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Hello all,
Hope you're having a lovely evening.
So far for us swinging, or having another person / other involved in our sex life has only been a fantasy. It is however a big turn on for us both and something we talk about a lot.
We just wondered what your first experiences were like?


15 September 2014
Hello both,
Well ours happened accidentally back in 2003 or 2002.. Had a lot of fun and to be fair it was building for some time.
We all have good fun and we actually built up a dynamic relationship between the four of us which lasted for easily a year, maybe about 18 months? Wasn't regular as clockwork, you know? So the mundane routine thing didn't kick in..

But it was fun, adventurous, sexy kinky, naughty and we all had a very very good time. :)
Just our tuppence worth of course ;) xx
10 March 2015
Ours was through a swinging site, with a Cpl we got to know from Birmingham.
We booked a hotel, met them in town, and after a few "get to know you" drinks, went back to the hotel and... erm, got to know them a lot better lol!
It was also Jaynes first time with another female, and it's fair to say it went really well lol.
We all grabbed a couple of hours sleep, had a bit more fun in the morning, and then grabbed brekkie before sending them on their way.


11 August 2015
Mine was with a couple I had chatted to on another site (no not that one) and we agreed to meet up for a chat. Everything went well so we took it a step further but they wanted to play outside and her husband's only interest was to watch. It did seem strange the first time but it was good fun, the only downside was all the gnat bites on my bum :D
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22 July 2015
I had a few threesomes when I was a lot younger. Both FFM and MMF but I wouldn't really call it swinging. Just fooling around. Maybe it was and I didn't know it was but I've always loved the idea of three people and would love to again.
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My first experience was through another site, since defunct. I had arranged to meet a younger couple at a pub. We met but after a short time they got a little nervous, so the three of us moved on to a different pub. We chatted over a drink and talked about various things while we decided if we were 'compatible'.
They were new to swinging too but we soon agreed we should go back to their house, where we sat and chatted some more in the lounge. I felt a bit odd as they were continuously checking their mobile phones and, when I asked about it, they told me that if they didn't keep them switched on and answering their texts his psycho mate was likely to take a strop and come round and kick their front door in, regardless of the time of day or night.
I really should have listened to the alarm bells in my head but I was partly distracted by his hand down the front of her track pants and her hips moving as she became more and more aroused as he played with her. It was pretty clear that she wanted to go upstairs to the bedroom right away, but he seemed a bit hesitant.
Eventually, though, we all went up and undressed and got into their bed. I'd expected that they would switch their phones off but they kept looking at them and responding to texts. Despite this, she really enjoyed the attentions of her partner and me together and had several loud and wet orgasms. I also enjoyed her touching me but I couldn't think sufficiently beyond their texting to really get into it.
After a while, after playing with her while he penetrated her, I was offered my turn. Sadly, I still couldn't get past my concerns about the phones (still on and IN the bed) or the idea that some nutter might kick the door in at any time. I couldn't bring myself to do proper justice to the occasion... so I made my apologies and left.
Not really the most auspicious start to my journey, I know, and I regretted not listening to my intuition earlier. I also think it didn't help that we were all completely new to this kind of situation.
So there we are - my first innept and hasty stumble into the world of swinging. On the up side, I've had some wonderful experiences since then... so at least not everything that starts shakily has to continue that way.
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