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Face first in to desire

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Orologist, 21 May 2018.

  1. I'm sweating, my shirt is soaking, I'm still fully clothed and the room is VERY warm. To be honest my hand hurts and mouth is dry from trying very hard to satisfy the beautiful woman in front of me. My face buried between her thighs as my tongue flicks across her labia and clitoris.

    It wasn't the evening I'd planned. Disappointed to not meet up with whom I'd truly desired led to some random chatting on a website. Usually nothing comes of these chats. It's hard work, too much hard work for little reward. Tonight was slightly different. "Do you spank?" came back as the response to my message. Christ, a real life person actually responding was honestly my initial though. "Do you need spanking? Have you been naughty?" was my response. "Can you make a woman squirt or gush?" was the next request. Adrenalin rushing a little now, arousal and desire growing, it's a drug and I wanted to take this a little further but still thinking it was going nowhere. There started a very bizarre exchange of comments leading to a visit to a flat I'll long remember.

    The demand of a bottle of fizz to be brought with me to lighten the mood saw me stop at the local garage for an average priced bottle of prosecco. Didn't want to go to cheap but equally didn't want to invest in this whole heartedly. Just half an hour ago I thought I was in for a night on my own in a hotel room with a fluffy towel to wank myself to satisfaction. But no need to deface the towel just yet.

    A push of the buzzer at the block. No response. Shit! wrong block and it's late so may have well woken a curious homeowner. A brisk walk round the corner to the right address. Nerves jangling a little, this isn't usual behaviour after all and I push the buzzer for entry.

    Horny and not quite sure what to expect the door opens and I'm greeted by a woman with long dark hair, close fitting black dress and clearly black stockings. She's nervous as am I but I make light conversation, ask where the glasses are for the fizz and pop the cork. Apparently my filling of the glass was inadequate and my shaking hand tops up her glass. Nerves getting the best of both of us here. But the challenge was on, spanking wasn't the desire she had. She wanted to cum but not only that, squirt or gush!

    Light conversation on the black leather sofa led to my hand slipping up her thigh towards what turned out to be satin feel panties. The texture smooth as my hand slipped over her pussy. Desire has soooo got the best of me and to try and prove myself to my wanton playmate. Pushing her dress up over the stocking tops and higher to reveal her panties in full. I made the most of the feel of the satin against her, moving round off the sofa to my knees and kissing gently up her thigh to the soft material. Tongue lapping against her thigh and teasing across her covered clitoris, I move my fingers in too, to test to see how aroused she is.

    Tie side panties. Not something I'd seen for a while and caused me a little confusion in trying to remove them. She'd relaxed I was relaxed but realised the pressure was still on. Tongue lapping, fingers slipping in and out and gentle kisses across the thighs for some time stimulated satisfied sighs and light moans with an increasing moistness between her thighs. I was knackered, aroused and rushing on adrenalin but finally I saw this wonderful woman tighten up on my fingers and satisfyingly cum. I kept going keeping the momentum up and feeding here desire for a little more.

    It wasn't the gushing experience she wanted but she was wet, a certain amount of satisfaction and fatigue on her face and a very warm glow from me. We sat back sipped a little more fizz and my time in this adventure was coming to a close.

    Oh no, this wasn't about getting me off too. It was all about her. I wanted the challenge and my pleasure came from being able to explore her most intimate parts and prove my worth to satisfy her. It was back for a shower and to the fluffy towel for me.
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  2. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV Sprtr

    Great story and it has suddenly become very warm in here, Be nice to see you write more :D

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  3. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

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  4. Thanks very much. Have a couple more stories up my sleeves. Watch this space!!
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