed his face up and down it, getting her juice all over him. This is what he was going to do to her. he started to insert a finger while rubbing her clit with his nose and licking the rest of her, then two fingers. Then he tried 3. He thought fuck it, and tried to get his whole hand in, she spread her legs further apart, bent her knees, and in it went. Its slid in almost to the wrist. She writhed on his hand, moaning and groaning.

    "Oh my god, is that your whole hand? That's fucking unbelievable, your whole hand is in my vagina?! oh fuuuck! I think I am going to cum" She shut her eyes, and he started to lick her clit harder as she started to writhe more and he could feel her muscles closing around his fingers and hand. It was the strangest, but the biggest turn on to him. He bit her gently as she ground her clit into his face again.

    "Go on, fucking suck it, god just rub it and suck it and bite it go on bite my clit, eat my pussy, move your hand inside me" She moaned and moved and he wiggled his fingers inside her. That was it, she started to judder and the muscle spasms got fiercer. She started to buck and pulled him in closer. She held his hair tightly, mashing his face into her juicy wetness as the release came and ran down his arm.

    She took a while, but stopped eventually. She let him stand up, said thank you and started to pull down her dress. He looked at her. She looked at him and smiled.

    "Is it your turn?" She grinned at him. He stood there with her juices running down his face and arm and she couldn't help but laugh. "What do you look like?" she said. "Of course its your turn! I wouldn't say fuck off, not after you doing something that incredible for me! What would you like me to do?" She took a step towards him, and he looked down. She reached for his belt, and his zip, with her hands, and licked her juices off his face. "Mmmmmm", she said, "I'll bet yours taste just as good". They kissed, her moving her tongue around, lapping up as much of her juices as possible. He tried to push her away, but realised the futility of that.

    "I guess if you are going to suck my cock, there's no point getting prudish about kissing, is there?" He said quietly. She smiled and shook her head. Her hair had come out of the ponytail earlier, but she righted it so it was out of her eyes, and he immediately grabbed it and forced her head down. She knelt, and released his straining hard on. "Oh, its really big" she said in genuine surprise. He forced her to eat his cock before she could say anything else. Then he sighed and moaned at the same time. His girlfriend had been away for a while and he needed some release anyway. This was better than doing it at home by himself, and this woman DID know how to do it. Oh she was good.

    Rosie was happily bobbing up and down on Mitchell's cock. She did it slowly to tease him and draw out the experience, then would go faster, he seemed to like the different speeds. She wanted to keep him going for as long as possible, she liked the look of his penis and it tasted yummy. It was big and purple and was slightly oozing pre-cum already. She worked him with her hand for a minute, then put her lips around it again and pumped it hard, she tickled the tip with her tongue and when he seemed to be breathing too hard, she would stop for a few seconds. When he forced her to put his cock back in her mouth, she guessed that he was ok again for a while. She licked him, up the shaft, then down, and bit his balls gently. She rubbed them, and then pumped hard on his dick with her mouth again. He moaned again, and she stopped, rubbing him gently instead.

    "I am going to cum soon," he almost whispered. She stood up, took off her dress and stood there naked except for her shoes. "What?" he asked. I want you to either fuck me from behind and cum on my back, or fuck my tits and cum on them" she told him. "Tits" he replied. "Ok, from behind the next time," she said matter of factly. There was no doubt they would both do it again, this was too good not to repeat. She got back on her knees and started to rub his dick between her breasts. They were big round lovely swinging breasts, and as he hadn't done much more than look at them the last time, he took big handfuls and squeezed them together, rubbing the nipples until they were as hard as bullets. Meanwhile, Rosie was rubbing up and down his shaft with her tits, licking and grabbing his dick with her teeth. Mitchell couldn't believe how good it felt, until Rosie said, "hands and knees, now" so he got into position on the concrete floor. She lay under him and pressed her breasts together and told him to thrust. It felt a bit weird, but good too. There was so much he wanted to try out with this woman, but he couldn't concentrate right now.

    "I am going to cum, Rosie," he told her breathlessly. She got on her knees, and opened her mouth. She continued to rub, but told him to watch for the cum shot. He got a massive kick out of watching his sperm arc out of his body, onto, into and through her face, mouth and hair. He'd never had such a load cum out of him before, and he certainly didn't normally watch it as it spewed onto someone's face. As he watched, he came on her eyes, in her mouth, on her tongue and in her hair and down her neck, and it just seemed to keep coming. It went over her breasts and seemed to stop. She rubbed it into her skin, and ran her hands through her hair (which had come out of the pony again). She looked amazing, all wet, sticky, drippy and gleaming. And naked, in work, in view of the van driver who had watched it all. She turned to the van driver, beckoned him over. He got out of his cab and it was instantly noticeable that he'd been watching. He had a massive hard-on too. Mitchell looked at Rosie.

    "Will I stay and watch?" He smiled. She nodded. "And don't think I won't want to do that again, cos I do!" she grinned. Before she could turn around, the van driver came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kneading her sticky breasts.

