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Benefits of Cuckold Lifestyle for Couples

Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by Admin, 26 March 2015.

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    Admin Site Owner Admin

    Are you facing troubles in the bedroom? Did you know that there are benefits of a cuckold relationship? One of the major defects of facing an incomplete sex life is that it places a major strain on your relationship. Several couples in the world tend to visit psychologists just for analyzing the issues arising due to certain circumstances within the relationship. If it has something to do with being satisfied sexually, perhaps shifting to an alternate lifestyle is a better option? Welcome to the world of cuckold couples where major activities of sexual intimacy take place with another individual. Wife swapping has become a popular trend which is more or less considered a form of recreation where the husband watches his wife participate in oral/physical sex with another partner. Couples willing to experiment by reading and watching cuckold erotic stories can easily be influenced by this alternative lifestyle.

    Advantages of Cuckold Lifestyle

    The world might obey the old rituals of love and marriage but there are couples in the world that prefer to be slightly experimental. If you’re bored of your old sex life and wish to try something new with your partner, swinging should definitely be on the menu. For couples who can feel comfortable and aroused while watching their beloved being physically intimate with another person demands major amount of trust. A cuckold lifestyle consists of a husband with an adulterous wife however this kind of lifestyle is definitely new and inspiring. It might not be the conventional relationship you expect but the concept of experimenting with sex with another individual while being watched by your spouse can certainly be a turn-on for several couples.

    The kind of communication you need for this kind of lifestyle is brilliant and open. If you can easily get physical with another individual then you’re calling for immediate freedom and space. Such a relationship if possible can easily remove all kinds of communication gaps that may exist between two people. While swinging has become a popular trend it is also a sexual fetish that has caught the attention of many couples. It is one of the ideal forms of improving your sex life and in this manner increasing chances of talking to your spouse. If you’re participating in cuckold lifestyle, both partners must be absolutely calm, patient and understanding. This attitude can change your relationship completely.

    Having a monogamous relationship can be quite boring but if you’re trying new doors, you might just impress your lover. In fact the very idea behind experimenting is to introduce oneself to different tactics in bed. Swinging is an alternative lifestyle that supplies intelligent knowledge with respect to sexual activities. The fun and recreation you will experience while watching your spouse being intimate with someone else can open your mind to new ideas. It benefits the relationship by building a line of trust and security. By being honest with your partner about such a lifestyle ensures that you don’t face insecurity issues in the future. In fact there is no shame in being experimental when it comes to sex especially if your partner is interested as you.

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    • I enjoy being in a cuckold relationship with my husband. It allows me to enjoy other men, with my husband just watching, then of course cleaning us up after. I do get to enjoy other men that are larger in cock size than my husband, for that added pleasure. It allows me to fulfill my sexual curiosity for other men.
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      • I've been the other guy with a cuckold couple a few times and it was difficult to understand at first how any man would want to see his wife with another man, in fact the first time I was a bit worried what the reaction would be. I eventually realised that the couples must have a very secure relationship to allow it to happen and to be confident that the woman wouldn't see the 'grass as greener' on the other side. I have found that me being involved has brought the couples closer probably, I'm very respectful and aware that I'm privileged to be asked to be so intimate with someones wife. I think sometimes the reason that husbands get so turned on watching their partner is that they themselves are not under any pressure to satisfy them, me as the other guy gets that 'job' and they can then make love to their wife and enjoy themselves know she has already be satisfied. On the other hand their are also some very kinky and 'odd' guys who get off on seeing what is almost their partner being 'abused', I've soon spotted them and bailed out though!
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        • Looks like you have taken the time to have a good understanding of this. A good understanding of what it is other people require from you will get you further I think(y)
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          • Pearls

            Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

            Its an interesting topic and one that i have never experienced and dont think i would tbh,
            but if it works for some and thats the kink for them then go for it and have fun xxx:love:
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            • Admin

              Admin Site Owner Admin

              It is an interesting topic and something that in my opinion (dealing with a lot of data/traffic requests etc) is on the increase.
              More and more people are enjoying and choosing to explore the cuckolding lifestyle. ;)
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              • Never done it but after many discussions with my wife I know I am a cuckold and We definitely know who we want first on the site and so does he
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                • We do enjoy the cuckold thing, but everyone has their own definition.
                  I was not unhappy with my sex life with my husband. Over time we started swinging some, and he realized his need or desire. He was always watching me instead of paying attention to the female of the couple we were swinging with. So we decided it was best for me to have others and for him to watch.
                  I think we are just very secure with each other. I dont think sexual performance is any basis for a long lasting loving relationship though. I certainly would not switch mates over which one was "better" at sex. I really dont think in those terms, and when someone asks me if my lovers are better ... i shrug.. i dunno.. but they were fun :)
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