Emily - an erotic story

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22 July 2015
Hi, just before you read the story - just want to let you know that I will be posting more. I wanted to give you a taste of my style and a lot of it is written influenced by cyber role-play or just my imagination - most of it is written on the fly so it's often raw but I hope you will enjoy these stories.

This is a short story simply called "Emily" - it's quite explicit, but I doubt nothing you've read before. I hope you enjoy it and feedback is welcome.


Emily put down the book and sighed. She was sprawled on her couch, feet curled up then she lay back, using a cushion as a pillow. Only having moved in, only the other day she had not had a chance to meet her neighbours, or anyone really so had not really left the flat except for work. She had been really busy in her new job, but now it was the weekend, she was relaxed and she hadn’t even bothered to get out of her work clothes yet. Emily closed her eyes and drifted off. Soon she was fast asleep and dreaming. She dreamed of the man in her book, the strong, tall handsome Mark who was the on/off lover of the heroine Ashleigh Davenport with her killer looks and even deadlier skills. Ashleigh was a spy, but she knew she could get into places, men just couldn’t. The book itself was quite steamy as Ashleigh seduced colleagues and enemies to get the job done. Some thought the book sexist, but it was written by a woman Monica Vale and Emily saw her as using her body to empower herself, she was always the one in control – what was so sexist about that? Emily had had this discussion with friends and even converted a few, who had been dubious, to read the book. In the story Ashleigh always went back to Mark, an American spy with the Agency. Ashleigh and Mark, when together, were dynamite, sparks literally flew off the page and their chemistry was incredible. Emily knew what the author was doing, that it was meant to stimulate sexually and in Emily, it certainly did that. Emily dreamed. She was on a mission with Mark. They were pretending to be man and wife in order to get some flash-drive off a pretty elusive contact and they had to share a room. Mark was the perfect gentleman offering to sleep on the couch, but Emily insisted they share the bed. Emily had worn her sexiest nightie on purpose and as their bodies touched, she felt him roll over and then he kissed her….

Emily woke up.

She was lying on her back, her work skirt had ridden up her thighs and she felt between her legs, oh yes….she was wet alright. As she lived alone and wasn’t expecting visitors anytime soon, she hadn’t bothered to move her toys. She reached out and felt for her bullet vibrator. She sighed and slipped her panties to one side. Emily began to rub her clitoris with the bullet. She pressed the button to go onto the second setting, increasing the vibrations and massaging her swollen clit. She bit her bottom lip as the sensations increased. She reached over again, this time to grab her Rabbit. Emily rubbed it up and down her increasingly wet vagina and then slipped it inside, the ears of the vibrator spreading her lips as she moved it in and out. She moaned loudly, she increased the speed by pushing one of the buttons, another took the spinning head in the opposite direction. She pushed it deeper, it felt so good. She opened her eyes and saw her new dildo on the coffee table, the one shaped like a penis with a sucker on the other end for attaching to flat surfaces. She pulled the Rabbit out, switching it off as she did. She wrapped her hand around the dildo. “Mmmmm, big cock” she thought, running it up and down her wet slit and slapping her clit with it. She slid it down and then inside her, it was big, oh wow, was it big? She pushed it in hard and deep, crying out as it stretched her, then she moved it in and out faster and faster. She was moaning loudly now as she worked the dildo and she closed her eyes again. Faster and faster until she could physically do it no more. She didn’t orgasm, which was a disappointment and she reached down and eased the rubber cock out of her pussy. She lay there, panting.

