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Eric Bristow

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pearls, 29 November 2016.

  1. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

  2. Oh, I thought that this was going to be "Complete the sentence, 'Eric Bristow is ...'" to which my answer would be 'a twat'.
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  3. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    When I saw him all over the news this morning and social media I thought he was dead :eek:
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  4. At the end of the day it's got nothing to do with Bristow .Obviously he hasn't grasped the situation , these were kids when they were abused not grown men and it just shows his ignorance of the situation . Steve
  5. Colin

    Colin PV Sprtr

    Bristows just a drunken old has been saw him playing in Hindley a couple of weeks ago nearly got battered in there pushing his way past the que to the bar shouting "don't you know who I am" to which someone shouted " yes a drunken old has been" lol
  6. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    The will be no pitch folks and mobs, or passioned defence from he as he guilty of making a stupid remark about a subject he clearly does not understand and that's all I'm going to say on subject.
  7. That was my immediate thought!
  8. Hindley? WTF was he doing in Pie land?
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  9. Insensitive? Ignorant? Typical Eric Bristow, he'll not change.
    Unfortunately I've got friends who were coached by Barry Bennell in the late 80's & early 90's so it's difficult to ignore what Bristow has said
  10. Ive not got a clue whats gone on? Omm mes bad .. x
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  11. Essentially he's given his opinion on the football sex abuse scandal, it's controversial to say the least
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  12. Oh dear :eek:
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  14. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    What Bristow needs to do now is to go and work with the children who are victims of sexual abuse. He needs to see the damage that it does, psychologically and physically. He needs to see that these children are not "wimps" but extremely damaged individuals, whose lives will never be the same again. Then he needs to meet the families of children who commit suicide, turn to crime, find solace in drink or drugs because of the terrible actions of these vile predators. Then he needs to work with the people who suspect that a child is being abused and try to work out what sort of distilled evil could be so debilitating to a child's mind that they - like the majority of sexually abused kids - can never, ever talk about it.
    Then he needs to bloody disappear until he realises that being a fat, useless prick, whose only talent is chucking darts, has got no fucking right to comment on things that he knows fuck all about.
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  15. Colin

    Colin PV Sprtr

    He was with a few others doing big bang tungsten at the rose club on Atherton rd he was billed as eric banger Bristow??? ive always known him as the crafty cockney
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  16. Colin

    Colin PV Sprtr

    Not even got that talent now that's why he is not around anymore
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