Buying a Car from a Dealer.....

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OK, so post your horror stories - or good experiences, with Car Dealers.....!

I was offered a Jaguar XF to borrow for half a day..... Just drive it.... said the salesman....! :D
(great offer, but I didnt like the XF.... Sorry...) I was also nearly charged a 'deposit' £1000, to see & drive an Audi A5 - because it wasnt at 'my' dealers...... ??? (I declined.....) And it took a VW Dealer 1 month to get me a set of mats, for my Scirocco... (n)

So... Good Or Bad.... Post away...!! Fabulous Fords, or Pathetic Peugeots, Audacious Audis or Rusty Renaults...... :rolleyes:
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18 July 2015
No horror stories here as we have always bought brand new and change every 3 years, my first car was a fiesta which I bought second hand and I think it took a month to smash up then Mr Admin bought me my first audi and never looked back, so very boring im afraid xx:love:
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11 August 2015
No problems with car dealers but have had problems with hire cars. I used to hire cars quite often when working and this particular time I was driving to Reading. The car was delivered, a Meriva. So off I went, got onto the M53 which was busy so the traffic was crawling along. Then onto the M56 where the traffic flow started to speed up so I pulled into the outside lane, changed up from 4th to 5th and the bloody gearstick came out of its socket and the car dropped into neutral. Mild panis ensued whilst I tried to pull back into the middle lane but the guy slightly behind me wasn't about to let me in but fortunately an HGV driver in the inside lane must have realised I had a problem and parked his artic over the two lanes gaving me the chance the get to the hard shoulder. Managed to get the gearstick back in, took the next exit and returned home. I rang the hire place who I'm sure didn't believe me until they came to pick the car.
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28 May 2015
The car I own now was purchased from a used dealer for $5900 in 2008. It's an 01' Chevy Malibu. Turns out it had major electrical/wiring problems (A/C issues, turn signals, dash lights, etc). Cost 4 grand to fix it! :(

Thankfully my Dad paid for it the last time my parents visited (earlier this year).

So nice to have A/C and being able to turn left now! hehe