Cuckold Vs Swinging

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15 September 2014
difference between swinging and being a cuckold. The answer is a definite yes. To understand a cuckold relationship or lifestyle you must first understand what a cuckold is. The encyclopedia determines a cuckold as a man who has an unfaithful wife.

Interracial cuckold

The newer accepted description is or can be, a sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s decision on who she alone will decide to have sex with. Now there are several types of cuckolds. Some cuckold relationships involve a white wife who exclusively has sex with a black man. Sometimes in this type of lifestyle the wife may want to, or accidentally get impregnated by the man who the wife has sex with, known as the “Alpha male or the “Bull”.


Usually the wife will have sex with a man that is much more endowed than her husband. Sometimes humiliation come in to play, and some wives even make their husbands wear a chastity device, and may call them their slave. After the full sexing of the wife by the “Alpha male” it is usually customary for the husband to clean up the wife orally once the Alpha male has ejaculated on her or in her. The husband must do a good job licking up the semen deposited by the Alpha male. Some husbands and wives enjoy this lifestyle and if you see a wife or husband on SwingLifeStyle looking for a “Bull” or :Alpha Male” then you know what their interests are.


Now swinging can involve a husband watching the wife have sex as well, but in swinging the husband can join in and usually its about swapping partners. Swinging is not about humiliating, but bisexual experience or semen tasting may come into play. I guess you can say there are certain degrees and fine lines in between a cuckold lifestyle that cross a hair or two into swinging but also a hair or two into the BDSM lifestyle as well. Sites like SwingLifeStyle are great for this type of activity because it is the largest website of its kind.

Remember everyone has their own fetish and please be courteous to everyone, no matter what their fetish is. Some people have mixed fetishes on swinging and cuckolding, so be sure to get to know the person or persons you intend to have an adventure with.

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