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"Dick" picks by themselves are generally not attractive. Sometimes there are exceptions, but not often. And it especially pains me when i see a guy display a 'dick' pick as a primary profile image. Remember, guys, that any woman who has been in the lifestyle for any length of time has probably seen plenty of dicks. I understand that many people require discretion and do not wish to publicly display their face. That's ok. But at least, show a full body shot (who cares if you look like fred flinstone or bradley cooper, at least it's you) and blur your face if you must be publicly discreet.

/end rant

love jaz
22 March 2015
Love this Jaz and It is so very true,a full body or shoulder pic is much more sexier x:p:love:
19 March 2015
Could not agree more Jaz! Nothing more off-putting than a bloody cock/dick pic.
You're right, a body shot or something more is better than just the dick. I've seen a few gents here though who are discreet but also showing themselves off too, without that.
gents - it works!
Agree Jaz and Shiraz xxx Pearls.
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27 April 2015
Oooooh it annoys me too a lot, and they show them off as if it's the best ever cock in the world, pity these guys don't know how to use them to full effect and if their Cock is their only Asset, move along boys xxx the Men in the wings are waiting xxx


And this is why I don't post dick pics......I know I don't have the best body out there but I'm not ashamed of it and love showing it off and seeing and reading all the comments on my pics (n)


I try to make mine a little more funny or interesting but in the end it's still my dick and if someone wants to meet the will have to see it eventually. :blowjob:


15 September 2014
lol there is that Shy!
True though, there's enough of the dick pics around, it can be just as refreshing to see fun pics with it too.. Rather than, check out my 9incher approach.
A lady or couple may fancy that, but may also think; gawd has this guy got nothing original to show?
Hence Shy's pics, they are funny and interesting - so go for it!

Nice and refreshing - especially when approving some lol :D
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