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Deeva T-girl and admirers @Town House 22nd October 2015

Event: Deeva T-girl and admirers @Town House 22nd October 2015
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by jenniferjones, 28 September 2015.

This is the third night in its new format

If you missed the last two, then you really need to pop down.
The night is a great social on the ground floor and naughty upstairs.

Last month we had karaoke and dancing including a dance floor packed as two lovely ladies sang "lets do the time warp again!"
We created a dressing area with a back drop and even had a photographer on hand to take photographs.
The clothes on offer where of all different styles and sizes kindly donated by others and the owner bringing out her private t-girl make over collection of stunning heels and evening gowns.

Mean while people took advantage of the private rooms
And there was two major orgies in the group play room!

October sees Townhouse as decorated in creepy carnival and so
Thursday 22nd October is our Halloween party.
So dress as scary as you like, or just smart if you don't like that sort of thing!
We are having fun games in the dance room and upstairs in the naughty room I have a game that may lead to something a bit more naughty!
We are looking for a make up artist (contact me please) to help if anybody wants a make over.
And some scary nibbles will be provided too!

We ask that you keep your alcohol at home.
The bar prices are not daft, to give you an idea.
Cordial is available for 50p/ soft drinks £1.50/ 25ml spirit £1/ Larger £2 with premium drinks available too, and a huge (sorry) HUGE choice of GIN!

You DO NOT have to be a member of town house for this event.
You WILL have to give proof of I.D as this is a fully licensed adult club, but these details do not get used for anything other then the safety of all visitors.

Time 8pm-2am.
With club opening at 7:30pm for prior arrangement only.

Prices £15 Men / £10 T-Girl/ £10 female Admirers/ £10 couple
with ADVANCED ticket sales prices of £10 Men/ £5 T-Girl/ £5 female admirers/ £10 couple.

useful links

Deeva website: www.townhousedeevas.co.uk

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  1. jenniferjones created a new event:

    Deeva T-girl and admirers @Town House 22nd October 2015

    Read more about this event...
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Fantastic! Sounds amazing, good luck and let's hope it was as good as the last two @jenniferjones :) x
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  3. Looking forward to this one of my 6 Halloween parties :)
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  4. Thats not greedy at all!!!
    Do so love these nights. Great atmosphere, friendly people, lush club and amazing host x
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  5. sorry it took so long to reply... I was blushing!
    6 Halloween parties Riccarda? I bet you will be good at the halloween games then!
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