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Dream Lover

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by AstralLove, 14 July 2015.

  1. This is a real dream I had last August, which started me erotic writing lol

    Part 1

    It all started very normally, two good friends, who had met up, to catch up. Its been along time since I seen you last. staying at yours overnight was a great way to enjoy each others company. We had been out, drinking , playing up, A little tipsy, so we went back to your flat, and chatted for a while, reminiscing, intertwining people, places, dreams and realities.
    Tired from my journey and in need of a shower. You were the perfect host. Then as you were not sleepy and being the gentleman you are, you offered me your bed to rest my weary head.
    Sleep came upon me straight away... And I started dreaming (i know dreaming that your dreaming in a dream) Anyways...
    I am dressed in silky pearly knickers and camisole, we are together, in your bed. French kissing, passionately, deeply. Your hands touching me intimately. I am so sure you have every intention of making me wanton, lusty, insatiable. My nipples are poking through my top, two hard buds begging to be released "touch me please." i whisper. My breast are sensitive and my nipples are like magic horny buttons.....you oblige and begin to pinch and roll them, between your finger and thumb. you make me sigh. My perfume fills your nostrils, you inhale even deeper. Kissing me deeply, passionately then burying your face in my cleavage, You wrap your lips around my left nipple and began sucking and pulling at it with slippery slips. I arch my back as you begin squeezing my right breast harder and pinching stroking pawing at me. You bring them to a delightful aching hardness. Flickering your tongue, then circling your tongue around them, you bite at them, then sucking at them from one to the other, O M G I am so horny..... I push my now moistening pussy against you with a fervor that means fuck me soon...... You moved the thin material of my knickers to one side and ever so slowly push two fingers between my moist,wet lips, my legs part slightly to allow easier access to my pussy.... I began to gyrate, wanting them deeper but, being a master at keeping women on the edge, you refused to grant me that need. Toying with me, making me want it even more, my clit throbbing, engorged. My pussy moist, wet with thoughts of you fucking me flashing in my mind....
    My head is swimming, I am so turned on, I don't think I am going to last very much longer, I crave your cock, in me, fucking me.... "Please," I breathe. My hips rocking back and forth violently against your sticky fingers as I cum hard, wave after wave exciting me with shivers of delight.
    At that moment that very moment, I become aware of my breathing, hard and fast, I hear myself say, "Oh my," and then it hits me. I sit up, my head tilted, my eyes fly open, I lick my lips as I lock my gaze onto yours, you are stood at the foot of the bed. You have a look of pure, unadulterated arousal on your face, which pushes me further over the edge. I again shiver with delight.... I feel horny, slutty, sexy... and guilty all at once.
    You say to me that your "enjoying my sexual energy", with a mixture of fascination, shock, and a sly sexual grin on your face.
    I say that my body speaks in ways that words cant, and I find myself staring at you in open appreciation. with a yearning a real need....

    Part 2
    You waste no time, quickly getting undressed, down to your pants, Really I am naked in your bed the lights are low..
    You move onto the bed, your hand slides up my legs, caressing my thighs and my hips silkily. We begin to kiss passionately. Kissing you deep and hard with all the heightened passion garnered from the dream. My pussy is already wet and in need, from my erotic thoughts of you teasing, tempting and finger fucking me...
    My fingers fleetingly dance across my clit, land pussy lips, and I feel relief instantly, I want more but you move my hands away, telling me, she is yours to play with now!!
    I let out a squeal of excitement of what is to come. You pull me over to the side of the bed and perch me on the edge, lying me flat on my back, parting legs open wide. kneeling on the floor between them, kissing your way up them. Blowing softly on my glistening slit, your warm breath only serving to excite me. A small puddle of wetness forms on the quilt beneath me. I try to sit up but you push me back down, whispering "Your gonna cum so hard for me, your gonna make me beg to fuck you".
    Fuck me you make me soo horny,my lips are already swollen with anticipation. Your tongue parts my labia, tugging on my lips that protrude, opening me like a morning flower, you push forward, prodding, pushing, and fucking my pussy with your snake-like appendage. your chin now entirely coated, your tongue eagerly roams upwards, pushing my hooded clit back, exposing it to the air you make me shiver, moan.
    Next, the sensation of you lightly trailing your fingers along the length of my oh so needy slit. i moan again deeply at the contact of your fingers, i push towards you and feel them gently dip in, my slippery warmth inviting you to go deeper..But you make me wait, hovering, your warmth melting into me.
    Then your fingers enter me, my wanton, pulsing pussy. you find my g spot that small button of pure electric feeling, you gently attack it with long come hear stokes, I shiver my orgasm building, you kiss me your tongue fucking my mouth whilst your fingers....mmmm
    my head starts to whirl, sensing this you move your tongue swirling it around my hard wet clit, driving me deeper and deeper into a sexual world where nothing else matters except my need to cum and I cum hard, my juices running down between my thighs, my eyes bright, my kisses sweet. Your turn now...