    "Oh, please, I want you to fuck me from behind, no talking!" She said. Van man undid his trousers, and bent her over. He plunged straight in, and she gasped loudly. "Oh god yes, fuck me, hard!" She moaned, watching Mitchell the whole time. As she was getting pounded by the van man, who started to slow down to stop himself coming too soon, she watched and waited for Mitchell. Who slowly but surely got hard again. She and van man lowered themselves down slowly to the ground, until she was on all fours. Mitchell couldn't help himself, he knelt and put his cock in that very fuckable mouth of Rosie's. Rosie Couldn't believe that she was getting fucked by some strange van driver, whilst covered in another man's sperm, who had then decided to fuck her mouth. She was getting slow, hard thrusts from the back, and the same from the front. And she was covered in sticky white cum. She leant on her elbows to get a better hold on the dick in her mouth. She was so lucky to be able to fuck Mitchell, he was such a nice guy and such a good shag. She was going to cum to work in no undies more often.

    Van man was taking it easy, but that's not what Rosie wanted. She stopped sucking Mitchell, turned around and told the van man to lick her for a bit, while she repositioned Mitchell. He was in more of a hands and knees position, so he joined in the licking. Rosie was getting close to coming again so asked van man to resume fucking her, with one leg up to make sure he was grinding against bone. She wanted to feel the whole length of him when he entered her. And she did, right in as deep as he could go. It was hard to moan with a big huge cock in her mouth too, but she somehow managed. Mitchell continued to lick her clit and around her labia, accidentally licking van man sometimes too. She saw this and it got her more excited. She started to cum in great crashing waves, she took Mitchell's penis out of her mouth and rubbed it while she moaned and squealed. As she rubbed it, she could feel a little pre-cum on her hand, and thought he's incredible! He's going to cum again! She flipped over, got van man to fuck her harder from behind and sat up on his cock. She ground down into his lap and rubbed Mitchell close to the point again. He came again, spurting his seed all over he face again. Not as much this time, but he pulled her head around and got it all over her face. The grunting and groaning from behind signalled van man's closeness, so Rosie got off him and asked if he wanted her face, tits or her cunt. He grunted "cunt", so she lay down and let him wank over her body. He stopped wanking and grabbed at her tits and cunt and worked them briefly, as he said it would make him cum more, and she wanked him instead. He couldn't hold on any more, and started to moan loudly. "Fuck yeah, Fuck yeah, fuck me fuck" he repeated. As he got louder, he got closer, so Rosie stuck his cock in her mouth, and bobbed. Once, twice and that was enough. She could feel his jizz start to fill her mouth, so she opened her mouth and let it dribble down her, as he continued to spurt over her body. With a final release, and moan, his cum dripped down her body, and into her little delicate pussy. He traced a finger down her body, pushing more of it down and letting his sticky digit creep through her hair and briefly flick her clit.

    Rosie sat back a bit, with her legs open. "Its not quite made it to my cunt, but its close", the two guys looked at her lips with only her own juice slipping down them. They quickly both started to wank again, as Rosie started to fondle herself. She used spunk that was dripping down her chin to help her fingers slide about her labia, and she used the fluids on her body too. It didn't take both guys long to get hard and get close to the point of coming, watching Rosie fingering her own wet open lips and sliding her own fingers in and out of her hole was such a turn on. As they got close, they both got down on their hands and knees and Rosie sat back on her elbows, She wanted to see how much of a load she would get splashing over her most intimate parts that had been fairly well used in the last .... as the guys both came, she realise that her and Mitchell had been away for ages. They were lucky that no one had been sent to look for them. She got distracted then by the hot shooting stream of white jizz that squirted over her open legs, soaking her thighs and labia, down her clit which was massively engorged still, and down past her hole. It travelled around and past her anus, tickling her there with a suggestion for next time she met Mitchell. Would he like to fuck her in the ass maybe? That was for next time. Just now, she was going to revel in the feel of hot sticky semen running down her legs from two different guys, slowly dribbling down her body and in her hair.

    She was going to walk funny and her dress wouldn't sit right when she got dressed. Oh well, work was work. Try explaining THAT to Suzanne!
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  2. Blimey? Its very warm.. around here!
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  3. I'm quite proud of the filth I can imagine when required.
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  4. Dirty biatch... ;) x
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  5. wish I could write stories like that (y)
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  6. Pearls

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    Phew.... :p:sneaky:xx
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  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Bloody hell, almost reminds me of me with the staff.. well, almost.. :D :eek:
    Excellent writing....
    never had this published elsewhere? You should think about writing more... ;) x
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  8. Wow that's a hot one to say the least....shouldn't have read it first thing in the morning going to be a hard day lol xxxx:p:p
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  9. Staff? Good god man...
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    Isn't @Pearls staff? :sneaky: :D ;) x
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    Tea maker more like x
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