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22 July 2015
Gaming and Sex. Well I was going to put Sex Games but that would mean something completely different. Lol. I'm not a huge gamer, I mean I was in my teens when gaming was fairly new but you knew that technology couldn't quite keep up with your imagination. Being a Sci-fi and Fantasy lover (no not that kind, that came later) I yearned for the freedom to go anywhere in a game and not be restricted to level's. There were some ambitious attempts but the capacity of 48K and 64K consoles had their limitations. So I missed out the PlayStation years and its subsequent better consoles. Same for Xbox. But then about 3 years ago an advert on the TV caught my eye, it was a game called "Skyrim" and I had just bought a new PC.

It captured the imagination of the young gamer boy in me, the one who dreamed of exploring open worlds, doing quests, wandering into towns, fighting dragons. Then I saw it in a shop for £20 and I knew I had to have it. So when I got home, I loaded it up. I needed something called Steam which it installed along with the game (and that opened me up to other games later) and then as I played the game, I was utterly transported.

It turns out its the fifth game in a series called The Elder Scrolls, but obviously the technology has moved on even since the fourth instalment, Oblivion. However the makers of the game have done something that few others have and they have released their Creation Kit and opened the game up to people to add whatever it is they want to add, and when you do that, and here is the point of this thread, sex inevitably comes into it somewhere, and in this case, a lot.

Now there are a talented bunch of "modders" out there and they jumped on Skyrim like a cat on a mouse. It's not difficult to "mod" Skyrim, even I can change the look of a character or create one and stick it in a game. But I still need the tools. However, there are incredibly talented and dedicated modders who have changed things drastically and for the better. It would take too long to list even the 100 best mods for Skyrim (and there are 1000's) but things that you can use to improve it are such things as Face remapping, Hairstyles, Skimpy Armours, Skimpier clothes, eye remapping, tattoo's, even physics mods such as bouncing breasts, jiggling bums, a new physics mod was created and we have moving hair, flowing capes, we have sexy dresses, lingerie, high heels with actual lift and sounds. You may think that Skyrim and gaming in particular is a male dominated area but I can tell you this is not the case and there are just as many female modders which contributes to why the women look spectacular and the men will send you weak at the knees. The remapping is done in such a way that the characters are very photo-realistic. Body mods, can reshape, texture and physically change attributes. The undressed character in Skyrim either wore a loincloth for a man or a very plain bra and panties for the women. Removing these opened up modders to redesigning the nude body, with nipples, pubic hair, penis's. I'll post some screenshots later, to show you what I mean.

Ok so that's the fairly tame stuff, out of the way. Search a little further on the Net and you will come across the Adult Modding community. Now I'll get to the biggie in a minute, but here we go just that bit further. Instead of sexy dresses, we get downright slutty ones, we get fetish outfits, leather, rubber, cat suits, bondage gear, sex toys, and ladies (and some gentlemen) in case you were feeling left out with the physics mods, we have the truly remarkable "Schlongs of Skyrim" where yes, you got it, penis's get the modding treatment. First there was just a loincloth, then there was naked remodelling but penis's were static, you could have flaccid or erect and everything was the same size. But only allowed to choose one version. Then "this" came along. Not only does it give each character's penis a unique size and shape but it gives it physics. So they swing when they walk and when aroused they become erect. I kid you not, somebody has has actually worked very hard on this and now we have full penis integration.

Yeah, but this is all well and good, but it's just eye-candy surely? Well, no. Step forward "Sexlab" a sex framework for Skyrim that actually works. Now in most games, sex is something that happens off screen, or we get the inclination it's happening. A rocking car in Grand Theft Auto for example or a cut scene in Dragonage, but here we get the full sha-bang. First of all is the animation. It was said you couldn't add animations to Skyrim. Wrong, some clever sod came up with a way to do it by creating a small downloadable programme that registers animations, whether they be replacing existing animations or adding new ones and boy, have they added. We have sexy walks for women, flirtatious idles (where the character just stands). Sexlab itself has over 300 sex animations with more added all the time and these are not just jerky fake looking cartoons, these are animations using 240 bone and muscle frameworks, there are even facial animations, contorted in agony and extacy, pleasure and pain. Some of them might even give you idea's but if you can do the handstand blow-job then when can we meet? Lol. There is a simple "spell" you can cast on yourself and another and well, they go at it. There are foreplay animations such as blow-jobs and eating pussy, and these are varied too, kneeling, bending over, lying on the back, 69's. You name it. Then there are the positions. Over 200 straight variations, there are gay and lesbian animations complete with strap-ons, furniture animations, solo masturbation animations which can now be augmented by sex toys, there are threesomes and even foursomes are being worked on. It's literally growing all the time. People are working on animations as we speak and somebody has created a mod which adds non-Sexlab animations into it, which means you don't have to wait for the new release, so there could be a new bunch every few weeks. It is truly remarkable.

