Do you believe in the afterlife? ghosts spirits etc?

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15 September 2014
Yes I do.
I used to believe in God. But I went through hell a sheer misery of a life, so I found the devil. Then through my own decisive actions I denounced God as an older teenager. But believed in the devil. So if there's a devil there's a God, correct?
So with this, I realised that it would be ignorant to believe we live die and that's it.
I suffer the most bizarre dreams, some involving ancient times or even recent times in my own city - say within 300 years.

I believe in reincarnation, ghosts and spirits. Because, our body dies, we are dead.. but our soul does not!
What is it that drives us in the mornings to get up, wash, go to work and be the person we are? We are complete individuals and there is no-one on the planet like you or me. We are unique, die our bodies may.. but what happens to our souls?
They don't just vanish into thin air surely?

How can we have souls and be so different, yet that is the end?
I've had dreams of being in the womb, being in WWII, being in Egypt with the Pyramids. Are these active dreams which are my imagination? Or are they real?
Because - and this always stumped me and my psycho - they're recurring... (y) ;)

So yes, I believe in an afterlife, another being of sorts and that we're here for a fraction of actual time, but time is not relative in this situation. Time is actually the same as death with life. x


When I was a youngster, I worked nights, in many old houses converted into nursing homes, I do believe I've seen a spirit twice, in my life, once when I was a child, and once working in a nursing home, shortly before a gentleman died, on this occasion, I smelt the spirit too lavender and cigars My mum died when my little boy was two, he spent night after night chatting to the old lady in his room, for hours. He'd only met her once. I'll go more in depth tomorrow Yey!! I hear you all say! :D
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11 August 2015
I'm really not sure about this. Most of the time I would say No, there is no such thing. I've always loved science/technology and to find how things work, taking things to pieces and put them back together (not always successfully) and I believe in most cases there is always a rational explanation for events. Many "stories" are a bit like the standard conspiracy theory, difficult to prove or disprove. The jury is still out on this one as far as I am concerned.

Deleted member 1463

i've never seen a ghost/spirit or anything along those lines, but it is weird when you're talking about someone who has just recently passed away and then something flies off a wall or a door randomly slams shut... and you think... i've been sat here for a few hours and NOW theres something weird going on...
There was a little spell at work where some of the night workers were freaking out because books/folders would be thrown all over the front entrance to the building.. i come into work to literally 'scared' workers asking me to see if i can check the security cameras.. needless to say one of the workers was 'clearly bored' i had to break the news in a staff meeting there were no ghosts... and that clearly there is not enough work to do on a night (went down well)

There has to be something else other than our existence. i think like the film 'What Dreams May Come' with Robin Williams.

Plus i have a haunt list. People i would most definitely like to haunt.
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18 July 2015
My favourite film of all time and we always say that we will find each other and bring the other back :love::love:xx
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