Something touched her clit, she opened her eyes and looked down. There was a figure crouched down between her legs. She was about to jump in shock when the figure raised its head and smiled. It looks like….it couldn’t be….was she dreaming...she felt awake? “Mark?” she said incredulously, but the head went back down and then she felt a tongue on her clit. She almost came there and then but she held it, breathing loudly as the man of her dreams began to lick her where she had only been licked once before. Mark reached up and pulled her panties down her legs and over her feet. She lifted the skirt and opened her legs wider. He, began to lick up and down her slit, she shuddered with pleasure and then he opened her wider and thrust his tongue into her wet hole. She nearly kicked him in the head; such was the spasm of ecstasy that went through her entire body. He tongued her for what seemed like ages and then he came up for air. He never said a word, but peeled off his shirt revealing a well toned and tanned body. He undid his belt, but Emily had already got to her knees in front of him. She didn’t’ care if this was a dream or not, she was going to have him. She undid his button and pulled his zip down. She slid his pants down to his ankles and as he stepped out of them she gazed at the bulge in his shorts. She leant forward and pushed her face into it, it was hard on her face and she opened her mouth and sucked him through the fabric. She ran her tongue around the outline of his shaft as he stood there, silently looking down at her. She put her fingers under the band of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. She deliberately did it slowly to reveal his cock, until it sprang out. He was big, not porn-star big but definitely big. She held it in her hands, feeling the thickness and then she looked up at him. Emily enveloped her lips around his head and she moved forward to take him as deep as she could. She couldn’t quite take him all, but she took a lot of him. Mark groaned and stroked her hair. She began to suck; his meat slipping in and out of her mouth, delicious and wet as her tongue ran up the under side of his shaft. She pulled her mouth away, and swirled her tongue around the tip, she smiled and giggled, then holding his cock upright she licked right down the shaft to his balls, his very tight balls, which she licked and sucked hard. He groaned loudly, much to her delight and she sucked harder. Then looking right in his soft brown eyes she licked from his balls to his tip and then devoured him. Sucking harder, moving her head back and forth faster and faster. She didn’t want him to cum yet so she stopped. She came away, wiping her mouth. “Fuck me” she said. “Fuck me, hard. Fuck me like you fuck Ashleigh” she was beyond reason now. She wanted it, she was horny as hell and she was dripping.

Emily slipped her skirt off and undid her blouse; she fairly ripped it off, then reached behind and unhooked her bra, freeing her modest size breasts before laying back on the couch. Mark, now naked climbed on top of her. She felt his body on hers and she wrapped her arms around his back, she closed her eyes as he kissed her, she had never felt pleasure like this and she dug her fingernails into his back. He kissed her, moving down her neck and up the side, sucking and licking. Emily cried out and then felt him enter her. He pushed in deep, she cried out again louder and dug her fingers in deeper. Mark began to fuck her, he started slowly, going deep, then almost out completely, before going deep again. He quickened his pace and she grabbed his arse with both hands squeezing his cheeks and then she wrapped her legs around him. Emily pulled him in which each thrust, so deep and so hard now. Mark got quicker, he also got harder, pounding her pussy the way she wanted it. His balls smacking into her, as he thrust harder and harder. She was screaming now, the pleasure was overwhelming her and she almost gave into it completely. Mark suddenly pulled out. He was gasping but he wasn’t finished.

He took her hands and pulled her upright, he positioned her over the edge of the couch, his back almost against the wall. Emily bent forward and looking back she shouted “Do it,” Mark took hold of her hips and she felt his cock slide back in. He wasn’t gentle this time and Emily didn’t want it gentle. He fucked her hard, really hard, she felt like she was going to split in two, he pummelled her pussy, he thrust so hard and deep she felt like a ragdoll. But she didn’t want him to stop. He suddenly smacked her ass. It was a surprise but it turned her on so much “Again!” she shouted. He did, harder this time and then the other cheek. Emily loved it. Mark got faster and unbelievably harder, she felt the waves starting, she was going to cum this time. She gritted her teeth. “Cum in me, baby” she screamed. “Fill me up” she never knew she could be this dirty but she was loving every minute. Mark grunted and got even faster. Emily felt the rush, it was coming, she was so close. “Ohhhhhh shiiiiittttttt” she yelled. Mark came hard, shooting his hot load inside her. At that moment Emily came too, wave after wave of sensation as she too came hard and squirted all around his cock and down his leg. Mark jerked and with a shout blasted another load inside her. He pulled out gasping and panting. Then there was silence. Emily trying to catch her own breath, turned around to see her lover, but he was nowhere to be seen. She slowed her panting and caught her breath. Puzzled, she looked at where Mark had been. Up the wall was a damp patch where she had squirted and above that, her dildo, suckered to the wall. She looked down on the couch to see her Rabbit wet with her juices and the bullet beside it. She looked at the dildo fastened to the wall again. “But it was real,” she felt herself say. “He was really here. Wasn’t he?”

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