    I start rubbing your cock through your pants, you can tell Im frustrated with it being trapped there, i want to see it fully erect in all its glory. I tell you "That i am craving your cock I need it."
    You flip me over on to my hands and knees, Whilst you stand on the floor, perfect position for penetration
    You rub head of your cock up and down against my pussy, mixing my wetness with the pre-cum already drawn from you
    Thrusting into me in one smooth move, You drive your cock in until your hips are against my ass and I can feel your balls resting against me. You start slowly, with deep strokes, thrusting hard, feeling me slide forward your hands on my waist holding me in your passionate grip. I moan harder as your cock drives into me again and again. You alternate between deep slow hard strokes, making me gasp and faster, shallow thrusts, using just the head of your cock to withdraw from me and reopen me again and again. you leave me begging for deep thrusts "Fuck me!!"' "Fuck me, deeper harder, please...."
    On more than one occasion, you bury yourself deep and wait there, not moving as I squirm back against you. When I do this, you feel me involuntarily clench down on you as my body reacts to these thrusts....wriggling and giggling i want you so bad..
    You can feel the orgasm building within me. You take me harder and faster, listening to my breath coming in ragged now, interlaced with moans. my pussy clamping involuntarily as I push my body back into yours, impaling myself on you and driving you in with more force than you could ever hope to manage on my own. bucking against you, riding you, not stopping, wanting more. The more you fucked me, the more i fuck back, matching you on every stroke, I just explode. I have been so turned on, my fingers are flying across my clit, and there is no holding back.
    I couldn't help it. I came again in waves all over that big beautiful cock of yours. The shivers from my body made you cum loud and proud filling me up with huge spurts of spunk...
    shortly after, lying there panting, cooing, catching our breath, spent... curled and furled in each others arms like kittens purring Meow!!!

    I awake up for real.........hot wet and cumming ; )
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  2. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Ok part two please....Ooofff cool down time and very well written xxxx
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  3. Glad you liked it x
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  4. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    I did indeed xx
  5. Very well written, you made me very hard and horny :)
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  6. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Excellently written, more please! ;) x
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  7. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Yes more is good xxx
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  8. Lace

    Lace PV Sprtr

    Yes please... Part two would be welcomed hehe xx
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  9. Wow part two really got me going.... Nice writing xx
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  10. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    hmmmm they say that your dreams are the minds outlet for fantasies yet to be fulfilled , and scenarios to be toyed with, hmmmm very interesting xxxx
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  11. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Excellent writing xx
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  12. Vex

    Vex PV Sprtr

    Erotic literature rules. I've been writing it for decades. Of course my earlier works are cheesy, but my newer stuff is awesome according to fans. Now how you define "erotic" may differ from mine tho!! :D
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  13. I want to read some.... Pretty please x
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  14. Vex

    Vex PV Sprtr

    How extreme are your fantasies? My stories are exceedingly brutal.... :)
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  15. Mine are as you've read, passionate like me, I don't mind a good pounding from time to time, but I'm not into pain xxx it's all in the name love lol xxx still would to read 1. Maybe the tamest you have hehe
  16. Vex

    Vex PV Sprtr

    I don't think you'd really enjoy any of them. :( It's all forced sex, torture, and death. As I said, my definition of erotica vastly differs than most.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm a really nice guy, a pacifist, and I've had a g/f whom I love more than anything in the world (been together 9 years).

    I just happen to have fantasies that are more extreme than others and I've often been unfairly judged on them....
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  17. wow fair enough, we all have a dark side at least yours is just the written kind, maybe you should write sexual horror films or noir dramas you can be as dark as you like then xxxx With no cum back, glad you liked mine thou xxx
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  18. Vex

    Vex PV Sprtr

    I would like to extract all the dialog from my novel and just read it that way. It would be quite amusing. Surprisingly, there is a lot comedy/sillyness in my stories as well as death and horror! hehehe

    Not sure how good I'd be at a film, but you never know!!
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  19. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I can confirm this as I've read one or two on Vex's site..
    His fantasies and tastes are extreme, and I mean.. extreme.. :D

    But that taken into consideration, you are/he is - a really nice guy, down to earth, peaceful, very friendly and wouldn't harm a fly..
    It's just his dark side is bloody dark!
    hehe :whipping:
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  20. Vex

    Vex PV Sprtr

  21. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Too much to be shared on here @Vex ? is it? xx
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  22. Vex

    Vex PV Sprtr

    You mean my stories? :D
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  23. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Indeed.... ;)
    Are they?
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  24. Very good reading xxx
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  25. Thanks Wet cotton x
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