For those of the more S&M persuasion there is Xaz's bondage animations; whips, chains, bindings, gags, ball gags, cages, racks, stocks, there is literally everything. And then there are the quests, dialogue and actions.

There are prostitute mods, one such let's you hire yourself out at an inn or tavern. You get paid for each client but give a subsidiary to the inn keeper. The more experience you have, you get extra jobs. A client might want you to meet him or her and a friend. Or a camp of soldiers might hire you for a day. Integrated with Sexlab it works seamlessly. (I should add at this point that most but not all sex-mods are for a female players, so playing as a female has its advantages). Another called "Amorous Adventures" has you court various characters, making them your lover. You can get married in the game (and Skyrim being a tolerant place, allows gay marriage too) and whilst this doesn't do very much in itself the mods have added to it so that sleeping in the same bed as your spouse triggers sex with them and a bonus to certain attributes, and there is another which initiates an event with your spouse when you enter your house. As time goes on there are more sex based mods, almost on a daily basis. There are even "cum" mods for both men and women. He will ejaculate and there is even the visible effect left on the partner such as round the lips if the ejaculation happens during a blow-job or if it's inside her, some vaginal residue. She can squirt, gush or trickle with another mod. The list is endless to the possibilities. I've literally just scraped the surface here.

I bought a game because it took me back to being a teen. I ended up discovering so much more as an adult. Now I'm a born-again gamer and I'm amazed at just how adult they have become. But Skyrim is the game I always go back to.

Now unfortunately only the PC version has the modding capabilities. But that could change fairly soon. The same company are about to release Fallout 4. And it's said mods can be created and used on consoles. You can bet the modding communities both adult and non-adult are licking their lips at that one. Watch this space.

Now I'm not sure what the rules are on links here so I haven't added any specifically. But I will if it's allowed and Skyrim for PC is relatively cheap now. The game itself is fantastic, you can get lost for hours in it, even unmodded it's well worth it but modded it just goes from a fantastic game to an unbelievable one. It also runs modded on quite low spec PC's and laptops and works faultlessly on Windows 10 too.

If you want to know more about it and I admit not everyone would, then let me know and I'll help you in any way I can. The modding side needs a bit of a tutoriaI but I picked it up fairly easy. Creating mods that's a totally different thing.

Have fun.


15 September 2014
Skrim is an epic game! I love the modding and the fact you can get married, have all the usual things at home and more..
Total free-to-roam capabilities, an amazing game and modders paradise.

Well written and it's amazing what is out there!
You can of course add links providing they're not aimed at any rivalry of sorts.. :D
Interesting to read, I know of course about the GTA V prostitution and sex and so on even in Skyrim, but not to that extent wow! :p
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22 July 2015
Lol. Didn't you? Glad you do now. Haha. Most of this stuff is over on "Lovers Lab" which is where

continued - Sexlab resides. Easily enough to install with Nexus Mod Manager too. Time to revisit Skyrim? Lol
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22 July 2015
Basically Pearls, think of a game where you control somebody and you can go anywhere at any time. You talk to people, you pick up quests, but you can't have sex with anybody. Then along comes the "modding" community who change aspects and add aspects to the game and bamm - now you can have sex and not just that, it becomes integral to the game. Lol
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18 July 2015
Basically Pearls, think of a game where you control somebody and you can go anywhere at any time. You talk to people, you pick up quests, but you can't have sex with anybody. Then along comes the "modding" community who change aspects and add aspects to the game and bamm - now you can have sex and not just that, it becomes integral to the game. Lol
Im off haha :D:Dxx
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22 July 2015
So like I said in my initial post I wasn't sure about links but as it's ok. Here goes.

There are three places I go for mods. the first is usually your first port of call and this is called the Steam Workshop. This is accessed directly from the Steam app that comes with the game. It is quite possible also to install Steam free from their website.

Welcome to Steam

Here you can install mods directly into your game. This has a few 100 mods but they are fairly tame.

The next place is the grand-daddy of all modding sites The Nexus, it has sections for a number of moddable games but the you can access the Skyrim section directly here.

Skyrim Nexus - mods and community

It is advisable to get an account here(free) to access the content and some of the adult content won't be viewable at all unless you do.

Finally, in a dark corner of the Internet (although easily found on Google) is Loverslab - a pure adult based modding community and where most of the fun stuff is. Jump to the Skyrim section here.


