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Bra and nix

I (Lou) hate wearing a bra but my boobs are too big not too. You don't get many pretty sets in my size either 🙁🙁

I always wear Nix that cover everything 😂😂 if we are going out or having a "Meet" i do have some nice pretty nix to wear 😂😂
I know that feeling, one shop does not do my size, ive tried on their sizes and well might cover one nipple
no sets either
bra tops are okay for me
and no lads they are not heavy
if anyone wishes to donate to the bra and nix fund for us all...swing over here!


Swansea UK
It’s fair to say that Thongs are fantastic but I do also have a bit of a thing for ladies in Bridget Jones’s 😜......did I say that out loud:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Real nix you mean. What is the attraction to a bit of string? My ma used to say only certain women wore them. It stuck and would never wear a thong. Dirty things and unattractive, my opinion :D