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Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Social Swinging, 18 January 2017.

  1. Social Swinging

    Social Swinging Administrator Admin

    Social Swinging submitted a new link:


    Find A Swingers Club
    Where You Can Find Your Fantasy No Matter What It Might Be!
    A classy, discrete and modern way to look for clubs in your area, or further afield. Designed to be quick and simple to use with the best results in minimum of time.
  2. meandlis

    meandlis Admin Admin Sprtr

    Seems to be a dead link (n)
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  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Interesting... Works here for me.
    This is the link;

    I added them when I rebuilt the links, but didn't make a thread (accidentally) - which is why I have now added a thread for them.
    @Findaswingersclub can you check if all is okay your end?
    As it happens the thumbnail isn't being generated either.
  4. meandlis

    meandlis Admin Admin Sprtr

    Both seem to be working now o_O

    Cool (y)
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  5. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Odd... could be intermittent faults there somewhere.
    okay thanks anyway for letting us know. Still, the og image isn't displaying correctly.
  6. Hiya, applogies was swapping the site over to https, the site will no longer accept insecure connections all urls should divert to https, it's possible this is not happening for the preview

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  7. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Okay that may explain it. I'll refresh it later or manually add the thumbnail / screenshot myself.
    Or you can if you want, I'll make you the link owner now. :)
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  8. No worries ty, when I get in shall update it :)
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  9. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    I've made you the link owner and as it happens it's refreshed and updated with the thumbnail preview now too. Job done :) (y)
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  10. Brilliant :) thank you
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  11. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    You're most welcome. :)

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