A little warning - there are adult adverts on here, and clicking on them will probably infect your computer with malware and spyware but Loverslab itself is completely clean, well, apart from it's content. :D You will need an account though and like Nexus this is totally free.

Now in order to install mods to your game (except those on the Steam workshop as simply subscribing to those, installs them) you will need the Nexus Mod Manager available on the Nexus site and clearly signposted on each page at the top. Once installed and once it has found your Skyrim game installed you can start to install mods. Simply clicking on the Download button should open the Nexus Mod Manager or NMM as it is known and once downloaded, you can install them by double-clicking them in the list above.

Loverslabs mods are a bit different, as you have to manually download them and then add them to the NMM via clicking on the green plus arrow in the top left. Once added it can be installed.

So what kind of mods can you use? Well as pointed out above there are over a few thousand but there are some you just have to have. There is a helpful Top 100 mods on the Nexus site and even a Top 100 Adult mods list. Although there are very few up to the level of Loverslab.

However for starters I would recommend these.

On Nexus:

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition or CBBE for short - does what it says, allows a customisable body shape or you can use their defaults, there are curvy, slim, nude, never, nude (which changes the underwear) and even a facepack which will give you better complexion, eyebrows, etc...however I use a different mod for that.

Here's a screenshots off the Nexus of a CBBE body


This also has a sweat and moisture overlay to it.

Coverwoman - takes the very blocky looking female and turns her into a beautiful smooth pretty one.



Yes that's what modding can do.

There are two exceptional hair mods Apachii and KS Hair. Far too many screenshots to pick but here are a few from my actual game, which I have uploaded to the Nexus (as I, cant work out how to upload a local picture on here)

This is one of the many Apachii styles. KS Hair coming up (and I've worked it out how to upload. Lol) Restricted to four pictues a post so I'll be a bit more judicious in choosing.

Ok importantly you will need the following to get the bouncing boobs, bum and anything else that needs physics to work.

Fores Idles ( you will need this to add or change any animations)
Fores sexy walk (Change the female walk to something a lot more feminine - nine different variations that can be used in the game at the same time)
XPM32 Skelton (To get bodies acting normally in their movement the bone structure is increased to 240 separate bones)
HDT Physics (groundbreaking physics mod which allows for moving parts that use gravity like capes, hair, bodyparts.)
And probably most important the SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) which allows all of this to work.

But the rest is completely up to you.

Ok next post, the fun and naughty stuff. :sneaky:
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22 July 2015
So off to Loverslab we go and the first thing we need without a shadow of a doubt is SEXLAB the aforementioned Sex framework. Let me just show you it in action.
MyCollage.png As you can see there is plenty of variety, foreplay, positions, sextoys; it's being added to all the time with new animations, new idea's etc... There are numerous plug-ins to increase the experience. Quest's, frameworks are added all the time. If you want it then It is most likely there or will be. Most of it is compatible with other sex mods. Have a look at the Sexlab list page which gives you a handy guide to plugins from textures to fetish's.

Well, you have your framework and plugins but they are no good id you don't have nakedness, so there are textures like pubic hair, tattoo's even meticulously designed vagina's and penis's. If you want to go the HDT Physics route then Schlongs of Skyrim and Working Vagina's where collisions have been taken into account could also be installed.

On to the Fetish side and you have clothes, armours, bondage gear like wristbinds, cages, shackles, whole mods devoted to BDSM - the next group of photo's I've included many outfits, bondage gear, naked, men and women. Just look at the diversity of what you can achieve.

MyCollage (4).png
So as you can see, it really is your own playground and what's more it doesn't impact on the game one bit but rather augments it.

There is one other mod I feel needs a mention as its great for screenshots and it is not found on the Nexus or Lovers Lab, mainly because the other is notoriously, some would say, protective of his work - and that is the Pin-up Poser mod. This mod lets you cast a spell on any character, freezing them in a pose which makes taking screenshots an absolute joy. In the last two groups of photo's (and in some of the above one) Pinup Poser has been used. Its really a fun mod.

MyCollage (2).png

MyCollage (3).png

So there you have it.

A word of warning though with all mods, do not install a pile of them in one go. Rather do one or two and see if they work to your satisfaction. Some mods can conflict with others and some break the game completely. Often just uninstalling the mod can solve it but sometimes you have to go back a save or two to get a clean version. Mods are made by amatuers, they don't work for the gaming company that designed the game but I have over 200 working on my game and I've never had a massive problem that I couldn't fix. So its a relatively safe thing to do.

Anyway if you have any questions, even if it's just where did you get that outfit? Then please ask.

Have fun.
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