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Free Entry Sundays @ Townhouse!!

Event: FREE ENTRY SUNDAYS @ Townhouse!!
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by riccarda, 1 April 2016.

Hey y'all!!

We have 2 Sunday events each month...the 1st Sunday of every month is our Sunday Spit Roast Party and the 4th Sunday is our Thongs of Praise Kinky Karaoke and play party. Both run from 4pm til 10pm (last entry is 7pm) and both are now FREE ENTRY!!!!

All we ask is that you go on our guestlist as the places will be in demand and that you don't bring your own food/drinks; our bar is very cheap

The next party is Sunday 3rd April and it's our Thongs of Praise Kinky Karaoke and Play Party!!! So if you fancy stepping up to the mic in your boxers or lingerie, then don't be shy!! It's all about having a laugh so you haven't got to be Adele!! lol oh and you can, of course, remain dressed to sing!

This is not just a karaoke event and we find that there is more sex going on at these events than most others!!!! lol

It is open to non members and a limited number of single guys...this will be gauged on how many couples/females attend. So if you want to come along, rsvp here or PM me https://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/biggrin.gif

See you there! xxx
  1. riccarda created a new event:

    FREE ENTRY SUNDAYS @ Townhouse!!

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  2. I visited on one of these free nights recently and as usual had a good and friendly atmosphere
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